Why you should not suck the head of the prawns

Por qué no debes chupar la cabeza de las gambas

We know this is bad news. The pleasure hidden in sucking on the head of a shrimp seems to be inadvisable. Seafood is generally liked and is also healthy because it is low in saturated fat. However, prawns have a hidden side that must be taken into account, and is that what experts advise discarding the heads.

Prawns hide sulfites and cadmium inside because “They add sulfites from the moment they are captured to prevent melanosis, and also to preserve them “, they point out from the Institute of Science and Technology of Food and Nutrition (ICTAN) of the CSIC.

Why you should not suck the head of the prawns

Experts recommend not sucking on the heads, because these types of additives accumulate on them and in the shell. Something happens to the meat, but the highest concentration is found on the outside of the prawns.

If you do not know the effects of cadmium, you should know that “It is an unwanted metal present in prawns and prawns, that once ingested it accumulates in the kidneys, where it can cause kidney damage “, points out the president of the Association of Certified Dietitians of the Canary Islands (ADDECAN), Natalia Hernández Rivas.

Another factor by which you may reduce your consumption If you are passionate about prawns is their high content of cholesterol. However, if you take them together with fiber or if you buy them fresh, you can make them healthier.

Why you should not suck the head of the prawns

What quantities of shellfish are advisable?

Like fish, shellfish is ranked in the Naos Pyramid as a food that can be consumed not daily but several times a week (alternating its intake with that of white and bluefish) –

It is important to bear in mind that each type of shellfish has its own nutritional characteristics that must be considered before certain conditions, such as having a high level of cholesterol in the blood or an excessive presence of uric acid that could lead to gout.

  • As an example, the mussel is one of the seafood richest in iron and selenium but its contribution in cholesterol is also remarkable. The same happens with prawns and prawns, which are among the least desirable crustaceans if you have high cholesterol.
  • The tasty clams are an excellent source of iron and their potassium and calcium content is not negligible.
  • Sea crabs (crabs, spider crab, crab…) are rich in polyunsaturated fats and B vitamins. Potassium, iron and magnesium are also among their most beneficial nutrients.

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