Wall-mounted kitchen shelves: 20 original ideas


Of course, the story of the shelf is long and rich and we are not going to praise its role in bringing order. As always happens, the kitchen with open shelves has its supporters and opponents. Those who don’t like to show off their utensils and household tools will say that cupboards are the best variant for kitchen storage.

Quite the opposite opinion are people for whom wall kitchen shelves are a way of combining and expressing order, functionality, and aesthetics. It’s just in this way, according to them, that you can show taste and harmony in a room where chaos is constantly unleashed.

Wall-mounted kitchen shelves: honored and acclaimed

In general, a shelf is a piece of furniture made up of a few horizontal planes that are used to store objects. The most desirable materials for manufacturing are wood, bamboo, and metal. Lately, wall-mounted kitchen shelves are turning to glass and plastic.

As for the supports, they vary between a console, brackets, a rack, or cleats. In a nutshell, if you are a proud owner of an impressive collection of tableware, you are going to succumb to our beautiful open kitchen shelving ideas.

For one, wall-mounted kitchen shelves, commonly referred to as “floating shelves” are a great way to add extra storage space to a room, as well as a wow factor. On the other hand, adjustable shelves, lighting, and neat carpentry will enhance the look of a room, while providing a way to group favorite items and add impact.

Open shelves for modern kitchens

modern design style wooden kitchen shelves

In a room like a kitchen, so specific and familiar, open shelving often reflects the temperament and personality of those who use it. This is apparently the case with a prominent chef who requires space to quickly access frequently used kitchen equipment.

Whereas, in a home kitchen, wall shelves offer the possibility of organizing a beautiful exhibition of still lifes with decorative objects and works of art. In any case, this temptation to mix functionality with aesthetics is the biggest advantage of open wall kitchen shelves.

Asset of floating shelves to create interest

wall kitchen shelves thick planks metal brackets


Drum roll for wall shelves when the kitchen fits in a pocket square. Except that they save you space, they ensure all the kitchen equipment at hand and a sufficient volume of storage.

kitchen wall shelves metal racks solid planks

However, shelves don’t always have to be practical, they can be used to house trinkets and quirky items. Try to mix large statement elements with smaller grouped elements and in this way, reconcile the seduction of the design and the fidelity of the experience.

When grouping, consider the image the objects collectively create and play with color and shape to keep things interesting. Glass-lidded jars will look more attractive if they are filled with colorful accessories, whether they are functional or decorative. It is not a question of simple panache but of establishing a conviviality and a constant interest.

Keep consistency

wall mounted kitchen shelves use two corners


You don’t like to dig into closets and want to keep things organized. Therefore, items placed in groups or rows of three, four, or five will keep shelves from looking messy. When choosing the overall look, decide if you want the shelves to be made from a material that is a statement in itself or if you want them to have a less prominent role. In this sense, combining wood and metal is the winning combination, solid and durable.

Material reliability

wall mounted kitchen shelves pipes brackets fixed

The messy state of the kitchen does not earn points. To remedy the mess, you have to think about the material of the shelves and their thickness because good organization also depends on it.

If you are using wood, it is beneficial to choose a thick option, giving a strong, clean and reliable appearance. It is also necessary to consider the flexibility of the storage because an adjustable height is to be preferred in this case.

Why prefer the expert’s eye?

Wall-mounted kitchen shelves complement elegant furnishings


Obviously, ordering a display case from a furniture manufacturer will make the best use of space. By the way, the experienced carpenter will bypass awkward shapes in the walls and hide the service pipes or the wall box.

The large pieces will be fixed and scratched to the shape of the wall and the plinth, which will give a very pleasant finish. If shelves need to be adjustable, look for neat and unobtrusive adjustment methods such as 5mm shelf pegs with a limited number of holes for each shelf.

The materials and colors you choose to use for an open shelving unit can really make a difference overall. So think carefully about what you display – this will ensure that each shelf is designed to allow sufficient depth and to support the weight without warping.

Integration aspect

open kitchen shelves use corner room

Open shelving can make a real statement in a room and is both practical and aesthetic. It is also a more economical option than a fully enclosed storage unit. The kitchen corner shelf is particularly suitable for small recesses in areas such as either side of a fireplace mantel, corners, and alcoves, helping to visually correct uneven proportions.

Styles of open kitchen shelves

Rustic style wall kitchen shelves solid thick planks


Whatever the style of the kitchen, storage can not differentiate but integrate brilliantly. Whether minimalist, retro, industrial style, design, Scandinavian or rustic, kitchen shelving must follow the style and the wind of the trend.

The rustic trend

two wall farmhouse style kitchen wall shelves

Floating shelves in a farmhouse-style kitchen are often made from stained, weathered, or reclaimed wood, which creates a great look in most spaces. But what if your style is a little more vibrant or eclectic?

For it to excel, the tops must be made of wood where some of the bark is still visible, which will add a more rustic charm to your kitchen. Although they cost you more than basic wood shelving, the upgrade will become a centerpiece in your kitchen.

Design and modernity

modern design style wooden kitchen shelves

Remember, open shelving isn’t limited to farmhouse style. There are many ways to design shelving to suit your specific aesthetic. For a more modern look, consider gold and brass finishes in more geometric designs. The industrial style is also very popular because it evokes the solidity of metal constructions.

Alternate an open shelf with hanging storage

Open shelving kitchen storage hanging solid shelf

In many cases, open shelving surrounds a range hood evenly on both sides, so the overall look creates symmetry and balance. So, consider changing the storage in your kitchen by contrasting open shelves with hanging storage.

Operate wall shelves in a corner space

kitchen wall shelves plank hooks different levels

Usually, corner spaces are used to hide microwaves and other less attractive kitchen gadgets. Sure, it’s pretty easy to run open shelving along an entire wall, but instead, consider creating a right angle and making maximum use of corner space. Starting from floor to ceiling, using the reverse sides, you will enjoy as much space as a tall cabinet.

wall kitchen shelves combine metal wood

As an open pantry

Certainly, it is an ideal place to have canned food, jars with dry products, spices insight, which will allow you to control their quantity at any time and anticipate when needed.

A strategic position

kitchen wall shelves marble plates chromed metal brackets

In most traditional kitchen setups, a shorter cabinet is placed over the sink. To create a more airy feel, remove this cabinet and opt for a few well-placed shelves instead. This area is a perfect storage space for dish soap and anything else that you don’t mind being exposed to moisture from the sink. Many houseplants will thrive here.

Less cleaning

wall mounted kitchen shelves occupy floor ceiling entire wall

A lot of people assume that when they put open shelving in their kitchen, they need to add a whole bunch of them. This is not the case. A few smaller shelves that take up the space of a cabinet will have a significant impact on the space. This idea works well for those who want the airy look of shelving, but less commitment to cleaning and styling.

Some tips to keep in mind

Wall mounted kitchen shelves cups glasses pitcher

If you hesitate between two styles, keep in mind that once you understand how the elements are grouped, the style becomes easier to define.

  • Keep your color scheme simple for a more streamlined look.
  • Add greenery using houseplants with different textures.
  • Group the items into groups of three.
  • Make sure there is variation in height so that your eye is projecting across the shelf.
elegant white kitchen open shelves store trinkets

To conclude, we recommend that you only use open shelves instead of top cabinets because this type of kitchen storage is much more stylish than the traditional kitchen. Remember that open shelves should not be overloaded. That is why the lower cabinets should provide enough storage space.

carved wood kitchen open shelves occupy corner
open kitchen shelves small dresser shelf
kitchen shelf wide plank other narrow

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