Wall-hung toilet cladding: what a solid and convenient support frame


The comfort that we demand daily does not only rely on the living spaces of the accommodation, but also on the bathroom and the toilets. And if you have already chosen the trendy paint there, all you have to do is find the suspended toilet cover in our gallery and fall for it, following our comments, for a model that meets your taste and your requirements.

Before the contemporary wall hung toilet cabinet, the world knew other tricks of civilization

An archaeological find on the island of Crete reveals the level of civilization and technical thought of the ancients. This is the orthopedic bowl seat, invented in the time of the mythical Phrygian king Midas. For those who do not know, it is the one who turned everything he touched into gold and who had donkey ears following a curse.

Despite the luxury and extravagance of the days of the French kings, the interiors of the sumptuous palaces did not have anything attractive on the hygienic side.

Today, we are far from the days of the “Great Stench” and the toilets shine with cleanliness. This is no longer the place to defecate and we can’t wait to get out. The “little corners” are decorated and appropriate for one to feel comfortable there, and even fitted out with shelves for accessories and books. So, we can stay quiet there, because the hanging toilet cover or not, is part of the small toilet decoration as an element of comfort. And your goal is not to compromise on convenience.

The wall-hung toilet cladding must be reliable

wall-hung tiled toilet cover with shelf storage

Wall-hung toilets add a touch of glamor to a bathroom or water feature. At first glance it may seem like a wall hung toilet is floating in the air, but appearances can be deceiving. Behind this “floating” room is a sturdy wall frame hidden from view and providing peace of mind to any user.

tiled wc suspended wall geometric figures


In order not to skimp on the suspended toilet cladding, it is necessary to draw up the list of criteria, in accordance with the toilet seat, and for the support frame to be adequate, in particular:

  • Compliant dimensions
  • Contemporary design
  • Easy cleaning for better hygiene
  • Clutter-free wall installation
  • Minimum noise
  • Resistant materials
  • Duration
  • Eco-responsibility: less wasted water

If the list seems long and discourages you, know that the manufacturers offer a wide range of products that will meet your desires.

Removable wall-hung toilet cladding: what are the advantages

Wall hung wc cladding chessboard floor solid wall

As minimalism increasingly appeals to people seeking practicality and convenience, decluttering the home is a lasting cause. Every day, you swing between your busy life and maintaining a tidy home environment. Since design must be an ally in this daily “struggle”, the more fluid and simple it is, the better, and the toilets hanging on the wall are a benchmark example. Yet the bathroom, although normally the smallest room in the house, can be the most demanding in terms of fixtures and fittings. With wall-hung toilets, one of these quintessential installations becomes considerably simplified in terms of visual impact. Wall-hung toilets consist of concealing the flushing cistern in the wall and freeing up the surface below, thereby making it easier to clean the floor.

The wall-hung toilet requires a solid support

removable wall-hung wc cover concrete wall floor tiles


Ideally, the bathroom or toilet should be designed with a wall-hung toilet in mind, but even existing spaces can be renovated to accommodate them. Wall posts and partitions must be sized to accommodate and support the weight of the tank which depends on its capacity. One of the most worrying questions is how to fix the wall hung toilet since the tank is hidden there. Normally the flush mechanism has a cover plate which, when removed, allows an adult hand to access the tank. A larger secondary access panel can also be included in the wall covering, but this depends on factors unique to each bathroom.

So, choosing between wood, tile, plywood or plaster is a matter of more information. Anti-corrosion steel and concrete are no less popular.

Wooden wall-hung toilet cladding: the charm of this universal material

wall hung toilet cladding wood paneled wall timeless universal material

Wood wall panels not only add charm to any interior space, but they brilliantly hide wall imperfections.

The density of the wood means that each paneled wall will have some thermal insulation, meaning that heat will be retained in the colder months and repelled in warmer weather. These insulating properties do not stop only with heat! For example, a wooden wall hung toilet cabinet is not only extremely elegant in appearance, but also offers acoustic properties, making it the perfect wall covering solution while reducing sound levels.

wooden wall hung toilet cladding wall high narrow perfect covering solution


From indoor spaces where there is greater footfall, such as frequently used hallways and living rooms, to compact spaces such as downstairs locker rooms and toilets, wood wall panels really enhance a home.

wall hung wc cabinet with elegant wooden storage niche

Often overlooked, the “little corner” deserves the same attention as any room in the house. This will likely be the only place your guests will use, so why not make it really stylish? For this purpose, walnut is suitable on a single wall behind the sink and toilet, and an additional moisture-resistant finish can be applied to repel splashing water.

The design and position of the wall hung toilet cabinet with niche

wall hung toilet cladding with niche functional niche position design


The suspended toilet tiling can be fitted with a bifunctional niche. On the one hand, it will house essential accessories. On the other hand, she could flaunt decorative trinkets, books and magazines.

wall hung wc cabinet with tiled storage books magazines accessories

This arrangement may represent a prefabricated insert specially designed as a single piece of high density panel covered with reinforced mesh and mortar with a 30mm flange on all four sides. This ensures that there will be no leaks and will blend easily with the waterproofing membranes which are then applied. Easy to install, reliable and practical.

Wall hung wc with storage

wall-hung toilet cladding with removable frame storage

When your bathroom is spacious and also includes the toilet, it is normal to want to install additional storage space. Considering the wide variety of traditional or modern designs, one realizes that humble bathroom storage cabinets have changed over the generations.

Tile wc suspended washbasin suspended concrete bricks

Today they are available in white, black, gray, silver and many other color and size options to be adaptable and to meet every wish. Your morning routine in one place, what could be better …

Wall-hung WC tiles: good hygienic protection

tiled wc suspended right tiled storage

Design touches us everywhere. It even stands out on WC frames to make them safe, stable and easy to install. Wall mount kits can enhance your bathroom decor when combined with a wall hung toilet.

Lightweight, easy and safe – that’s what a craftsman thinks toilet nailing siding should be like. However, things are often different in practice: Cutting openings for pipes or sealing surfaces against moisture can be cumbersome, and each individual coating requires its own manufacturer-linked coating panel.

tiled suspended toilet with inspection hatch to accommodate the disabled

For example, a universal tileable cladding offers ready-made panels with installation accessories: screws and washers. Equipped with a reinforcement plate, this product allows 2 types of installation: in niche or in front. As for the elements, they are easily cut and posable, with a high resistance. At the same time, an anti-punching system reinforces the lower part.

Design and modernity in a very avant-garde suspended toilet cabinet model

tiled wc hanging whole wall tiled luxury convenience

By searching in the specialized sites, we found a design of suspended toilet cover, universal and practical for all the coverings of wall toilets. Very advantageous because of a flexible lining, blending with the environment, it is a 20 mm thick construction panel with dimensions of 1,200 mm x 1,245 mm. In fact, all the holes for the pipes and toilet brackets are pre-drilled and thanks to its rigid extruded polystyrene foam filling and cement reinforced coating on both sides, it is waterproof. Additional complete waterproofing is no longer necessary, even in areas subject to intensive exposure to water. A tiled variant may be preferred without any pre-treatment. The minimum required tile size is 100 x 100 x 7 mm.

tiled wc suspended highlight exceptional fresh

The toilet itself can only be fitted 24 hours later.

Want to create a fresh and exceptional highlight in your bathroom, but don’t want to disturb the beauty of an existing wall?

Hanging toilet cover to paint

suspended wc tiles imitation marble veins

Painting as a trick to brighten up the toilets and why not personalize them. Your imagination flies and even for such a mundane subject, you can find an unusual solution that will be a hit with your guests. You just have to go to a specialized point of sale and find your customizable kit.

wall hung wc tile seasoned narrow tiles

Final remarks

To generalize: you must carefully consider the parameters of the bowl of your suspended toilet in relation to the type of support frame that will house it. Apart from the materials listed above, you can opt for a wall-mounted variant which will correspond to a massive construction or for a self-supporting frame and concentrating the loads at ground level.

tiled wc suspended modern LED lighting

wall-hung wc tile painted blue frame

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