Tuna diet – full decryption on this miraculous diet

Perhaps, you have already heard of the tuna diet which has been creating the buzz lately. And if you prefer healthy, quick recipes, this is the one for you! Indeed, it is a very effective diet that lasts 14 days.

Some people even define it as miraculous. But what is rapid weight loss? So today we’re about to answer all of your questions to familiarize you with this beloved diet! Read on to discover the pros, cons, and other clarifications regarding the tuna diet!

What exactly is the tuna diet?

tuna diet for weight loss

The Thonon diet was invented at the hospital in Thonon-Les-Bains, France. Its glory comes from the fact that it is considered the fastest and easiest weight loss diet. Despite not being officially recognized by the creative establishment, it continues to gain popularity over and over again.

It turns out that you can lose up to 10 kg in 14 days. This diet is based mainly on the daily consumption of protein. In this way, the muscle mass will be preserved. But, we must not forget the most important thing: the will!

diet tuna meat fruit vegetables

It is very important to mention that you have to follow the 14-day tuna diet. No more no less. Otherwise, there is a risk of causing a nutritional deficiency. But if during this period we do not obtain the desired result, we can simply follow the stabilization phase. Then we resume the diet from the start. We eat three times a day: in the morning, at noon and in the evening.

The two phases of the tuna diet

diet tuna chicken vegetables

Yes, this amazing diet has two phases. Indeed, the 14 days represent the first. But, then, we must respect the stabilization phase. It is essential in order not to regain the lost weight. Here, there are two stabilization regimes. One is based on the principle of consuming 1200 calories per day, the other – 1500 calories. But how do you choose the right diet?

tuna meat diet to gain weight

So, as regards the ladies, it is advisable to choose the first stabilization phase: the one with 1200 calories per day. But, they can move on if they are hungry. For men, it is better to go directly for the second variant – at 1500 calories. On the other hand, if the menus are very large, they can switch to the other regime. Indeed, the two stabilization phases complement each other. So, we are free to “juggle” with both, while removing or adding foods.

What are the advantages and disadvantages?

strict tuna diet vegetables meat

Like every diet, tuna also has its advantages and disadvantages. The biggest asset is effective weight loss. It is necessary to strictly follow the diet to obtain a remarkable result. In this way, you can lose between 6 and 10 kg in 14 days. Also, constipation is out of the question thanks to the fiber found in the daily diet!

protein for weight loss tuna fish diet

But, does the tuna diet hide health risks? Yes, since losing almost 10 pounds in just 14 days could harm the body. These are digestive concerns and a feeling of fatigue from the uniform food. This diet is absolutely prohibited for children, pregnant women, and the elderly. In this vein, our team would like to advise you to consult our article on strengthening the immune system.

What does the menu consist of?

tuna diet planning

The tuna diet represents a high protein and low-calorie diet. So we are going to eat a lot of meat, fish, and eggs. The consumption of foods low in carbohydrates and lipids is preferred. The use of salt is strongly discouraged. So, as already noted, it is mandatory to strictly follow the diet to obtain satisfaction.

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