Stone worktop for a high-end kitchen!


The stone worktop is undoubtedly a lasting investment. As you know, there are many material options. And this is the reason why the decoration and arrangement of the kitchen very often becomes a headache. But, today we are going to try to help you in choosing this so important detail.

The FitRobin team offers you zoom on the advantages and disadvantages of the most privileged materials such as granite, quartz, marble, onyx, slate. In addition, we have selected several ideas in pictures of modern and chic kitchens that will make you love the stone worktop!

A black natural stone worktop: granite comes into the modern kitchen

chic granite stone kitchen worktop

What exactly is granite and why is it considered the ideal natural stone countertop for the kitchen? So, it is a magmatic rock that is rich in quartz. Indeed, it is one of the most durable stones which comes in a wide range of colors and patterns. Granite blends in perfectly with the modern kitchen. Plus, it pairs wonderfully with touches of wood, as shown in the example above.

stone worktop and granite central island


Granite still has a very practical advantage and that is its easy maintenance. Resistant to scratches, stains, and temperatures up to 300 ° C, granite is a perfect option for the kitchen.

Dress up your granite countertop and you won’t regret it! The kitchen illustrated above is further proof that this type of natural stone is ideal for modern decor while creating a high-end atmosphere.

luxury kitchen granite stone worktop

Want to design a luxury kitchen? FitRobin unveils a brilliant idea: we invite you to combine your granite countertop with wooden furniture. Thus, you will create a high-end space just like the one pictured above. As for the finishes, we find polished, softened, and flamed granite.

Spacious kitchen granite stone worktop


The disadvantage of this stone endowed with natural beauty is its high price. But there is of course a solution in order to save money. We suggest you bet on granite tiles.

The stone worktop brings an aesthetic touch to the contemporary kitchen

solid parquet quartz stone worktop

Like granite, quartz enjoys great popularity in the interior design world and is available in many colors. Renowned for its non-porous character and for its resistance to stains and heat up to 180 ° C, quartz is an easy-to-maintain material. You can choose between a gloss, satin, or wavy finish.

modern kitchen quartz stone worktop


Indeed, we can consider quartz as an “artificial” stone since it is a composite material that contains 90% to 95% quartz, resin as well as pigments. Regarding the assets, it should also be mentioned that this reconstituted stone has antibacterial qualities.

captivating kitchen quartz stone worktop

The major disadvantage of quartz is its high price which varies depending on the brand you decide to choose. It is essential to warn you that it is not completely heat resistant. For example, a temperature above 180 ° C is quite capable of leaving traces of discoloration. So if you leave a hot pot on the counter for long enough, it could leave scorch marks.

wood quartz stone worktop


The stone worktop, and more particularly the quartz one, adapts to any type of interior. Quartz goes ideally with wood as well as with stainless steel elements. Its rich palette of shades will allow us to easily find the color that meets our desires and preferences.

Worktop in noble natural stone: marble that exudes timeless aesthetics

luxury kitchen marble stone worktop

Combine charm and tradition to enjoy a super aesthetic stone worktop! To do this, we suggest you opt for the noble material par excellence: marble. And who has never dreamed of such an elegant worktop? This “aristocratic” stone contributes to the chic atmosphere while bringing a natural touch to the kitchen.

light kitchen marble stone worktop

As for the choice of a natural stone worktop, marble is always preferred. Having the ability to give a refined allure to space, marble is widely used in the form of wall cladding or flooring. There are many types of this beloved stone, available in different colors.

black marble stone worktop

Marble turns out to be abundant in decorative options. Black or white, with pink or golden reflections, with pretty grain, matt or shiny – the possibilities are numerous. Daily maintenance requires simple cleaning with a soap and water sponge.

veined marble stone worktop

Nothing like a natural stone worktop that will definitely delight all your guests. But it is also essential to familiarize yourself with the disadvantages of the marble countertop. Indeed, it is a porous material whose price could exceed 500 € / m2. It is sensitive to stains, shocks, and acids.

Onyx as a stone worktop

modern ideas onyx stone worktop

Energize your interior by opting for an onyx worktop! This precious stone is also perfect for dressing a bar as well as a splashback. As you can see by looking at the image above, onyx gives a touch of luxury to the space. So if you are looking to design a high-end kitchen, this fascinating stone is a good option.

central island stone worktop in onyx

By opting for such a stone worktop, you will undoubtedly impress your guests since onyx is a stone rarely used for countertop cladding. In addition, each piece of onyx is unique and super pretty. Like marble and quartz, this precious stone offers us a rich palette of colors and veins.

onyx stone worktop

Unfortunately, the aesthetic qualities of onyx are the only advantages. As for the disadvantages, we must mention the porous nature, the high price as well as the demanding maintenance. Onyx is very sensitive to scratches and heat. We advise you to think carefully before deciding which stone worktop to prefer.

The stone worktop is a real gem in the kitchen!

slate stone kitchen worktop

With a raw appearance, the slate gives the kitchen a very elegant and uncluttered look. This stone is widely used for roofing as well as for flooring. But it invites itself more and more often inside and more precisely in the kitchen or the bathroom. Available in natural or polished finish, the slate worktop is very fashionable and is intended to be very practical.

slate stone worktop

You already know that educating yourself on the benefits of a stone countertop is crucial. As for slate, there are many! This stone offers a unique allure since two pieces never have the same appearance. In addition, it is super resistant to heat and stains.

With the correct maintenance, you will enjoy good longevity! FitRobin would also like to give you some advice concerning the decoration: slate goes perfectly with many types of wood and also with bright colors such as red.

solid wood slate stone worktop

Unlike the previous stones, this one offers a fairly limited color palette. We are talking about gray, black, and green. This type of stone worktop is sensitive to scratches and requires regular maintenance. Regarding the price, it is often high and varies depending on the finishes, thickness, and manufacturer.

Adopt the stone worktop and you will not regret your choice!

wooden limestone worktop

Here is, above yet another proof that the stone worktop goes perfectly with wooden furniture. Thus, you will create a friendly atmosphere allowing you to enjoy warm family evenings.

modern kitchen limestone worktop

This polished stone worktop allows you to enjoy an elegant kitchen. By marrying ideally with the credenza as well as with the cladding of the central island, this kitchen is undoubtedly the flagship room of the house.

granite stone worktop

We present you yet another nice example of a granite worktop. We agree that this is a trend that never goes out of fashion and that will continue to appeal to us.

Contemporary kitchen wood quartz stone worktop

The white quartz worktop and wooden furniture echo in this so sophisticated kitchen. Stone worktop and central island matched in full harmony with the flooring and neutral nuances: this kitchen is undoubtedly the flagship room of the house.

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