Stainless steel worktop – Pros and cons of stainless steel!


Do you want to renovate your kitchen and are you looking for a new kitchen counter? Since there is a wide range of materials and designs, you need to be well informed before deciding. We have already presented you with practical sheets on waxed concrete, marble, Corian, or quartz plans.

Today it remains only to summarize the advantages and disadvantages of stainless steel worktop in order to facilitate your choice if you are considering this material. Take advantage of the practical advice to follow, accompanied by a gallery of stunning photos!

American fridge and stools matching the brushed stainless steel worktop

brushed stainless steel worktop-American-fridge-built-in-bar stools-metal

Stainless steel is a material widely used in professional restaurant kitchens. The reason lies in its characteristics – it is almost indestructible. Fortunately, nowadays, the stainless steel worktop is also available for home kitchens, for everyone to benefit from its many advantages.

What are the advantages of the stainless steel worktop?

stainless steel worktop cabinets-splashback-wood-kitchen-industrial-style


But what are the advantages of the stainless steel worktop? First, stainless steel countertops are super durable and unlikely to outside influences. They are heat resistant and stain-resistant.

In addition, as the structure of stainless steel is not porous, liquids cannot infiltrate it, which makes it waterproof. And everyone knows that this is a fairly important quality in the kitchen.

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Opt for stainless steel counters for impeccable hygiene

brushed stainless steel worktop-wood-island-fridge-American-kitchen-white

When properly cleaned, the stainless steel worktop is extremely hygienic – a very important feature for surfaces intended for food preparation. Mold and bacteria commonly found in the home don’t stand a chance against the stainless steel surface.

The stainless steel worktop does not fade over time

brushed stainless steel worktop-with-double-integrated-sink-chic-suspensions


On the one hand, this alloy of steel and chrome will not change color over time, as is the case with many plastics, some resin-based countertops, or many types of wood.

Say “Goodbye!” to stubborn annoying stains by opting for the stainless steel worktop

matching stainless steel worktop-appliances-white-kitchen-cabinets

On the other hand, the stainless steel worktop is not susceptible to stains from tomatoes, red wine, certain oils, and acids, etc. Even food coloring comes easily wiped off the surface without leaving any trace of its presence.

Stainless steel surfaces are heat resistant

stainless steel worktop with-integrated-sink-central-island-kitchen


As the stainless steel worktop is heat resistant, trivets become unnecessary. You can place hot pans, casseroles, and saucepans directly on the steel counter without causing any damage. As a bonus, the area just below gets hot, but the heat does not spread along the stainless steel worktop.

A custom-made brushed stainless steel worktop for the bean-shaped kitchen island

brushed stainless steel worktop-2-sinks-linch-counter-island-bean-shape

Like the majority of contemporary materials, stainless steel countertops are adaptable to customer requirements, to perfectly suit their unique kitchen. You can therefore customize your stainless steel counter according to your own needs and taste.

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Brushed stainless steel worktop with integrated 2-bowl sink

brushed stainless steel worktop-sink-2-tubs-island-dishwasher


A popular variant, for example, is the stainless steel worktop with an integrated sink – it’s a clever design that makes multiple kitchen activities easier, cleaning the surface, and at the same time looks super professional.

Mirror-polished stainless steel reflects light and creates a spacious kitchen optical illusion

shiny stainless steel worktop-central-island-gas-hob

Stainless steel, being a metal with a smooth surface, reflects light, which creates an optical illusion of a room that is much larger and brighter than it actually is. A stainless steel worktop, combined with the appropriate lighting fixtures, can create wonders in the small kitchen.

Brushed stainless steel worktop and mahogany cabinets in the modern design kitchen

stainless steel worktop cabinets-kitchen-mahogany-splashback-white

Another undoubted advantage of stainless steel is that this metal has a super modern look, perfectly suited to trendy or even the latest generation kitchens. The stainless steel worktop, associated with black, white, or gray cabinets is the solution par excellence to create a minimalist style kitchen, for example.

Stainless steel goes well with many materials and colors

stainless steel worktop with integrated sink-handshower-yellow-cabinets-suspensions

In addition, stainless steel has a neutral silver color that can be used successfully in all kitchens, regardless of the existing colors and the materials of their furnishings. The stainless steel worktop matches the cool tones perfectly, while the warm colors enhance it through the aesthetic contrast created.

What are the disadvantages of the stainless steel worktop?

stainless steel worktop central-island-counter-white-kitchen

To be fair and reasonable, the subject is not exhausted by singing the praises of the stainless steel worktop. Like everything, there are also downsides to mention in order to make an informed choice.

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Care must be taken to avoid scratches

double stainless steel worktop-sink-induction-hobs-storage

It has already been noted that the steel counter is quite resistant to external influences, however, it is not invincible. When you install it, it will be shiny and without any scratches. But one must be aware that over time the surface will bear some visible scratching.

L-shaped kitchen with custom brushed stainless steel worktop with integrated sink

L-shaped-kitchen-stainless steel worktop with white-cupboard-dining-area

Care must therefore be taken to reduce impacts to a minimum so as not to cause irreparable irregularities in the surface. However, you get used to it over time. By the way, shallow scratches can be treated with toothpaste to make them less noticeable or make them disappear completely!

Please add wood, if you find the professional stainless steel worktop too cold

professional stainless steel worktop-matched-cooker-American fridge

Some people don’t like the metallic texture of the stainless steel worktop and consider it too cold to use in the home kitchen. This is more true for doctors, nurses, or kitchen staff who work near steel counters daily and prefer more organic and warm materials, such as natural wood, for their own kitchens.

Stainless steel worktop – stain resistant, but susceptible to fingerprints

stainless steel worktop for appliances-integrated-gray-cabinets

As mentioned above, the stainless steel worktop is stain-resistant, however, fingerprints are quite visible on its surface after every touch. If you choose such a counter, it should be taken into consideration that it should be wiped more frequently than other surfaces. Our advice: prefer brushed stainless steel to polished stainless steel to reduce this unpleasant effect.

Brushed stainless steel worktop to reduce the unpleasant effect of fingerprints

stainless steel worktop with integrated-island-sink-with-dinette-stools

Not exactly a downside, however, a detail that should not be overlooked, is that when cleaning stainless steel surfaces it is strongly recommended not to use abrasive cleaning agents. These can cause permanent damage to the surface.

Barbecue with lid and stainless steel counters for outdoor cooking

brushed stainless steel worktop-matching-barbecue-with-cover-summer-kitchen

While stainless steel is ideal for outdoor kitchens, as it is corrosion-resistant, its surface can get too hot under the strong rays of the summer sun. In addition, it reflects light and can be dazzling.

Central island with brushed stainless steel worktop with sink and integrated storage

brushed stainless steel worktop-central-island-wood-storage

Whether you choose the stainless steel worktop for its many practical advantages or you find it too cold and difficult to maintain, at least you are well informed about the advantages and disadvantages that such a choice brings with you!

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