Simple and effective diet: 5 ideas to get in shape for the summer!

The beautiful days are here and that worries you a lot? Will you be able to put on your swimsuits and beach outfits? Rest assured! The writing of FitRobin and there to help you lose the extra pounds.

5 slimming diets and a lot of precious advice to stop being afraid of summer! We guarantee that your weight will fly away without you realizing it. So, stay with us and discover our first simple and effective diet to lose weight without stressing you!

Simple and effective diet: a selection of tips and menus to lose weight before the summer season

simple and effective diet slimming menus to lose weight before summer

Summer is definitely the season when you’re less dressed and it’s no secret. Coats and jackets no longer hide the body. On the other hand, they give way to summer dresses and super chic skirts. In this case, some will probably say that you have to take responsibility for what you are! Yes, but everyone wants to see themselves in swimsuits this summer, don’t they?

For this purpose, you have to feel comfortable enough in your skin. This is why our editorial staff is always on the lookout for a simple and effective diet that will refine your figure and make you ready to tackle summer in style. So here are our 5 “bikini” diets and a bunch of practical tips to avoid regaining the pounds lost afterward. So let’s go!

Shed pounds with the 1200 calorie diet!

simple and effective diet to prepare you for the summer season

After going through a lot of research, diets are not what they used to be. They have evolved well and now there are several effective and balanced ways to lose weight without frustration. A good example of all of this is the 1200 calorie diet. As the name suggests, it aims to reduce your calorie intake to 1200 calories per day.

A real lifesaver for those suffering from obesity, this nutritional plan will also be suitable for people who don’t consume more than 1,800 calories per day, as well as those who have already tried another diet program but did not get the results. expected. It is also recommended for people who want to stabilize after following another weight loss diet. So, here’s what it is exactly!

Simple and effective 3-week diet to welcome summer!

simple and effective diet zoom benefits Zermati method

During the first 7 days, the diet aims to purify the body and eliminate toxins. Your breakfast should therefore consist of a hot drink, two or three slices of finely buttered wholemeal bread, a dairy product, and a fruit of your choice. To your slimming menu, you can also add a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice! When it comes to lunch, white meat is a must. Fish dishes are also okay. At dinner, treat yourself to a hard-boiled egg or a little rindless ham!

simple and effective diet mixed salad 1200 calorie diet

By the second week, your body has already got used to the limited calorie intake. It means that the body of your dreams will soon become a reality. So, just like the week before, your breakfast will also be accompanied by a steaming sugar-free drink and some rusks. White meat is always on the menu. New: steamed vegetables. For dinner, plan three slices of rindless ham and a good spring salad. For dessert, treat yourself to a small fruit or a natural yogurt!

simple and effective diet in 5 diet to follow before summer food plan 1200 calories mixed salad

The final step in this simple and effective diet offers several new foods. So, during the third week, start your mornings with a bowl of cereal and some fresh fruit! For lunch and dinner, you can bet on a healthy and balanced salad. Yogurt and fruit are always preferred over dessert.

After the simple and effective 1200 calorie diet, it is very important to maintain the results acquired for as long as possible! So, to avoid the “yo-yo” effect, FitRobin offers you the top 5 fat-burning foods. You will find them at the very end of our article.

Zoom on the Zermati method to lose weight without counting calories!

simple and effective diet Zermati method without stress frustration deprivation

Unlike the simple and effective diet that we have just presented to you, the Zermati method is indeed a way to lose weight quickly without counting your calories. The goal of this slimming diet, which is not really one, lies in observation. So start by writing down in a small notebook the foods you eat per day and the effect they have on your mood. This will give you a better view of your food landscape.

simple and effective diet Zermati method without depriving yourself

The next step is to develop good eating habits. In other words, try to eat only when you are hungry and until full! Thus, you will learn to dissociate real hunger from the simple urge to snack. A kind of psychological cure, the Zermati method ensures effective weight loss without any real need to deprive yourself.

You don’t even have to forget your favorite treats. You can treat yourself as long as you do it at mealtime. So, if you fancy a little chocolate for breakfast, you can easily give in to this temptation and therefore replace your usual lunch with a super delicious chocolate fondant.

simple and effective diet Zermati method easy food plan without frustration

If you only have a few small pounds to lose before the summer vacation, this simple and effective diet may be for you. By eating only when you are hungry, you will not experience any frustration. The extra pounds will fly away while the feeling of fullness will remain. However, be careful and eat only during meal times. Otherwise, you risk not losing anything.

“Forking”, a simple and effective diet that will make you forget the knife, the spoon, and your fingers!

Forkign effective simple diet for summer summer food plan

Souping detox for those who do not like sport

simple and effective diet based on various soups

Mediterranean diet – a simple and effective diet based on vegetables from the sun

simple and effective Cretan diet Mediterranean diet based on fresh vegetables in the sun

5 key foods to add to the menu once your diet is over!

simple and effective diet slimming menus anti fat foods


simple and effective papaya diet zoom 5 healthy foods to avoid yo yo effect


simple and effective diet 5 key foods to avoid yo yo effect

The lemon

simple and effective lemon diet 5 key foods to avoid regaining lost weight


simple and effective diet 5 key anti-fat foods to maintain acquired results


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