Original wedding games, because “D” day is very festive!


After choosing the venue for the reception and the theme for the wedding, you need to focus on choosing the games and entertainment aimed at awakening the general atmosphere. Whether the ceremony takes place in winter or summer, in the open air or behind closed doors, there is only one way to set the mood: find wedding games originals. As there is no shortage of ideas for original wedding entertainment on the web, our editorial staff took the time to comb through the major essentials and select only those that are likely to transform the “big” day into a moment. full of joy and unforgettable emotions. Focus on 20 ways to spice up the most special day of your life!

Original wedding games and fun animations: stock up on ideas!


Because the “D” day is intended to be as romantic as it is festive, it is essential not to go wrong in the choice of wedding games. Of course, ideas about animations vary according to the theme of the wedding, the style sported and the type of the reception venue. After having sifted through the best ideas unearthed on the web, Deavita invites you to discover her great favorites that will make you spend an exceptional evening.

Wedding games that focus on dancing and song!



Wedding games are a great excuse for your guests to get to know each other while having fun like crazy on the dance floor! Hence the importance of emphasizing the games that highlight two essential elements for the success of a festive wedding: the song and the dance.


What if you organized a dance competition to break the ice and thus awaken the atmosphere a little more? To do this, you have to resort to a selection of trendy songs and various styles of music. To successfully organize a dance competition of this magnitude, you must also demonstrate a minimum of creativity and artistic talent. Feel free to invite all the couples to the dance floor by asking them to participate in a shoe swap game or other event of your choice.

Karaoke: an activity to share your musical talent!

wedding-music-dance-karaoke games


After this first successful phase of reconciliation, it is advisable to integrate other wedding games into the program, in order to shorten the distance between the guests. Marriage is also the perfect time for more classic activities, which cannot necessarily be practiced every day. This is the case for the karaoke, a fun activity that invites you to share pleasant and joyful moments.


Karaoke is an activity that is especially aimed at people who love to sing and are not afraid to share their musical talents. Sure, timid people may feel a little uncomfortable at first, but this state will quickly turn into letting go. Get on the track to see what it looks like! Between funny moments, strong emotions and giggles, you will feel completely free from all your worries.

Wedding games: test the musical chair!



Have you heard of the musical chair? If you like music themed wedding games, you must include it in your program at all costs! The Musical Chair is one of the star games at weddings, but we still want to remind you of the basic rules.


This game that is not new is certainly all you need to brighten up the atmosphere even more. This is a retro game that aims to invite as many guests as possible to take part in collective entertainment. Nothing complicated to make this game. A few chairs placed in the center of the room will be enough to start something extraordinarily fun!



The number of chairs must correspond to the number of guests who will take part in this game, minus one. The DJ starts playing a rhythmic track and the guests are invited to walk around the chairs. When the music stops, each of the participants must sit down on a chair. But there will inevitably be one who finds himself without a chair and who will therefore be automatically eliminated. A chair is immediately removed to mark the start of the second round and so on, until the last round which will determine the winner.

Can we talk about wedding games without mentioning the garter game?


Can we talk about original wedding games without mentioning the most classic game in the world? We are obviously talking about the famous garter game. An old game that comes in several modernized versions. How it works? According to the classic version of this age-old game, the bride’s garter goes up for auction first. It is the men who pay for the bride to pull up her dress and thus reveal her garter. Women, on the other hand, have the task of paying to lower the dress.


After a few minutes, whoever wins the auction will have the right to remove the bride’s garter. If you find this game a bit too crass or don’t want to show off your garter, just throw it to the unmarried guests.

How to play Cinderella?


Above, yet another original animation idea that will complement your classic wedding games program. the cinderella game is for sure one of the best ways to break the ice between guests. Women who wish to take part in this game are asked to leave a shoe in the middle of the dance floor. The men pick up a shoe at random and try to find the guest it belongs to. Then everyone starts dancing and the atmosphere is relaxed!

What about the ABC game?


Wedding games are a great opportunity for all guests to form, if not friendships, at least new contacts. Besides the Cinderella game, there are plenty of other fun animations to set the mood. If you are a fan of classic animations, try the game of signs or the ABC game. For the latter, you will need an alphabet preferably written on a sheet of paper. Your guests will then be required to give an adjective for each letter, the goal being to provide a precise description of the bride and groom.

The original animations give pride of place to the limbo dance


What if you continue in this happy atmosphere with another animation that will make all the guests have a blast on the dance floor? Because original wedding games always give pride of place to limbo dance, learn all about this beautiful event as physical as it is fun! Admittedly, it is a real challenge for you and your guests, but it is worth it to go under the horizontal bar! Each in turn, of course. NB: none of the participants has the right to touch the bar. Whoever touches it is immediately eliminated from the competition.

“Him and Her”: one of the great must-haves of classic wedding games!

quiz-her-her-wedding games

The game “She and Him” is another great opportunity for all the guests to have fun and laugh in a warm atmosphere. This time, the spotlight is on the bride and groom. This game gives the possibility to the guests to ask all kinds of questions to the newlyweds. The goal? Estimate how well the spouses know each other and whether they are totally aligned on all matters relating to their household. Sitting back to back, the spouses must answer the guests’ questions using signs bearing the distinctive “She”, “Him” and “Me” inscriptions.

The quiz is another way to heat up the atmosphere!


Questions and always questions about the life of the newlyweds are the basis of what is called a quiz succeeded. Questions that each of the guests must answer to earn a little something.

The famous couples game, for whom?

wedding quiz-ideas-animation games

How do you make your guests feel really comfortable throughout the day? Nothing like a little game to relax the atmosphere and stimulate each of your guests to use their vivid imagination. the celebrity game will be your strong ally in bringing together creativity and good humor. The principle is very simple: each guest must receive a small piece of paper that bears the name of a celebrity of your choice. The goal for everyone is to find their soul mate.

Original wedding games: test the photo booth!


Here is another animation pledge of good humor and conviviality: the photo booth. Your guests will surely be very happy to find their photos taken with a simple disposable camera, on a card or as an accompaniment to a thank you gift. This animation consists of creating a photo booth where each of the guests can have fun, as they see fit, taking funny pictures. The trick to prick? Before setting up the sand photo, take the time to decorate the chosen place with accessories capable of spicing up the photos more: XXL glasses, fake mustaches, signs, hats …

Wedding entertainment and games: the confessional is making an American comeback!

wedding photobooth-bride and groom games

Are you passionate about reality TV shows and would like to incorporate interview animation into your list of original wedding games? the confessional is then made for you. More than a TV show, this animation looks like a session with the shrink where everyone can confess their emotional state, tell jokes or hilarious stories about the spouses. To carry out this original project, you must create an area away from prying eyes and the hubbub, so that guests can parade in peace. Then install a camera and you’re done.

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