Natural and long-lasting tanning

Having a tanned complexion all year round is a real asset of seduction! If from the first rays of the sun, the desire to wear a pretty irresistible tan invades us, we must be careful of the harmful effects of the sun. Likewise, we keep in mind that each type of skin has its tanning capacity. For lighter skin tones, for example, getting a tanned look is not the easiest task.

So, what technique to tan quickly and safely? Preparation of the skin, recommended tanning time, protective treatment, tips to enhance your complexion, and actions to keep it longer, here are a little guide to come back from vacation with a pretty chocolate complexion, without any risk for the dermis!

What technique to tan quickly and skillfully this summer?

How do you tan during the summer? When the first rays of the sun point to the tip of their nose, your dermis instantly goes into protection mode. To protect itself, the skin uses two cells – keratinocyte and melanocyte. The first cell has the potential to multiply and make the dermis thicker and resistant to UV rays.

On the other hand, melanocytes are responsible for the production of melanin which, in turn, absorbs the sun’s rays. But although the skin can protect itself, it is out of the question to ignore sun protection care. Likewise, it is important to prepare your dermis before lying down on your beach towel.

Prepare and train your skin in the sun

natural technical tips to tan faster without harming the skin

Tired of your pale, white skin? To enjoy a nice chocolate tan, you must above all prepare and protect your skin. For this purpose, weekly body scrubs are carried out to eliminate dead skin cells and unify the complexion. Once exfoliated, the body must be hydrated.

So we use and abuse the moisturizer. Applied regularly to the skin, the latter nourishes, but also promotes rapid and natural tanning. Food also plays an important role in preparing the skin for the sun.

Having a rich and colorful plate is therefore essential. To naturally illuminate your complexion and fill it up with vitamins, we put on carrot juice. Rich in beta-carotene, it prepares the dermis for the sun and boosts the tan. Ditto for food supplements (see below).

Never ignore sunscreen

spf sun protection for effective and progressive tanning

Although it sounds like a paradox, sunscreen is a big plus for getting a nice tan. Once lying on your beach towel, you have to protect yourself! All the ideas that sunscreens with a low sun protection factor allow you to tan faster are wrong. And while you’re not prone to sunburn, the risks of skin cancer and premature aging are not issues to overlook.

No need to remind you that tanning treatments without SPF are to be forgotten! Note: no product protects 100%, but the higher the index, the more effective the protection. Dermatologists, therefore, recommend using SPF30 sunscreen with a good UVA protection factor.

The right amount to apply? A small spoonful of cream for the face and the neck, to be given every two hours. Finally, remember that a quick tan doesn’t always mean a good idea. To avoid hurting your skin, avoid going out when the sun is strongest.

Choosing the best time of day for sunbathing

how to tan faster and more efficiently tips technical tips

For any type of skin – fair, matte, black – tanning quickly can be a big risk. To avoid being close to danger, avoid basking in the sun between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. The right place to get a nice golden complexion without the risk of getting a big sunburn? Exposure more often and for less time by increasing short and regular exposures.

This gesture allows the skin to tan more healthily and progressively. In addition, it promotes the synthesis of vitamin D in the body. However, this is not a good reason to abuse the sun’s rays. An exposure of one hour per day is sufficient.

After this time, the sun can become harmful to the body. And when you go out, you don’t forget to protect yourself. The editor’s advice: sunscreen! A quarter of an hour before exposing yourself spread it from head to toe, then reapply every two hours.

Technique to tan quickly: look after your plate

food for faster tan tips technical tip for a long-lasting bronze complexion

What technique to tan quickly and naturally? Besides carrot juice, consuming fruits and vegetables rich in beta-carotene also helps to tan quickly. These foods include peaches, sweet potatoes, red peppers, melon, broccoli, spinach, kale, mango, goji berries, and parsley.

In cold soup, summer salad, or morning smoothie, they are the key to a long-lasting tan. As for food supplements, they are also a good way to tan during the summer. However, these little capsules aren’t just for getting a nice tan. Indeed, they allow bringing to the body all that it lacks to fight against sunburn.

Of course, that doesn’t leave the door open to the sunscreen-free show. Food supplements are used to prepare the skin for the sun rather than to boost its tan. Experts recommend taking the appropriate supplements (especially for excessively light skin tones) for 3 to 4 months before going on vacation.

Technique to tan faster: HYDRATE

tips and tricks for faster and more efficient tanning without danger sun protection

THE factor not to be neglected for a golden complexion to die for is undoubtedly hydration! Deep hydration from the inside to the outside not only nourishes and prepares the skin but also prolongs the tan.

Hence the importance of drinking plenty of water (especially during a tanning session) and using a nourishing treatment to maintain skin flexibility, treat burns, and avoid peeling. We remind you that the latter does not dispense with the regular application of sunscreen.

Enhance your complexion with a good swimsuit

top techniques to tan faster natural tips to prolong your complexion

As you know, pop and neon colors love tanned skin during the summer. To show off your tan, there’s nothing like a white swimsuit. It’s a timeless shade that goes just as well with bikinis as it does with a one-piece.

Another good idea to enjoy a perfect and even complexion this summer is the tan swimsuit. Thanks to its special material which lets through UV rays, it guarantees a sublime tan from head to toe.

Technique to tan faster: Move under the sun

which body position to tan faster rapid tanning technique

We have said it over and over again, you tan faster in water. Do you like to laze? Ok… but to get an even tan, there’s nothing like a game of volleyball with your friends in the water or on the sand. The only condition? Stay protected from head to toe with sunscreen, a hat, and goggles.

Treat your sunburn

natural remedies for technical sunburn to tan quickly and naturally

Treating your sunburn is an essential step in enjoying a healthy and lasting tan. For this purpose, we rely on natural remedies:

  • aloe vera gel – just cut a leaf and apply the gel directly to the sore red skin.
  • white vinegar – pour a small amount of the liquid on a clean cloth and dab this on the burnt body parts.
  • skimmed milk or plain yogurt – prepare a mixture of skimmed milk, water and ice cubes in equal parts, then dip a compress into it and let it act on the burnt area for about fifteen minutes.

Avoid UV cabins at all costs

techniques to tan quickly and effectively lasting tan tips

Of course, UV cabins allow you to achieve a perfect tan in no time. However, they should be avoided at all costs, as they tend to increase the risk of skin cancer and contribute to premature aging.

Extend your tan: the right steps to have a nice tan even in winter!

natural remedies for technical sunburn to tan quickly and naturally

Put carrot oil in your moisturizer

The only factor that activates the production of melanin (therefore tanning) is exposure to the sun. That’s why, once the vacation is over, the countdown begins. In the following two weeks, the skin loses the surplus of this natural pigment. Our complexion then becomes duller.

The solution to remedy this: the homemade body scrub! Essential to every beauty routine, it smooths and refines the superficial part of the skin thickened by the summer sun.

Once rid of this unwanted film, the skin shines again! After a “new skin” session, make way for hydration to keep the pretty color of summer. We, therefore, opt for a usual moisturizer by adding a few drops of carrot oil or a little pure cocoa powder. Healthy glow guaranteed!

home tanning lotion tips to prolong your tan in winter

Make a homemade tinted lotion

There are two options for making your homemade tanning lotion. The first is too steep coffee beans and cinnamon in a small amount of coconut oil over low heat. Pass the mixture through a sieve and add cosmetic beeswax to it. Whisk everything well and place it in the freezer.

This lotion is not durable and therefore does not risk leaving marks on the skin or your clothes. This is an excellent technique for tanning quickly without the sun. However, as with all tanning products, it is advisable to let the product dry before getting dressed.

As for option number 2, you have to prepare an oily macerate with carrot. To do this, put fine peelings of dried carrots in a glass jar filled with vegetable oil, then let the preparation macerate for 4 weeks protected from light. Use to tint your skin during the winter.

homemade bronzer for quick sunless tan in winter

Make your own bronzer

Another great technique for getting a quick sunless tan is to make your bronzer. To do this, nothing could be easier! Mix in some cocoa powder, cornstarch, cinnamon, and voila! While cocoa and cinnamon bring shine and color to the skin, cornstarch lightens the product. Therefore, the amount of each ingredient may vary depending on your natural skin tone and the desired result.

Note: to avoid allergic reactions, it is better to test your homemade cosmetics on a small part of your skin before applying it all over. We remind you that certain ingredients such as cinnamon and essential oils are irritating and should therefore be used with caution.

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