Natman Diet: principles, menu, benefits, and dangers

Foie gras, Yule log, and a bunch of gravy dishes – the holiday season is the hardest time of year to stay on track, isn’t it? Therefore, right after the festive menu, our body needs to recover from overeating to regain its balance.

And since many of you want to lose pounds, but without too many constraints if possible, our editorial team has decided to share with you everything they know about the Natman diet, also called the flight attendant diet.

4 kilos for 4 days thanks to the Natman diet!

natman flight attendant regime decryption principle advantages disadvantages menu 4 days notice results

Why exactly the flight attendant diet? Well, because it’s very short delay corresponds to the duration of the stopovers of the flight attendants who take advantage of their return to dry land to eliminate the excess from their food during the flights. Become a true star of the slimming diets, it promises an impressive weight loss being able to go from 3 to 5 kilos… in only 4 days!

Very low in calories and therefore difficult to follow, this program is the subject of a lot of controversies. So how do you go about achieving such express weight loss? What can we eat and what foods are prohibited? FitRobin takes stock of the pluses and minuses! We have also prepared a menu of 4 and 8 days for you to follow.

Basic characteristics and principles

Natman diet slimming principles menu reviews results

Based on a low calorie and high protein diet, this slimming program promises sudden weight loss. During these 4 days, it allows the consumption of only lean proteins, vegetables, and low-sugar fruits.

It promises a significant weight loss of 4 kg in 4 days. It should be followed by a week of hypocaloric stabilization. The reduction of fats and sugars are therefore the two key points of the diet.

natman diet review before and after

The so-called “all-you-can-eat” foods, which are included, make it possible not to feel hunger and to avoid snacking between meals. Even if the risk of deficiency is almost zero because of the very short period of this diet, taking vitamin supplements is recommended. To have results, it is important to follow the program to the letter. In other words, no exceptions are allowed: no salt, no sugar, and no snacking!

Is it for everyone?

natman diet protein and low calorie menu

Nutritionists claim that during a program based on foods rich in protein, the body will draw on fat and sugar reserves. And this is what primarily promotes weight loss. And since the diet in question is protein, there is no risk of muscle wasting.

Finally, the fact of not consuming salt stimulates the draining effect in the tissues. Simple, fast, and efficient, it is particularly suitable for people with a slight excess of weight. Daily energy intake should be between 1000 and 1600 kcal per day or less.

Natman diet 4-day menu

natman diet menu 4 days 8 days notice results

1st day of the program

  • Breakfast: 1 coffee / 1 tea (without sugar), ½ grapefruit
  • Noon: grilled steak, lettuce, salad tomatoes, apple
  • Evening: 2 hard-boiled eggs, green beans, ½ grapefruit

2nd day of the program

  • Breakfast: 1 coffee / 1 tea (without sugar), ½ grapefruit
  • Noon: grilled steak, lettuce, 1 large glass of tomato juice
  • Evening: zucchini/cauliflower, green beans, applesauce (no sugar)

3rd day of the program

  • Breakfast: 1 coffee / 1 tea (without sugar), ½ grapefruit
  • Noon: grilled steak, lettuce, celery salad, apple
  • Evening: grilled chicken, stewed tomato, 1 large glass of prune juice

4th day of the program

  • Breakfast: 1 coffee / 1 tea (without sugar), ½ grapefruit
  • Noon: 2 hard-boiled eggs, green beans, 1 glass of tomato juice
  • Evening: grilled steak, lettuce, 1 glass of pineapple juice (without sugar)

To note: to season your salad, you can mix 0% liquid cream with aromatic spices. Balsamic vinegar with pepper is allowed.

Foods prohibited during the program

natman diet notice prohibited foods menu 4 days 8 days

If vegetables and fruits rich in dietary fiber are necessary to improve transit and limit the risk of constipation, carbohydrates (fries, sweets, bread), lipids, and dairy products should be banned from the program. Exit butter, margarine, and fat of all kinds. Even though there are good fats, it is important to skip all the fats during these 4 days.

the natman diet menu prohibited foods salt

As you have probably understood, snacking between meals is strongly discouraged. For those who are hungry, allow yourself an apple. But nothing else! In case of too much weakness, do not hesitate to give up the diet.

And while the risks of water retention during the Natman program are very real, salting your food is strongly prohibited. The bad habit of wanting to make a meal more flavorful can cause swelling and the development of cellulite.

Is the Natman diet dangerous: the pluses and the minuses!

natman diet expert advice nutritionists advice

Besides the quick results, the Natman diet has a lot of other pluses. It guarantees satiety through the protein intake and is done over a short period, which avoids the risk of cracking. Likewise, it is ideal for people who love vegetables and fruits. And given that it lasts only 4 days, the risks of nutritional deficiencies are non-existent.

flight attendant diet 4 kilos for 4 days results before and after notice

As for the disadvantages, the low-calorie diet can lead to food compulsions and periods of hunger due to the high number of prohibited foods. The worst part is that the food program does not allow any substitute solutions, which makes it difficult to stick to.

As for the question “is it dangerous?” “, According to those who have already tried it, the flight attendant diet is not harmful to health, if it is followed to the letter and does not exceed four days. As already indicated, thanks to its short duration, the risks of deficiencies are zero. But while the results are real, it is obvious that the weight loss seen is not fat loss, but indeed water and waste loss.

natman diet before after 4 days 8 days

What is more, in such a short time, the body cannot go and tap into the fat. Prohibiting the consumption of lipids is therefore not wise because lipids play an important role in weight loss without fatigue, the fact of removing them can cause irritability, significant weakness, and wake up unstable eating behaviors by causing impulses and big cracks.

The Natman diet can seem very tempting, we admit, but unless the person goes through a stabilization phase for a few weeks. Otherwise, it may start all over again once the hypocaloric program is finished.

Natman regime: compulsory stabilization phase

natman stabilization regime

As a rule, the flight attendant’s diet lasts 4 days. However, it can be up to 8 days. But due to its too strict nature, it is not advisable to exceed the fixed period. What is more, it is strongly discouraged to go beyond these 4 days. Once the program is finished, it is recommended to follow the stabilization phase of the diet, generally lasting between 7 and 8 days.

How to avoid the yoyo effect?

natman stewardess regime stabilization period to avoid yoyo effect

At the end of these 4 days of the diet, the stabilization phase is essential. Following a low-calorie 7-day menu is therefore essential. You must then choose between the diet at 1200, 1500, or 1800 kcal. Most ladies go for the 1200 calorie diet and then the 1500 calorie diet. As for men, they can start by adopting the 1500 calorie diet followed by the 1800 calorie diet, if the hunger is too present.

Is it a diet compatible with sport?

the natman diet reviews results precautions

Generally, not all diets are compatible with physical activity. Indeed, those poor or without any contribution of calories prohibit any kind of sporting activity. Being low calorie and very strict, the Natman program limits or even prohibits sport for 4 days. The good news is that you can return to the gym during the stabilization period after the weight loss regimen is over.

Natman diet results and reviews

Natman diet review after before results phase stabilization

Specialists and dietary enthusiasts confirm it: the more we do a slimming diet the more difficult it is to get rid of extra pounds because the body begins to feel a kind of frustration which is expressed in rapid storage of fat as soon as possible. stop the program.

On the other hand, following the flight attendant’s preferred diet for just 1 day can be a superb way to detoxify the body. Unfortunately, a good number of young girls feel more and more tempted by the express weight loss and do not hesitate to exceed the 4 days fixed.

Again, the Natman program is not dangerous if done over 4 days and no more. In short, nutritionists advise against it. Eating a balanced diet is undoubtedly a sure bet to fight the extra pounds.

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