Melon or watermelon? Find out which one is better for your health

¿Melón o sandía? Descubre cuál es mejor para la salud (bigstock)

Melon and watermelon are the summer fruits par excellence. They help us to hydrate thanks to their high water content and they refresh us. However, as they say, there are two types of people: those who prefer melon and fans of watermelon. Choosing between one of the fruits is the derby of every summer.

Both have a high water content, are very refreshing, and help us stay hydrated at this time of year. Both are light, with very few calories, a high diuretic power, and many essential vitamins and minerals for the body. We are going to review the benefits of each one to decide which is the winner.

To begin with, both melon and watermelon stand out for their high water content: more than 90%. Being composed mostly of water, they cause an important natural diuretic effect in our body, in addition to being an important source of much-needed hydration. Due to their natural diuretic effect and their source of fiber, they are widely used in slimming diets and also to avoid constipation and regulate our digestive system.

The main difference is the vitamins. As for the melon, it stands out for vitamin C, in fact, 300 grams of this fruit without rind provides 75% of the recommended daily intake of this vitamin. It also has folates, substances that contribute to the process of cell division.

It also has the vitamins B6 (also present in watermelon) and B12, A, E, and D. Depending on the type of melon, its content In carotenes varies. For example, those with orange flesh are very rich in provitamin A, especially beta-carotene, plus xanthophylls, lutein, violaxanthin, and lycopene.


Melon is much higher in vitamin C, which multiplies by 5 the amount present in the watermelon. Instead, watermelon quadruples melon in vitamin A, which only contains 4 micrograms.

  • Vitamin C It is necessary for our body for its antioxidant capacity and for promoting the creation of collagen, essential for the integrity of the skin and the healing of wounds. Collagen also helps prevent joint wear and tear and maintain bone density. Also, this vitamin it has an effect on how long the cold lasts once it has been contracted, although the results of various investigations are inconclusive. In addition, it favors the absorption of iron, so it is good for curing anemia.
  • On the other hand, vitamin A of watermelon prevents the development of night blindness and can help prevent age-related decline in eyesight, may reduce your risk of certain types of cancer – including Hodgkin’s lymphoma – as well as cervical cancer , lung and bladder, helps keep your immune system healthy and function more efficiently and can help protect your bones and reduce your risk of fractures.

The melon is also imposed in minerals: it is double rich in calcium, potassium –Taking a portion of melon represents 16% of the recommended daily nutritional needs of this mineral–, sodium, and phospho. Here, the melon wins the battle.

The simple trick of a fruit bowl to know if a watermelon is good

However, experts highlight one of the best ingredients in watermelon: lycopene. This ingredient is what gives watermelon its characteristic reddish color, also present in tomatoes, although in a lower concentration, and also has a powerful antioxidant effect that helps protect the body’s cells and fight against aging…

Other ingredients that are important to highlight in watermelon for its benefits in our body are citrulline and arginine, amino acids that improve arterial function and reduce blood pressure, for what they are beneficial to our heart and for people with hypertension or coronary heart disease, according to the Spanish Heart Foundation. In this sense, this property makes watermelon the “Natural Viagra”, since they assure that, improving blood circulation, helps with erection problems.

In short, the two fruits of summer are rich in nutrients and vitamins that help us stay healthy. The result is a clear tie with many health benefits.

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