Living healthy: 10 ideas to take care of yourself naturally


1. Eat healthy

Eat healthy

Good for the body and the head, eating healthy food is an essential first step to improve all aspects of our lives.

With healthy recipes adapted, deprivation and frustration are banned from the vocabulary to give way to healthy plates stuffed with vitamins and nutrients. Vegetables, fruits, cereals, and other foods form an effective cocktail on hunger and pleasure for optimal control of our health.

In addition to being rich in flavors, healthy and diversified food will contribute to slowing down the aging of the brain, reducing the risk of developing many chronic diseases, but also fighting against obesity, sleep disorders, and even depressive states.

To eat healthy finally is to avoid deficiencies and provide for all the needs of your body, including morale.

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2. Consume healthily

Consume healthily

Our modern lifestyles push us every day towards overconsumption that is interpreted by our brain as an irrepressible need to possess more and more to obtain a semblance of ephemeral satisfaction in return.

This phenomenon is reflected in a whole host of different situations. Whether it’s through the number of notifications on social networks, our orders on the internet that do not arrive fast enough, this meal delivery where the deliveryman has visibly stopped to have a coffee, these promotions that resurface every month in the form of exceptional events.

These consumption patterns push us towards more abundance every day and quickly become real vectors of frustration.

Through this reality, a new way of life has been unveiled in recent years to try to limit the damage generated on the planet: it is zero waste.

3. Treat yourself naturally

Treat yourself naturally

Nature also regains its rights in the sectors of well-being and beauty.

Taking care of oneself by plants with herbal medicine, concept is far from new but has never been so modern. To sleep better, as a slimming asset or in the shower, the plant world allows a gentle rebalancing where shower gels and chemical shampoos only act in the short term but permanently attack the skin, hair, and the whole organism.

On the contrary, cosmetics and natural remedies have the double power to beautify and heal thanks to real care concentrates, perfectly respectful of the body and the environment.

From lavender essential oil to repair the skin, hawthorn to calm the mind, white clay to purify the hair, there are a thousand and one tricks to take care of yourself and they are all in nature.

4. Relax with meditation

Relax with meditation

Alone at home, in a group with friends, maybe even during the break at work, and if we tried meditation?

To meditate is to learn to let go, to direct one’s concentration, and to make the void in oneself, far from all the daily demands that we face.

Since everything is now going to a hundred per hour, meditation invites us to focus on the present moment and on the energy that emanates from each of us.

A difficult exercise, at least in the early days, but which will gradually become a real bubble of calm and inner peace. Because it is ultimately by clinging to want to keep control that we can best cope with events.

So you close your eyes, you focus on your breath, and you’re only interested in what’s going on here, and now.

5. Stay physically and socially active

physically and socially active


Essential for the body, the practice of regular physical activity is a great way to maintain good health and healthy quality of life.

Among the many advantages, sport makes it possible to protect a good number of diseases, to remain independent longer but also to improve concentration and resistance to stress.

But an active and full life has many aspects and it turns out that social interactions also have a positive influence on well-being.

This can be a meal with family or friends, along with telephone conversation, participation in volunteer activities regardless, regular socialization will in any case act on the cognitive functions of the brain to preserve mental health.

Staying active and opening up to others is ultimately one of the best ways to enrich one’s own life.

6. Free yourself from muscle tension

muscle tension

In response to the stress of modern life, it is yoga, alternative medicines, and small wellness gestures that come back in force.

We start with great inspiration and then we take the time to stretch for a few seconds, when we wake up or throughout the day, to drive away from the contractures and soothe our mind.

Better oxygenated, more flexible, and more relaxed, the body is free of its toxins and the tension leaves room for deep relaxation.

Want to vary the pleasures? A massage also brings many benefits to the body and mind to eventually regain better overall health.

Farewell, stress, pain, and sleep disorders, massages, and stretching are practiced at will for effects of up to a month. To be consumed without moderation.

7. Take care of your sleep

your sleep


If the sleep time varies from one person to another, the quality of our nights is essential to our physical and psychological balance.

Repeated sleep disorders will generally be sources of fatigue and bad mood and can weigh heavily on our health or the scales, by encouraging us to snack!

Sleep is indeed the moment when the body recovers physically and mentally from the day that has just passed.

Healing your nights then helps to boost the immune system, strengthen memory, and put the cardiovascular system to rest.

And since sleeping well also affects morale, good nights are the guarantee of a brighter complexion and awakenings in a good mood.

The opportunity to take a few moments just for yourself, to do a little exercise, and to swallow a good full breakfast.

8. Develop your creativity

Develop your creativity

Imagine, learn, marvel… Where has this curiosity that we had as a child and that made everything a discovery go? It often crumbles with adulthood due to lack of time and our own conditioning.

Yet our brain is hungry for novelty and continuing to discover throughout life will contribute to our personal wealth and help us strengthen certain neural connections.

No need to look very far. Just look around and take an interest in even the simplest things.

Reading a book, watching a movie, going to see an exhibition, walking in an unknown place, testing a new recipe, so many ways to feed your individual creativity.

And the opportunity to express your emotions through all kinds of projects.

9. Living in a healthy environment

Living in a healthy environment

Our home, our work, our surroundings, everything influences our way of being in the world, hence the importance of keeping only the positive.

What if the pleasure no longer passed through the accumulation of objects at home? On the contrary, they tend to weigh on our morale and energy without us even realizing it.

On the contrary, minimalism teaches us to possess less but better, to live with the essentials to regain creativity, serenity, and motivation.

It goes as much through these objects that clutter us and that never serve us as through these toxic family, friendly or professional relationships that are so many brakes on our development.

Just one question here: “What is really important?” Living in a healthy environment will free up time and energy to focus only on what really matters.

10. Escape in the middle of nature

Escape in the middle of nature

The call of nature? With the frantic pace of city life, it would become almost difficult to hear it and yet it is still there, this pressing need to escape and breathe some fresh air.

No wonder, nature has always been recognized for its invigorating and soothing virtues.

The sound of the waves, the soothing colors of a green landscape, or the ringing of the bells of a herd of cows are all opportunities to reconnect with the essentials, to adopt the true rhythm of life on our planet.

In the face of so much serenity, the mind calms down, negative thoughts dissipate, daily tensions subside. And in the body, blood pressure is decreased while the immune system strengthens.

So we swap the crowded streets for a natural setting that will allow us to recharge our batteries and forget all our problems.

Taking care of yourself to take care of the planet

take care of the planet

Want to lead a serene life, in a healthy and fulfilling environment? It is through a long work on oneself that everything begins, working for our physical and mental well-being in the same way that we provide daily care to our body.

Yes, but how to take the time to breathe in an environment where everything always seems to go much too fast? Each day brings with it its share of professional and personal imperatives to be respected at all costs as if life itself were reduced to these daily sequences (the famous metro-work-sleep).

As a result, our own needs take a back seat, the body is pushed to the limit and our vital energy is wasted in vain!

Taking care of oneself is not a selfish approach, on the contrary, it is a fundamental condition for our balance and availability in all aspects of life. Rethinking one’s relationship with oneself, listening to oneself, resourcing oneself then become actions that make sense.

How can we still confine ourselves to junk food and immobility when a healthy diet, a little physical activity, and an adapted sleep rhythm can bring about so many positive changes?

Why still impose a frantic pace where unfinished tasks accumulate while a little rest, pleasure, or meditation help us much better than the constraint to meet the challenges of everyday life?

Why get bogged down in toxic work and relationships when self-confidence requires us to learn to say no and to refocus around our own desires?

The importance of self-care

Taking care of oneself is not a luxury or a small temporary pleasure, it is a real way of life. In fact, it is even the only way of life that we would have to pursue to achieve happiness and achieve the individual goals that we have set for ourselves.

What did you put on your own list?

Maintain professional, friendly, fulfilling family relationships, travel the globe, embark on new creative projects or perhaps invest in the great environmental causes of today… Taking care of one’s personal well-being will only make the road much smoother and will act positively on our relationship with the world.

Of course, there is no question of repressing our negative feelings. Sadness, anger are human emotions and are communicative. Rather, it is a question of no longer allowing ourselves to be invaded by them, of channeling them, and of broadcasting good waves around us in such a way as to allow others to care in turn about their own happiness.

This can involve a solo walk in a, particularly appreciated place, a whole afternoon devoted to what really makes us want, a breathing exercise to start the day well. Nothing is mandatory but everything is possible, limited only by our desires and our imagination!

Rather than rehashing the negative aspects of everyday life, the gratitude exercises for example invite us each evening to dwell on 3 things that we enjoyed during the day. A great way to open your eyes to the smallest events and lie down curious to know what the next day still has in store for us as good surprises.

Taking care of yourself also means making room in your mind and learning to let go to listen only to that little voice that resonates inside us. The same one who always knows the way, because it relies only on a very specific facet of our daily life: what makes us happy!

So make way for joy, discovery, those moments of relaxation to laugh over a drink or to taste our favorite dishes so comforting.

Reconnecting with nature

Paradoxically, refocusing on oneself helps to reconnect with the environment. And on closer inspection, there is ultimately nothing surprising about this.

Our modern societies tend to mark the opposition between man and nature when, in reality, we are part of a whole. Starting from this observation, changing oneself means starting to build a different world, more in line with the values of each one, and in which plant life can finally regain its full place.

Because nature is deeply essential to our well-being. The mere fact of contemplating it triggers a multitude of positive emotions. It is a real response to our physical and psychological disorders of everyday life, soothes the mind, reduces certain diseases, stimulates creativity.

Its richness and beauty arouse happiness and wonder, recognized for promoting well-being and overall balance. And since it is an inexhaustible source of discoveries, it constantly nourishes our curiosity and keeps our brain awake but without ever overworking it.

A real breath of energy and inspiration that makes you want to finally achieve your goals!

Because at a time when the ecological transition has become a fundamental issue, it is becoming more essential than ever to be well in your body as in your head.

How can we defend a cause, whatever it may be, without being able to draw the necessary energy and motivation from ourselves?

The best of nature to improve your well-being

Nature in all its diversity is inseparable from a gentler and more fulfilling way of life. Today it is a question of taking a step back from our hectic lives, even if it means upsetting our habits to fully regain our place and find the balance that binds us to all things on Earth. This is called personal ecology.

Taking care of yourself means taking care of your physical, mental, and emotional health to better protect what surrounds you. It means respecting one’s desires and limits and getting to know oneself better by constantly listening to one’s needs.

This is not always easy and requires us to become attentive to what we had chosen to ignore. What are the external causes that affect me? What are the relationships that carry me? What do I really want? And above all, what decisions should be taken now?

The causes and solutions remain specific to each individual. Respecting one’s nature is a voluntary act that requires, first of all, to become aware of what can and must be changed.

There are therefore only two watchwords: listen to one’s own, and try.

There is no need to conform to a single method, there is no one-size-fits-all solution but different paths that will suit everyone. This is what makes us special and makes us so unique.

Our bodies and minds already know what they need. It is now up to us to make our own environmental, ethical, and societal choices that will all contribute to bringing us closer to the well-being to which we aspire!

Just look a little. To take the time to be here, and now. Because ultimately, it is by improving oneself that one contributes to the improvement of society.

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