kitchen worktop: Tips and tricks to adapt it best to your decor!


Want to revitalize your white kitchen a little bit? Then bet on a good kitchen work plan! In Wood or stainless steel, curved or angular, mat or shiny… this kitchen accessory is a real chameleon that comes in several models and styles. Now all you have to do is take a look at our design proposals and select the worktop that best suits your taste and your interior!

The practical, aesthetic and easy to maintain kitchen worktop!

kitchen worktops marble granite quartz natural materials modern sleek design

As a general rule, the kitchen worktop should be practical, modern, and resistant at the same time. This is why the materials used for the manufacture of such furniture play an essential role! FitRobin will reveal the advantages and disadvantages of each material to you! Let’s start with natural stones first!

Natural stones to dress up your kitchen worktop!


Slate, marble, quartz, granite, etc… we have already discussed the family of natural stones, but in general, these materials go wonderfully with the decor of the kitchen. They benefit from a very long lifespan, which is why customers put them at the top of their list of choices!

kitchen worktops granite stones natural stones practical advice countertop cladding

However, be aware of the fact that a thermal shock between your natural stone kitchen worktop and a hot dish can damage your furniture in a lasting way! The same goes for certain types of liquids, such as vinegar, coke, wine, and lemon, which can leave stains on the surface of your plan! In addition, natural materials very often tend to become porous and this requires regular renovation.

Synthetic stones – a good alternative to natural stones

kitchen worktop design dining area living room


As we have just indicated, natural stones can sometimes be a real headache. Composed of a mixture of several materials, synthetic stones are a very good alternative, which offers excellent performance for both your kitchen and bathroom!

Easy to maintain, hygienic, non-porous, and more resistant than the traditional materials mentioned above, synthetic stones are available in several colors and do not require any additional treatment! They are the ideal choice to make your kitchen a special and super refined place! The only downside, their price!

The ubiquitous material for your kitchen worktop – wood

teak oak lacquered kitchen worktop idea central island zen decoration

The most stylish, but also the most fragile, wood is another good proposition chosen by people who want to redo their kitchen, or as in the specific case – their worktop. However, before you start, you must obviously ask yourself the question: what type of wood to choose?

Because above all, wood is a natural material that evolves over time and therefore requires special maintenance. So, in order to choose wisely, take into account the environment of your kitchen. In other words, if you are one of those who cook often, go for a more robust wood, such as oak and beech!

Convertible kitchen worktop desin wood oak modern minimalist style


A solid wood worktop in a white kitchen, for example, will invite a more warm and friendly atmosphere into your interior space. As for the price of a wooden kitchen worktop, it is a bit higher compared to what you will pay for a laminate model! Finally, choose your furniture not only according to the price but also to the style of your room!


Contemporary design laminate kitchen worktop

And as we are at it, laminate is the cheapest option you can go for in order to avoid the disadvantages of wood. As a bonus, this material offers the widest range in terms of decorations.

By betting on the laminate you will discover a lot of colors, patterns, and effects, as you can see in the photo! In addition, it is very resistant to stains, shocks, and water! Which was not the case with wood!

Design and original glass kitchen worktop!

modern kitchen worktops in backlit glass kitchen trends central island


Glass also finds its place among the most design ideas concerning the kitchen worktop! Thick, shiny, and super trendy, the glass will allow you to bring a touch of originality to your kitchen.

If the latter benefits from a darker decor, such a worktop will both revitalize and optimize the room! In addition, in specialized stores, you can find a good number of backlit models, like the one shown in the photo above!

double sink glass kitchen worktop functional idea central island layout

Hygienic and very original, the glass is sublime with its allure as long as it is well cleaned and new! However, before taking the plunge, know that this material does not withstand thermal shocks either!

Also, avoid placing heavy objects on it! And if you are one of the people who spend most of their time in the kitchen, it will be better to reserve the glass for the dining area, for example!

Kitchen worktop in steel, chrome, and nickel!

modern kitchen worktop steel design practical advice aesthetic models

Composed of steel, chrome, and nickel, stainless steel is another member of the countertop family! Rather reserved for professional catering, this material is increasingly seen in private kitchens! Why? Well, because we all want to have a chef’s kitchen at home.

In addition, stainless steel offers a wide range of finishes allowing each time to obtain a different and original appearance! If you are looking for how to dress your central island, stainless steel will undoubtedly be your best choice, since this one, unlike wood and glass, has the capacity to cover different facades!

steel kitchen worktops modern functional design professional kitchen

However, it is very important to note that stainless steel, just like wood and copper, is susceptible to losing its shiny side. It also requires specific cleaning. To keep it in good condition for as long as possible, when cleaning, use hot water, white stone, and vinegar!

What work plan for the outdoor kitchen?

outdoor kitchen worktop rustic style modern design brick stones steel deco idea outdoor space

An outdoor kitchen bathed in sunlight to receive your guests? Yes, it is quite possible, but for the goal, you need a good work plan! And since the latter is subjected to many climatic aggressions, such as cold, wind, and sun, it must be as robust as possible.

So, in this case, the preferred materials will be stone, concrete, marble, and tiles. Resistant and easy to maintain, they leave no chance for the wood, which should absolutely be avoided even if it has undergone a chemical treatment!

Ceramic kitchen worktop

A curved glass model

sleek design glass kitchen worktop curved countertop

Dressed in a tangy color, this worktop illuminates the kitchen where it is located!

laminate kitchen worktops modern kitchen decor ideas

Another backlit and super design model!

backlit kitchen worktop modern design practical aesthetic

A multifunctional kitchen worktop out of the ordinary!

kitchen worktop with modern innovative design staircase
terazzo kitchen worktop natural materials granite natural stones concrete
modern sleek design laminate wood kitchen worktop
Kitchen worktop laminate granite stainless steel wood contemporary design
kitchen worktops laminate wood deco kitchen model practical
modern spacious kitchen worktops natural materials stone quartz marble granite
kitchen worktops favoring natural materials contemporary spacious design stones marble granite
modern design soapstone kitchen worktops central island layout
black kitchen worktop laminate wood practical aesthetic model
Kitchen worktops ideas tips marble wood concrete
glass kitchen worktop modern lighting trendy refined decoration
modern curved design kitchen worktop granite quartz marble central island with dining area
kitchen worktop design solid wood modern industrial deco
kitchen worktop design dining area living room
contemporary kitchen worktop laminated stainless steel wood design
Contemporary laminate wood kitchen worktop loft style
laminate wood kitchen worktops white and brown design parquet flooring
Kitchen worktop wood quartz granite decoration sushi pattern
predominantly wood kitchen worktops modern floor lighting curved countertop
kitchen worktop charcuterie style layout
concrete kitchen worktop modern design spacious open plan kitchen living room layout ideas
wood and laminate kitchen worktops modern rustic kitchen designs
white kitchen worktops ideas practical tips wood design
kitchen worktop steel wood original idea functional aesthetic kitchen layout

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