Kitchen with window: pro tips, modern ideas


It does not matter if it is an L-shaped, U-shaped kitchen, with one or two islands, a large surface, or rather a limited space … the window is an essential element. In addition to inviting natural light into the gourmet room, it particularly helps to drive away bad smells and is also a real decorative asset.

And today, our editorial staff will focus in particular on the kitchen with a window! Discover its advantages, the most popular window models as well as several inspiring ideas in pictures! Follow us!

The advantages of a kitchen with a window

Nothing like the beautiful natural light to illuminate the interior and transform it into an idyllic place where life is good. Ditto for the gourmet piece. Thanks to the light, the kitchen promises to become your favorite place and even to stimulate your culinary abilities.

Whether it is one or more windows, contemplating the surrounding landscape is always relaxing and promotes good humor. However, the main purposes (and its biggest advantages of course) of the window are to circulate the air in the room and to remove bad smells.

That said, this key element requires a strategic and adapted position so that it can open without any embarrassment. Thus, you will benefit from a modern space combining practicality and aesthetics!

why have a window in the kitchen advantages ideas tips tips

And before we get down to the basics and introduce you to the different types of windows to consider in your kitchen, we’d like to mention one more nifty perk that ladies are sure to appreciate and which has become a real trend lately. Do you fancy growing aromatic plants in the kitchen or growing microgreens?

So, if your answer is yes, we encourage you to take advantage of the space in front of the window and its natural light to place your plants, flowers, and even certain decorative objects.

The different types of windows to consider in the kitchen

types of windows in the kitchen available variants decorating ideas


To design such a space that combines practicality and aesthetics, it is better to familiarize yourself first with the different types of windows and the possibilities of location, which will allow you to choose the model that best suits your kitchen…

But do not panic! Take into account that the market is quite large and that you could consult a specialist in order to create a custom window that will undoubtedly beautify the room. Glass roof, panoramic window, sliding window and so on… there is something for everyone!

Kitchen with window behind the sink

window behind the sink popular location natural landscape orchids plants

The place behind the sink is one of the most popular and functional. Here is an ideal example above where the designer kitchen benefits not only from abundant natural light but also from a superb view of the surroundings. What’s more, orchids and other vegetation add more charm to the room.

Clear window

open window in the kitchen natural light storage idea


It is not however compulsory to install a window around a key element of the kitchen such as the sink in the previous case. And here is the proof above: a bright white loft-style kitchen where the owners have decided to clear the space in front of the window to install a kind of shelf that can house plants, decorations, etc.

The functionality of the glass patio door

glazed patio door modern kitchen scandinavian style pastel touches

Believe it or not, the patio door is one of the most preferred models in the kitchen because it allows direct and super easy access to the outdoor space like garden, balcony, terrace. For your information, this room is particularly recommended for an I-shaped kitchen layout because it facilitates repetitive passages. For more privacy, do not hesitate to opt for blinds and/or curtains that must be matched. Ultimately, we aim to design a harmonious whole.

Sliding kitchen window: a practical and decorative model

sliding window kitchen practical model interior decoration tips


Offering an optimal amount of natural light, sliding windows blend with all styles and allow the kitchen to open onto the outdoor space. And if it overlooks the garden, you have the possibility of creating a space without borders with the outside especially during the beautiful season. Decorative options in the form of plants and candles are always welcome!

Kitchen with panoramic window for a breathtaking view

kitchen with panoramic window minimalist style white deco

Does your terrace or balcony offer a superb, breathtaking view? If so, cluttering the space with concrete is out of the question. Set up a large panoramic window and take in the spectacular scenery while preparing dinner. In terms of interior decoration, we advise you to favor graphic lines and minimalist style to complete the simplicity of the window.

Glass roofs for an industrial spirit

glass roof in the kitchen industrial touch natural light wood furniture


Inviting itself more and more often in our interiors, the industrial style seduces us with its refined atmosphere and its raw materials. We can adopt it in his modern kitchen with a touch-capable of completely transforming the whole: his majesty the glass roof! Like the panoramic model, the latter offers sublime light and is a real decorative asset for the kitchen with a window.

Kitchen with skylight

kitchen with roof window illuminated space modern layout

How to illuminate the gourmet room when it has a limited surface? So if so, how about a kitchen with a skylight? A fairly ingenious trick that will add more charm to the room. And since the skylight doesn’t need a wall, you have plenty of space to plan storage.

However, if your construction does not allow the installation of a roof opening, the high windows represent a clever alternative quite capable of leaving spaces between the walls.

several windows illuminated kitchen modern furnishings friendly atmosphere

On the contrary, if you have an already existing kitchen with a window and if the surface is large enough, it is quite possible to integrate roof windows to let natural light in optimally.

Kitchen banner window

discreet kitchen strip window white and black deco advantages

The kitchen with a bandeau window exudes contemporary style and boasts an attractive and sophisticated design. Fixed, sliding, or casement, this type of chic window is still called a long window and illuminates the interior without exposing it to the curious eyes of neighbors.

Most often, it is located behind the sink, that is to say, the space between the worktop and the wall units. For more light in the kitchen, we recommend that you combine the banner window with the bay windows in the matching design.

Several windows in the kitchen for maximum illuminated space

several windows mix of materials metal wood white marble vegetation

Opting for several windows in the kitchen guarantees a fully illuminated space where it is good to cook! Do not hesitate to play with the materials to achieve a nice contrast in the latest decoration trends. For example, mix metal windows with wooden elements for an unparalleled warm touch and also incorporate plants for a natural note.

Kitchen with window: several inspirations in pictures that will make you dream

white and wood kitchen modern furnishings windows with blinds

After deciphering the different types of windows to install in the kitchen, let’s leave room for inspiration! Read on to discover several ideas in pictures whose modern and practical design will make your dream.

White kitchen with solid wood touches and a few windows for more light

white kitchen rustic style large windows natural light beams and shelves solid wood

Floor to ceiling windows in a white kitchen glorifying minimalism

modern white kitchen with bay windows brass splashback

A bright kitchen enjoying more natural light thanks to the windows

u-shaped kitchen with white deco window bright space

Kitchen with a panoramic window in full harmony with the aesthetic decor

kitchen with panoramic window minimalist style white central island bright space

White furniture, wood, and light: a winning combination creating a natural atmosphere

white kitchen and natural wood deco abundant light
white and wood kitchen modern design window with blinds
window banner kitchen white and wood deco suspension space well illuminated

Invite natural light into your kitchen and enjoy a friendly atmosphere!

white kitchen design matte black furniture sophisticated design
kitchen with panoramic window natural light white decoration wood touches central island

Three small windows with fabric blinds for more privacy

cozy kitchen with three small windows designer hanging blinds

Kitchen strip window overlooking the garden harmonizing with the copper suspensions

kitchen strip window central island tall furniture brass pendant lights

The banner window is more and more often used in contemporary kitchens

white minimalist style kitchen banner window

Long kitchen with a high window where gray tones bring an unparalleled aesthetic

long kitchen with gray deco high window

Gray kitchen illuminated with abundant natural light

modern gray kitchen wooden window white splashback minimalist style green plants
gray paint white lacquered kitchen panoramic window modern blinds

Several white windows ventilating the country-style kitchen

bright kitchen with several windows hanging units wall units

A small bright kitchen where the original splashback makes the difference

modern kitchen with retro spirit view original splashback white furniture

Bright kitchen inspiration of the modern design

sophisticated kitchen tall furniture large window natural light

Industrial-style kitchen with a dark decor enlivened by natural light entering through the windows

industrial style kitchen black brick wall deco pvc window matt black furniture

A simple white window surrounded by storage shelves

rustic style kitchen without tall furniture shelves vegetation

The white color of the kitchen enhances the brightness

kitchen decor with small window pastel touches green plants friendly atmosphere
large white kitchen with panoramic window simple high furniture wood worktop
large white kitchen bathed in light

Wooden furniture associated with matching windows for a harmonious space

wooden window in harmony with the decor of the kitchen modern atmosphere

Growing herbs and plants on the windowsill in the kitchen is a real guarantee of charm!

windows in the kitchen behind the sink cultivate aromatic plants

Install windows in the kitchen and create a room without borders with the outside!

accordion windows modern kitchen garden view recessed spotlights wood furniture stainless steel worktop
folding windows in the kitchen central island modern functional space

Windows with curtains in the kitchen against curious looks from neighbors

inspiration white kitchen wood worktop window natural light orchid

Open your kitchen to the outdoor space by focusing on a large panoramic window!

inspiration contemporary kitchen wood furniture large window decorative asset

Light garland adorning the window to give the kitchen a romantic and cozy touch

small window in the kitchen LED lights wooden worktop friendly and romantic atmosphere

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