Kitchen with interior canopy to restructure the space


Delimiting the space and separating the kitchen from the living room is your biggest wish? So, to restructure and review the rest areas, there are several development solutions that will even bring a little fantasy to the decoration. Separation walls, screens, glass partitions or glass roofs?

Of course, you are free to choose any of these three possibilities, but Deavita still advises you to consider the installation of one or more interior canopies! Transform your interior by creating a kitchen with interior canopy thanks to our clever advice. Zoom on 35 original ways to give a second life to your modern kitchen.

Kitchen with interior canopy to modulate the space to your liking!

kitchen with interior glass roof separer-space-walls-kitchen-island-kitchen

Why create a kitchen with an interior canopy? Because it is the only way to delimit the space without the need to knock down on the wall. In addition, the interior canopies have the merit of reflecting the sun’s rays to improve the brightness in the room.

Kitchen with interior canopy to improve brightness

kitchen with interior glass roofing-floor-concrete-furniture-kitchen-white


Installing a glass partition wall is the ideal solution to create a resolutely loft atmosphere. The workshop canopy is highly appreciated for its strong character and industrial look. Before tackling the renovation work, be aware that several factors are taken into account to successfully install one or more industrial canopies.

Why equip yourself with interior canopies?


To successfully install a glass separation wall, you need to take into account a number of elements such as its size, style, layout and of course brightness. Then, it is necessary to choose the type of interior canopy: partition type, wall with cross windows or accordion door.

Decompartmentalize the space without breaking the walls!



The creation of a kitchen with interior canopy will undoubtedly allow you to improve the layout of your space. With its industrial look and linear shapes, the glass wall will bring a touch of vintage to your room.

Kitchen with interior glass roof that overlooks the dining room


In this bright room with walls dressed in gray moldings, the glass wall partitions the area that overlooks the dining area. Quite judicious solution that makes it possible to delimit the space without reducing the striking volumes of the room.

Workshop canopies to better delimit the space



To transform the classic rap space into an industrial piece, nothing is simpler than a workshop canopy. This space separator will do wonders in your decoration to give a crazy charm to the whole. In order to accentuate the loft atmosphere, you can combine the studs of the glass wall with dark gray tiles and wooden furniture.

Kitchen with interior canopy echoing the cross-grooved windows


Favorite for this interior with an industrial-inspired glass wall, which overlooks the living room. Studs painted in raven black echo the panoramic windows as well as the wall storage with a graphic design. A multicolored kilim rug brings a touch of ethnic freshness to the whole, accompanied by yellow furniture and a concrete coffee table.

Interior canopy that follows the architecture of the room and the shapes of the furniture



To highlight the purity of the kitchen with interior canopy, we do not skimp on the materials and colors that combine to dress the furniture, the floor and the walls of the room. We bet on dark furniture with woody accents, illuminate the walls with a light paint and cover the floor with cement tiles for a vintage effect.

Glass partition or glass door?


The kitchen with interior canopy is not afraid to mix styles and atmosphere. Workshop canopies have the advantage of matching many styles of decoration: retro, vintage, ethnic, boho, rustic, Scandinavian and etc. By multiplying the decorative elements with various styles, you will get a chic, original and personalized interior!

Workshop canopy with white studs for a Scandinavian atmosphere


Workshop canopies lend themselves to metamorphoses of all kinds. The proof with this separation wall made of glass and bleached wood. Ideal to sublimate the interior of an industrial, Scandinavian or rustic apartment revisited.

Interior canopies to highlight the high ceilings


Let yourself be charmed by this kitchen with glass roofs with white studs, which overlooks a revisited Scandinavian-style office area. The decoration trick? The panoramic windows take on the appearance of the white pillars of the canopies to form a visual wall structuring the space.

Vintage-style workshop canopies to harmonize the rustic interior


Here is a glass partition that delimits the space without darkening the industrial interior and without obstructing the view. Ideal for a rustic kitchen that enjoys spectacular ceiling height.

Kitchen with interior canopies to multiply the volumes


This kitchen with interior glass roof seduces both by its high ceilings and by its revisited industrial style, punctuated by touches of waxed concrete, rustic accents and a beautiful series of Scandinavian furniture.

Glass roof with black studs to emphasize the Nordic spirit of Scandinavian kitchen


By installing glass walls or a large glass roof from ceiling to floor, you will be sure to get a spacious room highlighting its volumes and high ceilings. Choose canopies with black metal studs to highlight the room.

Multifunctional workshop canopies, inspire yourself?


Who said that workshop can only be used to delimit space? The function of the glass partition is not limited to its installation as a dividing wall or sliding door. It can become a real decorative asset by replacing a wall, or a mini greenhouse to house indoor plants.

Kitchen with interior canopies overlooking a living room bathed in light


This kitchen with interior canopy nestles at the very end of the living room to impress us with its interior bathed in light: a decision both playful and judicious to reinforce the graphic lines that dress the living room.

The workshop canopy can take the form of a beautiful interior showcase!


The glass wall can sometimes turn into a huge showcase to house and display its kitchen accessories. Such is the case of this kitchen with interior canopy quite bluffing! Note that the large bay windows are noticed even more, thanks to the glass roof and the LED lighting that crisscrosses the ceiling.

Kitchen with interior canopy that takes on the appearance of a partition wall


How to enhance the industrial aspect of the kitchen with interior canopy? Nothing is easier than choosing kitchen furniture of the same color. If your glass wall is composed of black metal studs, you just have to opt for black storage cabinets!

Industrial canopy to delimit the storage space in the kitchen


Here is another kitchen with interior canopy that serves to optimize the storage space. Thus, we obtain a practical, functional and 100 percent industrial pantry! Congratulations for the idea of declining the graphic patterns on the high cabinets that affirm the present style.

Kitchen with interior canopy that takes on the appearance of a sliding door


Would you like to cloister the storage space in such a way as to form an industrial-minded pantry? Don’t have enough space to install an interior door? So, opt for a glass wall that takes the form of a sliding door and voila.

Artist’s studio canopy to increase volumes tenfold


Industrial bar stools, a large exposed beam and metal suspensions: this is the magic formula to sublimate the kitchen with interior glass roof, which suddenly becomes even more spacious and bright.

Kitchen with interior canopy and white storage furniture


Are you looking for a glass wall that will blend into your industrial-inspired minimalist kitchen? To separate the dining area from the rest area, do not hesitate to take a glass partition like the one in the photo above.

Workshop canopy or accordion glass door?


A magnificent aesthetic separation between the kitchen and the living room, with an accordion glass door. Functional and original, this glass door brings a strong character to the industrial interior.

Kitchen with interior canopy, waxed concrete floor and solid wood separation wall


A beautiful kitchen with interior glass roof that offers a mix of grey, green and solid wood. The accordion canopy brings a unique character to this room. We love the mix of light wood and waxed concrete, energized by green paint and industrial suspensions.

Waxed concrete floor and banked concrete wall cladding for this cozy living room


Do you dream of a glass wall between the living room and the kitchen? So, get inspired by this workshop canopy that delimits the dining area of the industrial kitchen of the modern living room.

Workshop canopy with brass studs to delimit the dining area


In order not to visually shrink the space while enjoying a delimitation or separation, we must create a kitchen with interior glass roof! Here, the glass wall finds a very important place between the dining area and the rest.

Kitchen with interior canopy and solid wood wall cupboard


Here is a kitchen with interior glass roof that brings an opening to reinforce the impression of magnitude that reigns in this industrial revisited. It is a very good idea of layout to confer style while respecting the volumes!

Artist’s studio canopies or walls with cross-braced windows?


Above, an example of a kitchen with interior and exterior canopies. This time, the canopies are transformed into panoramic windows that highlight the architecture of the room and increase the volumes tenfold!

Kitchen with interior glass roof that overlooks courtyard


The XXL canopies offer a superb and very aesthetic transition between the kitchen and the interior courtyard. They let in natural light and allow you to enjoy the outside view without neglecting the visual effect induced by black growths.

Workshop canopies to create spaces that “breathe”


Kitchen with interior canopy to bring more light into the interior


Indoor and outdoor canopies to increase the feeling of space!


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