How to unclog a toilet without paying the plumber?


Imagine you painted your toilet and that the original decoration has taken this intimate space out of the banal setting. Your “little corner” is designed to emanate serenity. But one day, things turn sour: the toilets are overflowing and you are faced with a problem that needs to be remedied as quickly as possible. What to do ? Who to call for help? It can take forever! Read our article on how to unclog an overflowing toilet without resorting to the services of the plumber. Let’s decipher some mechanical and chemical tricks that will do the trick.

If you are told that there are thirty-six ways to unclog an overflowing toilet, this is no joke. Since toilet blockage can happen at any time and with every owner, it is imperative to know how to react urgently.

To avoid any obstruction, you have to be careful. While most clogs can be cleaned with a good plunger or a homemade drain cleaner made with hot water, baking soda, and vinegar, more complicated cases can arise.

If your toilet is not flushing properly after a flush, do not empty the tank again as the bowl will fill more. Instead, remove the toilet tank cover and close the toilet flapper to prevent water from coming down.

Before you reveal how to unclog a toilet, you need to prepare the bathroom. In case of splashes, place newspapers or paper towels on the floor to soak up the liquid. The paper will make cleaning easier later. You should also turn on the fan or open a window to rid the area of ​​foul odors.

how to unclog a toilet put on long rubber gloves

The first thing you can do is put on rubber gloves that are long up to the elbows. Put your hands in and if you come across the object causing the obstruction, simply remove it. If you are sure there is an object (like a child’s toy, for example) that is causing the blockage, but you cannot remove it, go straight to another method.

how to unclog a toilet naturally petroleum jelly piston facilitate work


Using a piston is classic. But if you put some petroleum jelly on it, it will be better. In general, the durable rubber plunger with a flange works best. What many people don’t realize is that the seal is the key to how a piston works. Just put some petroleum jelly around its edge, press the plunger around the drain to make the seal tight, and add water if the top of the plunger is not submerged (otherwise you don’t ‘will not get an effective dive). Dive until you break the obstacle. Add hot water as needed to keep the plunger submerged.

Unclogging a toilet with a bottle

how to unclog a toilet facilitate classic plunger effect

Fill a large plastic bottle with lukewarm water. Keeping your thumb on top, place the top of the bottle in the outlet at the bottom of the toilet. Remove your thumb and hold the bottle firmly with both hands. Squeeze the bottle so the water squirts down the toilet drain.

Unclog a toilet with cellophane

how to unclog a toilet create an airtight seal cellophane cling film


Wrap the cuvette with the plastic wrap, creating an airtight seal. Push down on the plastic wrap, allowing the air trapped below to push the water down into the clogging. Give it a good flush and repeat if necessary.

how to unclog a toilet perform unclogging meander hanger

Nothing at hand for unblocking. How do you get there without having to buy tools? You could use a hanger! How to snake a toilet with a hanger isn’t difficult, but it’s a short-term fix. Be warned that this method only works for shallow, urgent clogging cases (in case you only have one piece of bathroom and wc together).

You need to get a worm screw to completely remove the clogging. Bearing in mind that the hanger is metal, you risk scratching the bowl. So wrap the hanger with a cloth that you need to secure with adhesive tape. Otherwise, the cloth may slip and make the situation worse.

Another downside to this method is that the hanger could get stuck inside your pipes and damage them as well.

how to unclog a toilet attention jam hanger pipes damage


What supplies are needed to snake a toilet this way: a wire hanger, gloves, work clothes, rags, a tub, diluted bleach or disinfectant.

  1. Unroll the hanger at the top where the two pieces are tightly wrapped together to make a fairly long piece of yarn. Do not straighten the hooked part of your hanger.
  2. Wrap a rag around the hooked part of the hanger to prevent it from scratching your porcelain toilet bowl. Secure the cloth with masking tape.
  3. Insert the wrapped part of the hanger into the toilet pipe. Keep pushing it down the pipe until you feel it stop. Twist the hanger on the inside of your toilet hose to unclog.

If the water begins to flow freely, you are successful. Be aware, however, that the problem will recur and prepare for the next time by purchasing a suitable plunger and toilet auger.

how to unclog a toilet boiling water chemicals hydrochloric acid

Want to try unclogging a toilet with hydrochloric acid? Is this possible and must clear, clean water be in the bowl before using the product? Yes, absolutely!

Quickly pour a bucket of water into the toilet bowl to lower the water level. Then add 350 ml of muriatic acid to the water in the bowl. Leave to rest for a few hours.

Be sure to wear eye protection and old clothes while performing this cure. Slowly pour the acid down the toilet to minimize splashing. Open the bathroom window to ventilate and remove harmful fumes. Lower the toilet lid as a precaution.

how to unclog a toilet hot water cover ground paper caution splash


After waiting several hours and wearing rubber gloves, carefully use a small wooden stick to gently scrape around the hole. Neutralize the acid before flushing the toilet. To do this, use a cup of baking soda slowly adding it to the liquid solution at the bottom of the bowl and stir with a paint stick. Finally rinse to check the result of your work.

Can you unclog a toilet with baking soda?

how to unclog a toilet bleach combine hot water white vinegar baking soda

You know the ability of baking soda to clean up anything. Put some in the toilet with a combination of hot water and white vinegar, the cleansing ability of which is well known, and you will create a volcanic mixture. You can put dish detergent and boiling water in it. Unfortunately, this method is not effective in the case of plugging with a hard object. It only works for greasy kitchen waste.

Here’s what you need to do: Mix two cups of hot water with two cups of white vinegar. Pour a cup of baking soda into the clogged toilet, then add the hot water / vinegar mixture. Let the volcano do its job, waiting about 30 minutes. In most cases, the buildup will have loosened and a simple flush will send the waste down the drain. In addition, your toilet bowl will be cleaner!

Is it possible to unclog a toilet with coca-cola?

how to unclog toilets clogging clogging practical application coca cola

In the distant 1886, no one would have believed, much less its inventor, Dr. John Styth Pemberton, that the famous Coca-Cola would be used for purposes other than drinking.

One of the practical applications of the drink is the unblocking of the toilet. In three simple and easy steps, those who have tried it guarantee the expected result.

  • First, pour a 350 ml bottle of Coca-Cola down the toilet.
  • Soak the toilet bowl in Coke overnight.
  • Flush the toilet to dislodge the clog as the acids in the Coke broke down the buildup overnight.

Unclog toilets with dish soap

how to unclog a toilet with white vinegar to break dishwashing liquid obstacle

Use the degreasing power of dish detergent to break up the buildup. If you hate the smell of vinegar or don’t have enough room in the toilet bowl to do the volcano trick, try this inexpensive and highly effective plumbing trick. Pour half a cup of degreasing dish detergent into the clogged toilet. Add three to four cups of boiling water. This set will drive away waste for sure.

Unclogging a toilet with caustic soda

how to unclog a toilet quickly caustic soda dangerous chemical

Notably, caustic soda is a dangerous chemical although it is used for the production of homemade soap. If you opt for it as an effective unclogging means, take precautions. Gloves, old clothes, glasses are necessary to avoid burns.

Pour 4 liters of cold water into a bucket and add 3 cups of caustic soda. Stir the solution well with a wooden spoon until it begins to sparkle and heat up. Then pour it down the clogged drain and leave it on for 20-30 minutes, then rinse with boiling water. Repeat if necessary.

Be aware that caustic soda in combination with fats can have the opposite effect, that is, sealing the buildup even more and making the situation worse.

If it’s serious …

how to unclog a toilet obstacle resists raising toilet

If the obstacle in the bowl stands up to your efforts, you will likely need to reassemble the toilet. This work will take several hours, because it is necessary to cut and unhook the water supply, partially disassemble the toilet, and unscrew it from its fixing ring. There is a good chance that you can fix the problem then. Make sure to purchase a new wax ring and new mounting bolts to seal the base of the toilet to the mounting ring.

If other drains in your home are clogged or if water is entering them, the problem is likely further down the main drain pipes, out of reach. For such a plug, you may need to call a plumber. Plumbers are expensive, but they can get your bathroom back up and running quickly, even with a major blockage, and successfully keep your toilet trim intact.

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