How to lower the fever? 10 natural grandmother remedies

How to lower fever easily? A symptom that all infections share, the fever falls on us as soon as we come across a microbe or a virus. When you are feverish, it means that the body is defending itself against viral, bacterial, allergic, or inflammatory infection. Fever is not an illness, but a defense mechanism.

It is therefore counterproductive to try to want to bring it down right away, except that it is very badly supported. The right reflex? Leverage natural grandmother’s remedies to relieve discomfort and help the body recover faster. Here are a few that have proven their worth over time!

10 grandmother’s remedies to lower fever naturally

There are grandmother’s remedies that are as old as the world. And if we take advantage of it regularly, it is for a good reason! Simple, natural, and effective, most of these remedies are already in your kitchen.

So, all you have to do is search your drawers to find a reliable way to lower your fever or that of your child! Good for your health, our little list of anti-fever remedies is also good for the budget! With these natural tips, there will no longer be a need to spend a fortune in the pharmacy.

Wrap yourself in a warm blanket

how to lower fever naturally with heat

How to lower fever with heat? Muscle tremors and chills are the most typical symptoms when you have a fever. It may therefore be useful to slip under a warm blanket and get to bed with a hot water bottle to promote sweating and thus lower the fever naturally.

In addition, the heat makes it possible to break the proteins of the virus to better fight it. It helps the body to regain a lower temperature. The loss of fluid being too important during sweating, you must drink plenty of fluids.

Wrap yourself in wet sheets

how to bring down fever naturally wet sheets vinegar compress

On the other hand, to lower the fever by the cold, all you have to do is wrap yourself in a wet towel (or sheets). Remove it when it begins to heat up. You can also do the same with a pair of socks. Wet them, put them on, and add a second pair on top.

Apply lemon juice (or vinegar) compresses

lower fever remedy grandmother compress vinegar juice lemon socks

Another old-world grandma remedy that helps lower fever naturally is lemon juice and vinegar compress. Putting on the calves is very effective and easy to do. Just mix two tablespoons of lemon juice (or white vinegar) and a liter of lukewarm water. Immerse two tea towels, wring them out and wrap them around the calves, knees, ankles, and handles.

On the feet, you can put on socks soaked in vinegar. Rest for 15-20 minutes and repeat the procedure if the fever does not go down. If your legs and hands are cold, it is better to go for a warm blanket. Likewise, consult a doctor before applying compresses to a small child. Lemon juice and vinegar can help with possible skin intolerances.

Drink raspberry juice

how to lower fever remedy grandma drink homemade raspberry juice

An old popular belief said that you should “starve” the fever. In other words, you have to put yourself on a diet to bring it down. Forget! When you have a fever, your body still needs minimal energy to fight off the virus. So, instead of starving yourself, you better eat lightly.

So prefer autumn soups, homemade bone broth, herbal teas, vegetable and fruit juices, raspberry juice in particular. Rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, it effectively fights flu symptoms.

Take a lukewarm water bath

how to lower fever baby grandmother remedy take bath lukewarm water

As already said, keeping cool can be very useful in case of progressive fever. However, we are not talking about taking a cold shower. Thermal shock is strongly discouraged for the body.

It would activate the blood circulation and only raise the fever. It is therefore rather put yourself in a bath of lukewarm water for a few good minutes. Effective and pleasant, this trick is also very suitable for relieving your child’s discomfort.

Slip onions into socks

how to lower fever baby grandmother remedy child onion in sock

Does your baby have a mild fever? Do not panic! It will eventually drop thanks to this little natural trick. Take an onion and cut it into rings. Slip these into your child’s socks and let him rest in his bed. Change the washers regularly. In addition to lowering fever, this grandmother’s remedy also relieves colds.

You can replace the onion with a potato. The tuber will succeed in absorbing toxins to better contain the fever. If the problem persists after a few days, it is recommended to consult a doctor, especially if the temperature exceeds 39 degrees in a child and 40 in an adult.

Make an herbal tea of ​​yarrow, elderflower or ginger

to lower fever grandmother's recipe ginger infusion

Our grandmothers are unanimous on this: drinking herbal teas when you have a fever is a real must to lower it. There are hundreds of them that you can try out at home, but only three have been selected for you:

  • Yarrow infusion to dilate pores and promote sweating, which naturally lowers fever. To prepare it, put a teaspoon of the dried plant in a cup of boiling water and let it steep for a few minutes. Filter and drink. However, avoid if you are pregnant, as yarrow tends to stimulate the uterus. In this case, prefer infusions of linden or elderberry flowers.
  • The elderflower infusion has the same virtues as that of yarrow. It is also very useful for colds and sore throats. In a cup of boiling water, put two teaspoons of it and let it steep for 15 minutes. Filter and drink.
  • The infusion of ginger is also very effective against fever. To prepare it, put half a teaspoon of grated ginger in a cup of boiling water and let it steep for 15 minutes. Add a little honey and drink.

Apply a compress of egg whites

grandmother's trick to lower fever, compress egg white

At the time, grandmothers applied an egg white compress to their children’s foreheads and feet to lower fever. So beat an egg white in a small bowl and when it starts to rise, add a pinch of baking soda and three tablespoons of white vinegar. Mix again and put the resulting mixture on a clean cloth. You can also apply it directly to your feet before putting on your socks.

A grandmother’s trick like this will be to mix a tablespoon of honey with an egg yolk. Apply the mixture to the chest and let it work.

Make an aloe vera compress

grandmother's remedy trick to lower fever naturally child adult

As you’ve probably figured out, compresses are a tried and true grandma’s remedy for lowering fever naturally. To do this, take a fresh aloe vera leaf and peel it until the white layer appears.

Put this natural compress on your forehead or on that of your child and let it act for a few minutes. Then, remove the aloe and grate the part that will have dried. Put the compress back on and repeat the procedure.

Prepare an anti-fever grapefruit infusion

grandmother's remedy to lower fever grapefruit infusion

Take a medium-sized grapefruit and cut it in half. Put the fruit halves in a saucepan and cover them with lukewarm water. Bring to the boil for about twenty minutes and let cool. Squeeze the citrus fruit into the liquid and discard its peels. While the liquid is cooling, add a little feverfew or echinacea.

Filter the infusion and drink it. Add a teaspoon of honey to soften the bitter taste of the grapefruit. The bark is high in quinine, a natural alkaloid used to treat yellow fever and prevent malaria. To treat sores and rashes, use grapefruit zest poultices.

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