How to furnish and decorate a pretty kitchen – 30 ideas to prick


pretty kitchen -elegant-cladding-wall-wood-cabinets-gray-herbs-pots

If you are looking for ideas for the layout and decoration of a beautiful kitchen,we promise to immerse yourself in the world of colors and textures to succeed in this important task. To offer you a nice kitchen is above all, to think about its decoration and layout. Choosing the right furniture and arr arring it are the two most important steps for the design of a functional contemporary kitchen. Keep reading to discover the others not to forget.

Pretty contemporary kitchen in black and white – the flawless duo

nice kitchen -black-white-tiled-floor-black-white-corner-reading


If black and white appeal to you, decorate your kitchen in these two timeless colors. Black will add refined elegance and white will bring simplicity. The two colors blend perfectly to create a harmonious and glamorous atmosphere in the modern kitchen.

Pretty white Scandinavian style kitchen – dare Nordic designs and guest simplicity

pretty kitchen -scandinavian-white-tiled metro white-worktop-wood

Dear followers of the refined decoration and breathing the spirit of nature, we would like to inspire you with our ideas of decorating a pretty Scandinavian kitchen. Alternating tradition and modernity, the wooden and white kitchen is both sober and welcoming. Dare Nordic decoration and immerse yourself in an atmosphere of harmony and unparalleled comfort.

White cuisine of Scandinavian spirit – a colorful carpet will give it its own character

pretty kitchen -white-scandinavian-carpets-stripes-worktop-wood


Combining wood and white, Scandinavian cuisine is very often pale but to bring it to life, you can add eye-catching details that will warm up the atmosphere. A carpet, for example, with geometric patterns or colored, is a great idea. A single colorful accent, the carpet will make the white kitchen more friendly and welcoming.

Wooden and white kitchen in Scandinavian style – simplicity is invited in its interior

pretty kitchen -wood-white-island-white-cabinets-wood-credence-tiles

The mix of wood and white is an absolute flawless, which has become one of the current trends in the field of contemporary interior design. Invite the duo to your kitchen and you will not regret your choice. Arrange it with white cabinets and leave the walls white. In order to warm up the interior, we advise you to focus on the exposed beams on the ceiling, the solid wood flooring and the wooden furniture.

Nice kitchen with two-tone chevron tiles

pretty kitchen -tiled-pattern-chevron-small-island-central


In order to give an even more eye-catching appearance to your pretty kitchen, we recommend that you bet on a tile credence that extends on the wall. Opt for a tile with original geometric patterns that will make the wall behind the sink a real eye-catcher.

The aesthetic role of credence in contemporary cuisine

pretty kitchen -credence-mosaic-white-blue-parquet-dark-wood

An essential element in the kitchen, the credence, apart from being practical, plays a decorative role. Dress the wall behind the stove in style, opting for a beautiful tile with original patterns. This is the perfect way to decorate an accent wall in the pretty kitchen.

Match the floor tiles and the tiles dressing the credence

pretty kitchen -carrealage-floor-credence-black-white-paint-blue-pastel


To create a harmonious and modern atmosphere in the pretty kitchen, we advise you to match the floor tiles and the one dressing the credence. Thus, you will succeed in framing the kitchen with a beautiful accent in matching colors.

Match credence and mural – a pretty turquoise kitchen

pretty kitchen -credence-mosaic-white-turquoise-cabinets-wood

The sobriety of the wood highlights the character of the turquoise color. Mix them to decorate a pretty kitchen that is both elegant and cheerful. Choosing such a bright color will give the kitchen a very eye-catching personalized look.

A marriage of white and pastel blue – a beautiful idea to prick

pretty kitchen -white-blue-pastel-credence-tiles-metro-white

If you are a fan of white and classic kitchen cabinets, but you are, nevertheless, looking for a touch of eye-catching color, dare the mix of white and pastel blue. Both elegant and cozy, this decoration is ideal for lovers of romanticism.

Pretty kitchen with curtains – a detail that makes the difference

pretty kitchen -wood-white-curtains-patterns-green

In order to give personality to the kitchen, we offer you to bet on the curtains. Available in several fabrics and colors, the curtains draw the eye to themselves and give life to the kitchen. Bet on bright colors and floral patterns that will refresh the atmosphere.

Pretty white kitchen with colorful carpet as an accent

pretty kitchen -white-elegant-worktop-wood-brick-siding

An accessory that is both practical and aesthetic, the carpet is invited into the contemporary kitchen. Whether small or hallway type, it is he who can give life to the white and sterile kitchen and refresh the monochrome atmosphere. If your kitchen is of a single color, bet on a colorful carpet or abundant with cheerful patterns.

Industrial style kitchen revisited

pretty kitchen -style-industrial-revisited-tiles-metro-white-chairs-bar-metal

The industrial-style kitchen has enjoyed great popularity lately. Both elegant and chic, it will become your favorite place where you will feel comfortable. We would like to introduce you to the revisited industrial style kitchen, furnished with only a few details reminiscent of the workshop style. Showcase the metal bar chairs – emblematic of the industrial style. Also pay attention to the lighting – the bulb suspensions will give the finishing touch to the contemporary industrial décor.

The white and red facing brick invites itself into the kitchen

pretty kitchen -industrial-style-revisited-brick-facing-white-red

A typical element for the loft style is brick. Whether white or red, make a brick wall decoration and you will succeed in recreating the loft style in your pretty kitchen.

Mix textures – a beautiful industrial-style wood and concrete kitchen revisited

nice kitchen -island-concrete-cabinets-wood-bar-breakfast-wood-solid

To succeed in industrial decoration in contemporary cuisine, we advise you to mix the different textures. Marry, for example, concrete and wood. These two materials fit harmoniously into the industrial décor where a harmonious contemporary atmosphere is created. Also add some details in black metal, brass, copper or silver, to intensify the specific character of the industrial style.

Graffiti – an industrial detail to be integrated into the kitchen

pretty kitchen -style-industrial-revisited-graffiti-green-suspensions-open-living room

In a pretty industrial kitchen, you will also find elements brought from the street. The graffiti murals, for example, testify to the modernity coming from the street, but in a revisited way. Here again the facing brick comes to your aid, as do the industrial style metal chairs.

Pretty retro style kitchen – dare the multicolored square tiles

pretty kitchen -retro-credence-tile-square-multicolored-cabinets-wood

When we talk about styles, we can’t neglect the retro style. If you find it interesting and inspiring, feel free to add a retro element to the interior of your kitchen. The credence in multicolored square tiles will bring an eye-catching and fresh retro touch.

Vintage cuisine abundant in bright colors

pretty kitchen -vintage-tiles-metro-white-tablecloth-pattern-tartan-chairs-mismatched

The vintage style kitchen is simply full of charm combining tradition and modernity. To design one, we advise you to bet on raw wood furniture, antique details, mismatched chairs, textiles in bright colors etc.

Abundant white kitchen of accessories in bright colors

pretty kitchen -white-crockery-multicolored-worktop-marble

The pretty white kitchen can be decorated in an original and creative way. The ideas are innumerable but what do you think of the decoration in multicolored objects? The dishes in garish colors, neatly stored on the white shelves – this is called an eye-catching and cute decoration.

Pretty kitchen very classy in white and gray with black accents

pretty kitchen -white-grey-credence-tiles-metro-white-carpet-skin-beast

The kitchen in white and grey is a modern and very classy interior idea. And it’s the details that make it look even more glamorous. Bet on a gold colored faucet as well as on a beautiful credence in white or black metro tiles. A brown carpet made of animal skin will make the atmosphere more welcoming and warm.

White and grey kitchen equipped with solid wood worktops

pretty kitchen -white-grey-tiles-metro-white-plants-interior-green

The white and gray kitchen is a place full of harmony and warmth. In order to create a warmer atmosphere, we advise you to add solid wood elements. Apart from being very practical, solid wood worktops are also very aesthetic.

Pretty white kitchen with awesome space-saving storage

pretty kitchen -white-drawers-white-drainer-crockery-wall-worktop-wood

In order to organize the space, bet on space-saving and accessible storage. We recommend that you arrange the kitchen with several drawers or cabinets, so that your stuff is always at your fingertips. A wall-mounted dish drainer will help you save space and make the most of your worktops.

Make the most of the height of the walls

pretty kitchen -white-credence-wood-bleached-shelves-murals-ceiling

If your kitchen is small, you need ingenious space-saving solutions. To save space, you can take advantage of the height of the walls and install shelves or cabinets up to the ceiling. So your pretty kitchen will be well organized.

Pretty kitchen with an eye-catching gallery wall

pretty kitchen -wall-gallery-shelves-wood-beams-exposed

To give the kitchen a personalized look, dare to create a gallery wall. Install shelves reserved for your collections of black and white paintings or photographs and small decorative objects. Also provide space for the installation of a few wall shelves for your books.

Pretty kitchen in white and blue with eye-catching cement tiles

nice kitchen -white-blue-tile-metro-white-tile-floor-cement

Cement tiles are among the trends that have invaded our interiors in recent years. Their retro charm invites itself into the contemporary kitchen to give it an irresistibly beautiful appearance of yesteryear. Combine the colors of the tiles with the colors of the furniture and you will create an elegant and harmonious whole.

Wallpaper in the contemporary kitchen

pretty kitchen -wallpaper-patterns-blue-white-central-island-white

Such an elegant and cheap alternative to cement tiles is brightly colored wallpaper with geometric patterns. Wallpaper is a nice way to bring a touch of color into the kitchen. These inspiring patterns contrast nicely with the sleek furniture.

Match colors to decorate a pretty, welcoming kitchen

pretty kitchen -modern-traditional-island-storage-white-worktop-wood-solid-parquet-credence-tiles-blue-yellow

To create a harmonious and elegant atmosphere in your contemporary kitchen, experts advise repeating one of the fresh colors, using it as an additional accent.

Pretty grey kitchen with a tile credence

pretty kitchen -grey-island-grey-worktop-wood-credence-tiles-retro

Refresh the atmosphere in the gray and white kitchen by adding an eye-catching decorative element. It is the cement tile credence that will bring a touch of cheerfulness and refinement.

Pretty white kitchen and “open” to the garden

nice kitchen -white-modern-tiled-large-format

In order to give life to the monochrome white kitchen, we recommend that you “open” it to the garden. It is the greenery that, contrasting with the white interior, will give it a touch of freshness and make it more welcoming.

Black and white kitchen decorated with mismatched chairs and a colourful carpet

pretty kitchen -black-white-credence-tiles-squares-cabinets-black-carpet-colorful

The black and white kitchen has a very elegant classic appearance. Still, if you want to refresh it, bet on some colorful accents. Whether it’s a group of mismatched chairs or a colorful carpet, it’s the colors that will change the atmosphere by making it more friendly and warm.

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