How to enlarge a small bathroom visually?


The temptation to expand the existing space is constant and natural. Either a balcony, a kitchen or a living room, we always want to make more spacious. You need advice, we are here to reveal some tips on the business “How to enlarge a small bathroom?” »A small bathroom is great. A small guest bath is ok. But a little family bath … It’s just embarrassing. No matter the shape: square or rectangular, this space used daily must suggest comfort and well-being. With or without a bathtub, you don’t have to feel stuck, but free to experience your muscles stretching and your senses recharging. Dreaming of a large bathroom is a natural desire, easily achievable.

How to enlarge a small bathroom? : in what conditions

If you live in an apartment or an older house, you are probably overwhelmed by a square bathroom and the feeling that you are stuck in the two or three square feet. Due to architectural peculiarities, it is impossible to optimize the room by construction. So there is always a way to save space in the small bathroom, thanks to clever design. Fortunately, for those who are looking for how to make a small bathroom bigger, has listed the best advice from experts in the field. They relate to color, tiling, storage in a small bathroom.

Back to basics, i.e. decluttering the floor

enlarge a small light-colored bathroom enlarge

Focus on the first thing to do: inspect the floor. As you mentally break down your bathroom, list the priorities, including, what do you really need? A toilet, a shower and a sink. Everything at the top is extra clutter and if space is tight you will have to be uncompromising. One of the main things to do is remove anything that is lying on the floor, such as towel rails, and think about ways to place them on the walls.

So instead of just adding storage solutions altogether, think about how you could add some to existing functionality. That is, could you build around or under the cauldron?

Add depth with patterned wallpaper

how to enlarge a small bathroom wallpaper patterns perspective


In order to visually enlarge a small bathroom and add depth to it, simply line one of the walls. Surely, this is a great option if your available space is uncomfortably shaped and you have little to rectify. Assuming that patterned wallpaper is eye-catching far from the actual size of the room, don’t be afraid to be bold.

If one always resorts to expert advice, he says large-scale damask, dramatic florals and thick stripes in rich colors can distract from the focus of the modest space. In a nutshell, a bathroom wallpaper saves perspective in an optical way.

The mirror as a trick to enlarge a small bathroom

tips to enlarge a small bathroom not to clutter the floor

With an easy and effective solution, including covering a wall with a mirror, your humble bathroom will appear much larger. You just have to hang a large mirror on one of the walls. So, the combination of a polished, metallic and light reflecting surface with a dark or dramatic color palette will also contribute to the vision of grandeur. Also for this purpose, you can shape the space you want to get with different types of frames. Still, frameless mirrors will feel luxurious while round mirrors will make the room smoother. However, a bright bathroom mirror can excel the space.

tips for enlarging a small bathroom built-in storage large mirror


If you are unable to install one large mirror, install many small ones for a similar effect.

The right place for lighting

enlarge small bathroom luminous ceiling pendant lights

As already mentioned, it is very important that the ground is clear, due to safety. Apparently the decoration has to be done through the walls. Wall lights are one of those clever little lighting ideas that you can use by suggesting the space be bigger than it actually is. Choose in minimalist style against the wall. As for the role of the ground in the play of lights, if it reflects the light flows by contrasting, it will inevitably add space. Nowadays, as the latest in powder room lighting, we rely on integrated luminaires dispersing indirect and discreet light.

Wall lights free up space in a small bathroom

tips for enlarging a small bathroom tiles bricks chevrons


Adding additional lamps can be difficult, even dangerous, in a room where humidity persists, but there are creative solutions if you rely on walls. In principle, bathroom lighting is often ignored by relying on a single bulb on the ceiling. This is wrong, because a light around a mirror will make the room brighter and give it fullness.

A luminous ceiling

enlarge a small bathroom luminous ceiling lighting

The epitome of lighting for a small bathroom with the aim of making it larger is the suspended ceiling behind which the light source is hidden. Thanks to the plexiglass material, the surface intensely disperses the light flow and gives the impression of space.

The storage strategy

enlarge a small bathroom built-in storage sink


Certainly, you have to break the routine of the usual bulky towel racks and rails. Rather, look for longer, thinner versions that are designed to pull up walls. Invest in ladder shelving or open shelving. It will add a feeling of enlargement to the space and the bathroom will not feel like a box. Take advantage of dead spaces that you typically don’t use and remove furniture to save space. In any case, a brilliant solution is to take advantage of the corners, by installing high and elegant angled furniture, such as, for example, two modules of a cabinet. Another advantage, this time visual, is that the furniture starting from the ground and reaching up to the ceiling lengthens the perception.

In short, these storage ideas make the bathroom versatile.

A compact complement: the vanity

enlarge a small bathroom lights surrounding mirror

Obviously, the storage problem is more than annoying and strategic. You want order and at the same time, clutter-free. The small shelf under the sink cannot house all the toilet and bath accessories. So if you can’t use the space you have and can’t put anything in there, consider adding a small storage vanity instead. These days, you can get fairly compact and affordable storage vanities if you shop around for specialty stores. It is surely the best variant to pile up objects with an overflowing space under the sink.

Which tile model for your small bathroom?

enlarge a small bathroom tiling large tiles

Despite the logic that small tiles rhyme with small bathrooms, we assure you that this is quite wrong. The larger the tiles, the more you will have the illusion of enlarging the small space. As the smaller ones call for more grout lines, the effect will be a tight, grid-like area. On the other hand, larger tiles increase the surface area, especially if you choose them in light colors. As for an already small area like the shower or an alcove, dare to include smaller mosaic style tiles. Of course, the impact will not be negative. The modern small bathroom will have the value of versatility and functionality.

tiling to enlarge a small bathroom shrunken space small tiles

What color to enlarge a small bathroom?

how to enlarge a small bathroom beige color enlarging

Namely that the color in the case of a small room is decisive. It is true that a light shade creates the impression of enlarging the area. On the contrary, dark and intense colors narrow the affected area. So think carefully about your color scheme if you want the room to be larger. A simple, fashionable solution will be a white color palette, warmed by a natural wood floor and solid black light fixtures. Small bathrooms suffer from a lack of natural light, with most not even having windows. That’s, arguably the big downside in this case, as nothing highlights just how damp and dull the space is. If white seems too sterile and harsh, go for pastel shades of blue, pink, and beige.

Save space with a frameless shower

a color to enlarge a small bathroom mosaic small tiles

Replacing your traditional, bulky shower with a frameless shower is a great way to create space. Not only will this installation take up less physical space, but the glass screen and the lack of a table top will reduce the visual clutter. As a result, the area will become open and ventilated. Plus, as an added bonus, the frameless walk-in shower looks fantastic, giving any space the feel of a luxury hotel. Finally, the winning combination is a walk-in shower accompanied by a huge mirror above the sink.

enlarge a small bathroom small tiles large mirror

Let’s just say that a small bathroom isn’t something your real estate agent will include on your home’s description sheet when they sell it.

enlarge a small bathroom large white tiles

So, make sure that this small space is well managed, functional and comfortable.

how to enlarge a small bathroom tiles patterns shrink space

enlarge a small bathroom free floor high storage

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