How to boost your immune system: Benefits of fasting for body and soul

Staying healthy is proving to be a real challenge for many people. The sometimes very stressful daily life, lack of physical exercise, genetic susceptibility, dietary imbalance, etc., are among the most common factors that are enough to weaken the immune system and cause an immune deficiency or immunosuppression.

Less resistant to bacteria, viruses, and parasites, the body is then attacked by more frequent, potentially more serious, and often recurrent infections. It is thanks to the immune system that the body defends itself against infections and to guard against them, we can adopt certain actions to strengthen its immune system and stay healthy.

To strengthen your immune system – the role of food

To strengthen your immune system

If you are a follower of healthy fasting, you are certainly aware of its multiple health benefits. As it turns out, it is in late December and early January when more diseases attack the body.

The explanation is quite simple: the more we eat and mix various foods, the more the body commits to transferring energy from the immune system to digestion. Thus, the immune system is deprived of vitality and it cannot make enough antibodies. Bacteria and viruses attack the body and grow with ease.

Strengthening your immune system with healthy fasting – the preparatory phase


If you want to cleanse your body of excess and strengthen your immune system, healthy fasting is one of the preferred methods of many people. Whatever its aim, it must be prepared.

The entry into the fast is the first step which consists of cleaning the organism and putting it in the preparatory phase. This allows detoxifying the emunctories by a diet based on different plants. Finally, it is necessary to gradually reduce the quantities of food to properly prepare the stomach.

Boost your immune system – how to fast to regenerate the immune system


To successfully fast, fasters advise drinking sufficient water. Basically, fasting means abstaining from food. In contrast, water is extremely important to the body, and fasting on water has incredible health benefits.

This diet allows the body to get rid of toxins and pollutants accumulated by food and the environment. While fasting, it is recommended to continue to exercise and learn to breathe properly.

To succeed in your fast and strengthen your immune system


One of the most important steps for successful fasting is planning. It is, therefore, necessary to choose a period which can last from 3 to 30 days, but, for beginners, it is advisable to make small fasts to follow the reaction of the body. It is important to choose to follow your fast at a time when you will not be under stress.

Side effects of fasting – you need to prepare for them


In addition to its benefits, fasting can cause various side effects that you should be prepared for. Headaches, dizziness, nausea, circulatory disturbances, etc. And if any of these symptoms become too unbearable, it is mandatory to break the fast. If you have health problems or if you are taking medication, you should seek the advice of your doctor. If so, fasting can put too much strain on the body.

How to avoid side effects

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To avoid side effects, it is important to get the body used to a light diet before fasting. Bowel cleansing, for example, is a great way to give the body a signal that something is going to change. That is why it is highly recommended in most fasting cures.

We must rest as much as possible because we will surely feel a drop in energy during this period. Do not forget to drink enough water – at least 7-10 glasses a day. Want to fast for a longer period? We can therefore alternate water with fruit juices and teas.

To get out of the fast gently


The period of leaving the fast is also done gently. Resumption of food is the most important step to keep the benefits of fasting and you should not be in a hurry. It is necessary to reintroduce food little by little. First of all, we can reintroduce fruit juices diluted with water.

As for the days to come, we can already introduce vegetable porridge as well as purees. The last period allows you to introduce cereals, bread, and certain cheeses. Choose foods that are clean and easy to digest.

Useful recommendations


During the recovery, it is very important to eat well. This means eating in small portions and chewing each bite for a long time. One must be in tune with his body and stop when the feeling of satiety manifests itself.

During the fast, we drank a lot of water and we must continue to drink a lot of it. Avoiding alcohol, coffee and cigarettes are among the most useful recommendations for adopting a healthier lifestyle.

Drinking lukewarm water on an empty stomach – what are the benefits


Starting the day with a cup of lukewarm water on an empty stomach is beneficial for the health of the body. This rite revives the organism and its functions because lukewarm water stimulates digestion and eliminates metabolic waste. When drinking it, the body temperature begins to rise which helps release toxins from the body and cleanse it.

Lukewarm water makes the digestion process easier and faster, stimulating the intestines and helping the body maintain proper functioning. Drinking a cup of lukewarm or hot water on an empty stomach every morning also helps to slow down the aging process, fight against menstrual cramps, restore hair vitality, stimulate blood circulation and lose weight. Given this large number of benefits,

Treat yourself to a cup of tea

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Prized for its legendary health benefits, tea is a drink that has antioxidant properties and protects the vascular system. Helping to fight against the excess of free radicals in the body, this treasure of nature is highly recommended during fasting cycles.

The list of benefits continues to grow. The prodigious natural drink helps reduce the risk of breast cancer, limit cholesterol, increase alertness, reduce stress, and promote digestion.

Tea – a prodigious drink and its legendary health benefits


As for the types of tea that we can drink during the fasting period, we can indulge ourselves with a good cup of jasmine tea, Chinese tea, unsweetened herbal teas, or even a cup of green tea. , prized for its toning, stimulating, and diuretic properties.

Fasting to regenerate the entire immune system


Even in the elderly, fasting proves to be a remarkable method, allowing to regenerate and strengthen their immune system. Often criticized as unhealthy, new research suggests that starving the body stimulates the production of new infection-fighting leukocytes. Some scientists say this finding could be particularly beneficial for people with damaged immune systems.

Food deprivation to boost your immune system


But how does the body react to starvation? When the body is deprived of food, vitamins are reduced, but these losses are not critical for the body. After the first 24 hours of fasting, the stores of glucose in the blood are depleted. To obtain the necessary quantity, the body attacks its protein reserves, which come from the muscles.

To make up for the missing glucose, the body makes ketones. The result is an increase in the level of acidity in the blood. According to the followers of these fasting diets, it is this acidosis crisis that is the hardest step to overcome.

Calm the gastrointestinal tract to strengthen your immune system


Being a complex ecosystem, the gastrointestinal tract, whose total area is estimated at 200-300m2, represents the largest area of ​​the body in contact with the environment. These are the gastrointestinal epithelium, the immune system, and the microbial flora that are continually linked and evolve together to ensure the normal functioning of the ecosystem.

How to boost your immunity


It is thanks to the immune system that the body defends itself against attacks from bacteria and viruses. Strengthening your immune system is the guarantee of a healthy winter. And since food is the body’s fuel, it is obvious that this is where we must make the first changes, to boost its immune defenses.

Food should be as varied as possible. Once the fasting regime is carried out, it is important to adopt a varied and balanced diet. This consists of favoring foods beneficial to health such as fruits, vegetables, starches, fish, etc. Limiting sweets, salty and fatty products allows you to enjoy a healthy and happy lifestyle.

Good for the soul and the body


Fasting is a natural remedy that allows you to rejuvenate your body and your head. An excellent method for energizing and awakening your body, strengthening your immune system, having beautiful skin, clarifying your thoughts, freeing yourself from worries, and awakening your senses.

Studies show that practiced intermittently, fasting becomes a beneficial experience for the body as well as for the brain. According to scientists, fasting puts the brain in difficulty, causing it to react by triggering reaction mechanisms. These help him cope with stress and illnesses. According to some studies, fasting may also reduce the risk of cancer and cardiovascular disease.

Tips to stay motivated


It’s not always easy to stay motivated. To stay motivated during the fast, willpower is not enough. It is much more complicated than that. Often it is not the will of the faster that changes, but the number of temptations that are constantly increasing.

One can imagine that the will resembles a muscle that can be trained to cope with the demands of modern life. The idea is to anticipate your mistakes. We know them and we can provide a solution, an excuse, to be able to react well and resist temptation.

Fasting and physical activity


During the fast, instead of being more weakened, the human body can perform the same physical activities as when eating. Physical activity turns out to be one of the fundamental pillars of fasting.

It acts on the whole organism, as well as on the brain, and promotes the following processes: blood circulation, deepening of breathing, increase in blood oxygenation, increase in the quality of sleep, reduction in stress level, etc.

Some clinical trials aiming to analyze the impact of regular physical activity during a fast, find the increase in physical performance and the increase in muscle strength. Tangible proof that during the fast, the organism can use its internal energy reserves to perform the same efforts.

Take your time and enjoy the experience


The body has the possibility to eliminate all the toxins that attack us, regenerate itself, and defend itself against diseases. The body can stay healthy, but it must be empowered. The body is perfectly capable of fasting, but maybe we are not ready emotionally. If you want to adopt a healthy lifestyle, here is a motto that will encourage you – Eat less and move more to live happily!

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