20+Healthy Appetite Suppressants: include in your diet

As their name suggests, appetite suppressant foods are food products that reduce the feeling of hunger in their consumer. These are either low-calorie foods that could be nibbled between main meals to counter a sudden energy intake or edibles that give a feeling of prolonged satiety being foods rich in protein, good fats, or slow carbohydrates.

Including them in your daily menu is therefore beneficial in more ways than one! So, if you want to get back in shape after the recent holidays, you will certainly be happy to discover our list of about twenty such foods.

Healthy lifestyle and appetite suppressant foods

Like other physiological functions, the desire to eat is a process controlled primarily by our brain. The latter anticipates an energy deficit in the body and sends respective signals to each of the organs of the digestive system to trigger a fairly complex irreversible process. But food cravings are a psychological rather than a physical phenomenon and our lifestyle greatly determines their presence or absence.

what delicious natural healthy appetite suppressant foods to eat

Therefore, naturally combating insomnia, playing sports and breathing exercises, minimizing the intake of non-essential drugs, and drinking plenty of water to deal with stress as a whole are some of the best ways to maintain his good health and tame his wolfish appetite as a result. It is only then that appetite suppressant foods come to the rescue …

Oilseed appetite suppressants

oilseed foods healthy appetite suppressants oilseads

Did you know that most nuts and oilseeds that are belittled, if not banned by many people, are actually great as appetite suppressants? The reason is that the lipids in their composition are slow sources of energy. That is, they do not cause a roller coaster of blood glucose levels, which naturally stabilizes appetite.

The almonds

nutty nut appetite suppressant vitamin delicious almonds idea

For example, just a handful of raw almonds are found to be a rich source of oleic and omega-6 fatty acids, antioxidant polyphenols, vitamin E, and magnesium. These small, elongated, pointed nuts are a natural appetite moderator that makes you feel fuller and tastes great too!

Flax seeds

flax seeds high fiber foods healthy delicious

Being a nutritional cocktail of soluble fiber and essential fatty acids, flax seeds are the perfect addition to your yogurt, smoothie, or salad. Just be sure to grind them in advance as humans cannot digest the whole grain and you will not be able to enjoy their unmatched health benefits.

The lawyers

avocado fat brain food appetite suppressant good for health

Full of fiber and monounsaturated fats that are good for the heart and brain, avocados are among the best appetite suppressants when eaten in moderation. In fact, the fats in these delicious fruits send specific signals to your brain which in turn tells your stomach that it is full and the hunger pangs subside. Awesome, isn’t it?

Terrific fatty fish

cooked salmon food suppress appetite health delicious

Of course, not all of us are vegans and there are other sources of “good fats”. Those which are not of vegetable origin come mainly from oily fish such as salmon, tuna, herring, etc. Fabulous salmon does not need any introduction because everyone already knows that it rhymes with omega-3 fatty acids and therefore with healthy food. But eating these beneficial fish similarly stimulates the secretion of anorectic leptin, also known as the satiety hormone!

Hot spices – our great allies

hot spices appetite suppressant healthy delicious chilli pepper

Powdered cayenne pepper, chili, jalapeno, among others – all of these hot spices are great allies in the fight with excessive gluttony. They prevent us from overeating and at the same time are believed to burn calories. Various peppers, dried and crushed peppers, curry, and cinnamon are also part of this wonderful appetite suppressant food group.

Wasabi and other condiments as appetite suppressants

wasabi delicious healthy appetite suppressant food product

For similar reasons, but not only, but wasabi is also considered to be another urge to eat reducer that should not be underestimated. As a bonus, those who consume it regularly will benefit from its undeniable anti-inflammatory properties. This is really great news for fans of sushi and bento boxes!


ginger product appetite suppressant health anti-inflammatory

It’s no accident that ginger is at the top of almost any healthy edible list! Apart from suppressing the urge to eat too much, it aids digestion, stimulates the blood system, and reduces blood sugar levels as well as “bad” cholesterol (LDL).

Low-calorie appetite suppressant foods

ketogenic recipe Konjac Noodles diet food

We stay in Asia through the following ingredient… Thanks to its very low-calorie content and its high fiber content, konjac is widely used in contemporary dietetic food. With its 2 g of carbohydrates per 100 g, it can be consumed from time to time even while following a ketogenic diet, especially in the case of the urgent need for pasta or noodles!


apples appetite suppressant health delicious

Apples of all varieties act as appetite suppressants for several reasons. The pectin in them helps you feel full, they give you a lot of energy, and they take a long time to chew, which gives your body more time to realize that you are no longer hungry!

The top 3 protein appetite suppressants

good foods appetite suppressants health delicious hard boiled eggs

Eggs, cottage cheese, and tofu for vegans respectively are at the top of another category of must appetite suppressant foods, namely: foods that create a feeling of prolonged satiety. As you can imagine, much of the credit goes to their high protein content.

tofu cottage cheese food appetite suppressant health delicious

The transformation into the energy of protein macromolecules takes longer to be achieved (compared to that of carbohydrates) which means that during this process we will not feel a pit in the stomach. This is also the reason why we usually only eat 2 or 3 times a day while following a keto diet, for example.

The miraculous vegetables

appetite suppressant foods healthy delicious leafy greens

Vegetables are truly miraculous and it is not just in the context of appetite suppressant foods that it is proclaimed. Bombs of vitamins, minerals, and beneficial dietary fiber, allow us to feel full while being able to put on those skinny jeans from last year. Here are some simple tips that will help you get the most out of your consumption.

delicious healthy appetite suppressant foods - vegetable salad

First, please consume leafy greens especially in the form of fresh salads to best preserve their valuable nutrients. Second, make your own salad dressing and avoid pre-made sauces that are loaded with sugar, hydrogenated fats, and other harmful food additives. Third, add nuts, seeds, and sprouts to it to make them even healthier and delicious.

seasonal vegetable soup delicious appetite suppressant foods

Also, prepare soups of seasonal vegetables to receive the maximum energy and benefits for the body with the minimum number of calories received as possible. You can make them hot in winter and cold in summer, which is more convenient and beneficial. On top of that, regular consumption of soups, drinks, and broths can speed up your metabolism, which is an essential factor in the fight against extra pounds.

sweet potato food appetite suppressant health delicious

Anyone who has never followed any slimming diet knows that being carbohydrate bombs, potatoes are strictly prohibited or almost. Fortunately, it seems that this golden rule does not apply to super delicious sweet potatoes! According to recent research, their tubers contain a type of starch that is particularly resistant to digestive enzymes. This means that the potatoes will stay in your stomach longer and you will feel full for hours after consuming them. Apparently, carbohydrates aren’t always the enemy!

Combine multiple appetite suppressant foods in one supreme satiety bowl!

20 delicious healthy low-calorie appetite suppressants

Breakfast appetite suppressants

bananas appetite suppressant foods breakfast good health

Another curious fact is that the sweet potato and the banana actually have very similar nutritional values. By comparing their carbohydrate-fat-protein ratio and potassium, magnesium, and vitamins A, B6, and C, we see that the banana is in fact the potato of fruit, so to speak. Be careful with overripe bananas, however, as most of their starch is already converted into sugars and there is very little fiber.

Carbohydrates – antagonists or heroes?

porridge porridge oats food appetite suppressant health flakes

Yes, the so-called carbohydrates can actually be our friends, as long as they’re the right kind! For example, the quick sugars in a donut will leave you hungry within an hour or two of eating it. On the other hand, a porridge of flakes and oat bran abundant in slow carbohydrates will allow you to start the day in great shape and to feel full tummy until noon without experiencing a feeling of heaviness in your stomach.

Coffee, dark chocolate, and cinnamon because eating and drinking healthy does not equal suffering

coffee cinnamon dark chocolate appetite suppressant health delicious

If you have a sweet tooth, go for dark chocolate (70% cocoa or more). Thanks to the stearic acid in it, eating a bite or two will help slow your digestion so you feel fuller for longer. If dark chocolate is too bitter for you, try taking a bite of it with a cup of black coffee – it will bring out its sweetness!

Are there any appetite suppressant drinks?

headache migraine food and drink

Okay, appetite suppressant food products are finally exposed, but what about drinks? Well, coffee, green tea, and especially water are the best drinks to accompany your favorite appetite suppressant foods or to take separately. A glass of hot water on an empty stomach in the morning infallibly stimulates intestinal peristalsis.

Green tea

what delicious appetite suppressant health drinks green tea
Fresh green tea with tea leaves in the water; Shutterstock ID 265400270

Green tea is supposedly able to regulate insulin levels and therefore prevent the storage of excess fat that possible high insulin carries with you. And when your blood sugar level is more stable, so is your appetite!

What are your favorite appetite suppressant foods?

what appetite suppressant foods to eat stay healthy

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