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Foods rich in iron: focus on the 10 products with real health benefits!

Pale skin, lack of concentration and energy, hair loss, brittle nails, fatigue, and headaches … are just some of the most common symptoms when suffering from a vitamin deficiency and, more specifically, iron! Even without going as far as anemia, this lack can disrupt our health. In this case, we need to remedy it to regain our usual shape. So, FitRobin decides not to neglect this problem and to focus on 10 foods rich in iron to reboost your body!

Foods rich in iron – what to eat to refuel?

foods rich in iron spinach seeds dark chocolate iron diet

As we know, iron is an essential element for the proper functioning of our body. This is why it is very important to consume it. To get plenty of iron, you don’t have to resort to drugs and antibiotics at all. The good news is that you can simply incorporate a few foods that are both delicious and rich in vitamin C into your menu to help your body keep replenishing those iron stores.

But before we start with our varied and nutritious menu, let’s talk a little about the two types of iron: heme iron and non-heme iron. The first type is of animal origin and therefore is found in meat, fish, and milk. Non-heme iron is found in vegetables, fruits (fresh and dried), and grains. In comparison with the iron of animal origin, this is absorbed more slowly by our body.

10 foods that are higher in iron than red meat

foods rich in iron seafood pasta healthy meal

Why are we putting clams on the menu? Well, because they are the best source of heme iron and protein of all seafood, while still being a low-fat product. In addition, this crustacean is very easy and quick to cook. With white wine, butter, parsley, pesto on rice and corn, soup, or a bed of pasta… there are many ways to enjoy it.

Foods rich in iron: tofu or soy cheese

foods rich in iron vegan repa tofu japanese product

This food of Chinese origin is indeed a paste that is prepared from soy milk. So, whether we are vegetarian or not, tofu will be our best ally in the fight against iron deficiency. Smoked tofu, fermented tofu, or silky tofu… in any case, it is excellent to enjoy as is, in a sandwich, in a salad, in a dish, or transformed into a dessert.

Foods rich in iron: legumes

foods rich in iron nuts diet iron healthy food

White beans, black beans, red beans, lentils, peas, chickpeas, quinoa … the variety of legumes rich in iron is very wide. Thanks to the fact that they are inexpensive, accessible, and effective in weight loss and disease prevention, pulses are often on our plates! Incorporated into our salad, made into tabbouleh or hummus, all of these pulses serve as an alternative to red meat. Another plus is that they do not contain gluten!

Foods rich in iron: spinach

foods rich in iron olives spinach vitamins minerals

When composing our list of foods rich in iron, we must include spinach and all its health benefits! Thanks to the famous cartoon Popeye, spinach has become a real source of energy. Raw or cooked, spinach leaves facilitate our digestion while giving our body a good dose of antioxidants. Unfortunately, to balance the iron that can be received by a steak, we have to consume spinach along with green beans, quinoa, or many other legumes.

What to eat when you lack iron: dried fruits and nuts

foods rich in iron nuts almonds hazelnuts dried fruits

Winter is fast approaching and it’s time to invite dried fruits and all types of nuts and seeds to our daily menu! They are a gourmet solution to reaching our recommended iron dose for the day. In addition, they are the ideal accompaniment for every meal. We can very easily slip them into our chocolate cake or use them to sprinkle our homemade gluten-free cookies!

Foods rich in iron: dark chocolate

foods rich in iron dark chocolate cocoa diet iron

Oftentimes, chocolate is considered bad for your health, which it is not! Besides the tendency to boost our morale, dark chocolate has several benefits against cardiovascular diseases, diseases related to the brain, and, of course, anemia! As for its consumption, there are several ways to enjoy this delicacy rich in magnesium and antioxidants: grated on our cake, in fruit fondant, or nut mousse. Dark chocolate has everything we need to make us fall for it!

The enemies of the iron

foods rich in iron foods low in iron coffee tea

By combining products rich in iron with those containing vitamins, we guarantee a healthy and balanced lifestyle! In fact, vitamins, and more specifically vitamin C, allow us to better absorb iron. On the other hand, the consumption of meals and drinks which lack vitamin C prevents the assimilation of this essential mineral. In this category, we put dairy products and tea and coffee.

iron rich foods healthy drinks fruit smoothie orange kiwi vegetables

So, in order not to ruin your diet, we advise you to avoid them and instead bet on orange, kiwi, lemon, or lychee.

What to eat when you lack iron: beetroot

beetroot iron rich foods salad beetroot smoothie iron deficiency

Foods rich in iron: broccoli

foods rich in iron broccoli minerals vitamins anemia iron deficiency

What to eat when you lack iron: olives

foods rich in iron black olives

Foods rich in iron: grains

foods rich in iron cereals gourmet healthy meals

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