Do-it-yourself wedding guest gifts: the best ideas!


The effects of the Covid-19 pandemic have not left out the area of ​​marriage either. Even though a large number of couples were forced to suspend the wedding ceremony in 2020, others found a solution to celebrate the event in a narrow circle. This is how the micro wedding trend was born. But organizing a small wedding with friends also requires good planning for both the bride and groom and their guests. Once you’ve sent them out, it’s time to start thinking about DIY wedding guest gifts. Fortunately, this article will give you lots of DIY souvenir ideas that will make your friends happy!

What gifts for the wedding guests to prepare?

If your wedding budget is tight, it might be a good idea to revisit some costs along the way. Do-it-yourself wedding favors are a great alternative that won’t break the bank. Of course, DIY and marriage already go hand in hand, and that’s for the best! In addition to saving money, by investing in decorations and handmade souvenirs you will give a personal and unique touch to your D-Day. And it will be appreciated for sure by your loved ones.

So, thank your friends and family for attending your wedding with simple, affordable, and utterly adorable gifts!

Mini sparkling champagne bottles

mini champagne bottles golden glitter wedding guest gifts do yourself

Increase the glamor factor of your wedding decor by covering miniature champagne bottles with glitter. Hang personalized labels and you’re good to go. These quirky wedding keepsakes are some of the most creative surprises your loved ones will ever get.

Marble coasters as practical as they are stylish

wedding guest gifts make yourself personalized marble under glasses


If the bride and groom are fond of DIY, there is no better wedding guest gift to make than these marble coasters! Practical and stylish, these accessories are also an unusual part of table decoration.

To craft a few, you will need:

  • Marble tiles
  • 1 cork board
  • 1 X-Acto knife
  • Aerosol glue
  • 1 paint pen
  • Transfer paper
  • 1 pencil
  • Spray sealant

Instructions :

  1. Lay the marble tiles on the cork board and trace them.
  2. Using the X-Acto knife, cut the cork following the markings. Use spray glue to glue each piece of cork to the back of the marble tiles. Leave to dry.
  3. If you have beautiful handwriting, handwrite the names of your guests on the marbled portion of each coaster using the paint pen. Alternatively, choose an original font and print your friends’ first names on transfer paper. Cut them out using the X-Acto knife and apply them to each coaster (the marbled side). Finally, spray the sealer on with a spray and you’re good to go.

A small bottle of “The perfect match” matches

small bottle matches keepsake invite wedding

Here is another wonderful idea for a practical and super original gift! Gifting cute miniature bottles filled with matches is an increasingly popular wedding keepsake for guests. To get creative, prefer a heart-shaped scraper. Giant matches are very practical for lighting a fireplace or large candles. Close the bottles with cork stoppers for an eco-friendly touch. Do not hesitate to add labels mentioning the date and place of the event as well as the names of the newlyweds.

Decorative mini squashes: a thematic souvenir of the fall wedding

autumn wedding mini squash plate gift


Are you getting married in the fall? Send your guests home with painted mini squashes to match the fall vibe. You and your spouse can embark on this DIY project over the coming weekend. It’s easy and affordable! All you need is a little paint, gift tags, and a lot of inspiration. This idea is perfect as an original place mark for your wedding.

What green wedding guest gifts?

cards seeds sow gift invite wedding ecological

If you want to thank your loved ones with a nice green souvenir? Do-it-yourself wedding guest gifts in an eco-friendly spirit are one of the major trends in the field. Whether it’s local materials or healthy and natural ones like cork, wood or kraft paper, you are spoiled for choice. For example, seed bombs, a symbolic gift to sow, are the very embodiment of the “green” idea. As an alternative, you can make a kind of tree in the branches of which are hung cards to plant. Just for your information, these are eco-friendly thank you cards that contain a capsule filled with plant and flower seeds.

Miniature flowers under a glass bell: a romantic and symbolic gift

mini decorative peonies under a glass bell gifts for wedding guests make yourself


Marriage is a special event symbolizing undying love, loyalty and romance. And what better way to express this idea than to offer your wedding guests miniature flowers sheltered under glass bells? Super easy to make, these keepsakes promise tears of happiness. Just get yourself some decorative peonies in the wedding colors and some greenery. Attach the floral elements to the cork lids and then close the bells. To add a personal touch, feel free to insert miniature cards with the names of the newlyweds and the date of the event.

Succulents in pots: a cute summer wedding surprise

wedding guest gifts DIY succulents personalized cards

Succulents have established themselves as a must-have wedding decoration. Miniature or imposing, these particularly decorative plants are the subject of an interesting new trend: wedding guest gifts to make yourself. Gifting potted succulents to your friends guarantees that they will keep a special memory of your event for a long time. Plus, if it’s the couple who grows the small plants, budget savings are guaranteed. Feel free to write the date directly on the jars or consider personalized cards.

A candle as a wedding souvenir

mini scented candles personalized labels wedding guest souvenirs


Candles are a universal gift and are perfectly suited for wedding guests. This idea is ideal for couples on a budget, therefore, it is worth considering. The mini scented candles are perfect for a summer wedding in the garden because, at nightfall, they create a unique romantic atmosphere. While these do-it-yourself wedding guest gifts are simple, they still leave a lot of room for creativity.

Macaroons for gourmet guests

gift invite gourmet wedding macaroons

Treats are a great gift idea for guests in any season. Prepare a small box of chocolates, cookies, or caramelized nuts for loved ones to take home. And to save a little more, roll up your sleeves and start baking. In fact, it’s a great idea for an activity that your bridesmaids will have fun participating in.

An eco-friendly gift for green-minded guests

green wedding guest gifts small potted olive tree

If you are having a nature wedding, it is necessary that all the details are carefully considered. The same goes for gifts to give to guests. How about this green idea: olive trees in pots to replant? This tree adapts to most soils and can live up to 2000 years. He is therefore the ideal embodiment of eternal love.

How to spoil the guests at a wedding in winter?

winter wedding gift invite star hanging

To spoil the guests at your winter wedding, the best approach is to choose symbolic and lasting gifts. In addition to decorating the table with cotton flowers and eucalyptus branches, place miniature wreaths or wicker linens on your hosts’ presentation plates. These practical keepsakes can be hung in the branches of the Christmas tree for years to come.

A sachet of lavender for softness

lavender sachet DIY gift invite wedding do it yourself

Give your guests souvenir gifts that smell like lavender! This idea is perfect for a country wedding! Practical and fragrant, the lavender sachet is an eco-friendly gift that will not leave its recipient indifferent. Put the lavender in beautiful linen bags and do not hesitate to embroider these for a personal and original touch.

A small jar of honey for your guests to feast on the taste buds

small honey jar personalized label gift idea wedding invitation

Thank your guests for their participation in your special event in an unusual and delicious way! The small-format honey jars are one of the most original ideas for wedding guest gifts! For a decorative touch, do not hesitate to add a fabric collar, a personalized label or a wooden spoon.

Small tambourines are unusual guest gifts

small personalized tambourine souvenir idea wedding invite

Decorative golden pears: a thematic and unusual souvenir

golden pear decorative gift invite wedding fall

Take-out gift boxes to prolong the surprise effect

rustic wedding table guest gift cardboard box

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