Contemporary industrial kitchen in 50 great photos


industrial kitchen -parquet-laminate-wall-concrete-ornamented-ceiling-concrete

Our selection of 50 photos, dedicated to contemporary industrial cuisine, will undoubtedly inspire you, and make you want to bring the loft style to the decor of your kitchen space. Born and inspired by the design of the kitchen of commercial restaurants, the industrial style invades contemporary homes where it integrates with elegance and unparalleled style.

Our photo gallery will help you discover that industrial style is not necessarily reserved for cold and unsanthy spaces, but on the contrary! The contemporary industrial kitchen is furnished and decorated in a welcoming, friendly and elegant way.

Contemporary industrial kitchen – what are its standard elements

industrial kitchen -painting-slate-cabinets-wood-accents-stainless steel-breakfast-bar-lunch


If you want to furnish and decorate your industrial-style kitchen, you may find our selection of standard elements useful and interesting, finding their place in the contemporary industrial kitchen.

Industrial kitchen layout – dare concrete, solid wood and brick

industrial kitchen -wall-brick-exposed-cabinets-wood-table-chairs-effect-aged

-Stainless steel: dare stainless steel kitchen equipment – it is it that guarantees you an impeccable industrial appearance! In addition to its industrial look, stainless steel finds its place in any contemporary kitchen.

Open metal wall shelves and matte gray stove in the industrial kitchen

industrial kitchen -stove-cool-paving-gray-shelves-open-turkey


-Open shelves: mainly installed in height, open shelves are replacing, more and more, low cabinets. Space saving and aesthetics, open shelves in metal, pipes or raw wood, are very fashionable.

Warm textures like wood and brick warm the industrial concrete and metal bottom


Concrete ceiling and exposed drain pipes are quite common in the loft spirit kitchen



Concrete effect paint behind open shelves and wood and stainless steel elements

industrial kitchen -shelves-open-island-storage-turkey

Concrete paint, island and concrete table top

industrial kitchen -table-concrete-chairs-metal-island-concrete-turkey


-Hanging pan racks – they occupy an essential place in the industrial kitchen. In general, such a support is suspended above the kitchen island. Its stainless steel surface fits harmoniously into the “metallic” atmosphere.

Industrial style kitchen in wood and stainless steel with concrete floor and walls covered with white bricks

industrial kitchen -ceiling-wood-tables-wood-stainless steel-cabinets-open-shelves-washington

-The stainless steel hanging bar with utensils – don’t underestimate it! The utensil bar, which has “s” hooks, is very useful and practical. The utensils well in hand and easily accessible guarantee you an industrial kitchen always perfectly ordered.

Stainless steel appliances, wooden cabinets and shelves and exposed white brick accents

industrial kitchen -wall-brick-white-ceiling-wood-elements-metal-washington

Modern industrial kitchen equipped with wooden and stainless steel furniture and built-in appliances

industrial kitchen -wall-brick-white-tables-wood-storage-pots-washington

-Edison pendants – are among the typical representatives in an industrial kitchen. A set of several suspensions will play the role of unrivalled and highly functional eye-catcher.

Dress the walls in red bricks and bet on the industrial luminaire

industrial kitchen -island-black-worktop-marble-wall-brick-exposed-clocktowerloft

Central island in metal and marble with wheels, with a retractable spout mixer

industrial kitchen -island-central-wood-marble-suspensions-filament-stools-bar-metal-wood-clocktowerloft

Take full advantage of the height of walls and mount wall cabinets

industrial kitchen -cabinets-wood-solid-worktop-marble-gray-column-concrete-san francisco

-Apparent elements – additional points will be awarded if you bet on at least one exposed element. An accent wall covered with exposed bricks, exposed beams on the ceiling or elements made of raw concrete – the choice is yours.

Shelves and cabinets mounted in height in the industrial-style kitchen

industrial kitchen -wall-brick-esposée-ladder-shelving-mixer-spout-retractable-san-francisco

-Concrete: dare the concrete floor, the counter or the exposed concrete walls. Very fashionable in recent years, concrete occupies an essential place in industrial decoration.

Industrial-style kitchen with a concrete accent wall, marble and stainless steel worktops and an industrial luminaire

industrial kitchen -worktop-stainless steel-marble-white-shelves-open-portland

Steel central island and industrial suspensions

industrial kitchen -island-storage-extractor-extractor-metal-parquet-white-portland

Concrete wall, open wall shelves and dining area in the industrial kitchen

industrial kitchen -wall-concrete-exposed-shelves-open-table-dining-wood-portland

-Furniture with aged effect – we advise you to pay special attention to the bar chairs. Bet on models in metal and leather, with aged effect.

Exposed concrete ceiling and brick walls

kitchen-industrial-central-island-stainless steel-wood-stools-bar-effect-aged-appliances-stainless steel

Dare the concrete-brick-wood trio for an even more impressive effect

industrial kitchen -equipment-stainless steel-central-island-stainless steel-worktop-wood

-Windows: bet on window frames in metal painted black. These are the typical windows for loft apartments, for example.

Typical black frame window for loft apartments

industrial kitchen -washbasin-stainless steel-windows-loft-shelves-open-sydney

Double stainless steel sink with retractable mixer tap

industrial kitchen -washbasin-stainless steel-mixer-spout-retractable-plants-pots-sydney

-Wood: it is recommended to get a large solid wood worktop. The contrast between solid wood and stainless steel is really eye-catching.

French wooden ceiling and brick walls

industrial kitchen -wall-brick-exposed-beams-exposed-suspensions-bulbs-parquet-new-york

-Exposed beams: as we have already mentioned, beams and exposed columns are among the typical elements used in industrial style décor.

Walk the brick walls and wooden floor to create a warm atmosphere in the kitchen

industrial kitchen -beams-exposed-wall-brick-table-rectangualire-wood-island-storage-sink-stainless steel-new york

-Kitchen faucets: and finally, do not underestimate the kitchen faucets. The retractable spout mixer, apart from being aesthetically pleasing, is really useful and functional.

Concrete and stainless steel in the industrial style kitchen

industrial kitchen -plumbing-exposed-worktop-stone-mixer-spout-retractable-budapest

Suspended pan holder with stainless steel bars and S-hooks

industrial kitchen -bar-cement-tiles-metal-shelving-metal-budapest

Solid wood ceiling contrasts with metal and concrete elements in the industrial kitchen

industrial kitchen -bar-cement-pipes-exposed-ceiling-wood-solid-budapest

Taken together 5 or 6 of these standard elements, you will be well on your way to furnishing and decorating your contemporary industrial kitchen. Respect the basic rules and you will create the industrial kitchen of your dreams. Among the most important steps is the combination of materials such as wood, concrete, steel, tiles etc. Add industrial style accents such as light fixtures, pipes etc. Filament bulb suspensions are the ideal choice!

Bulb suspensions, white and stainless steel furniture and brick walls

industrial kitchen -ceiling-concrete-suspensions-bulbs-dining-area-spain

Dress the walls or a single wall with red bricks. This exposed wall decoration will give the industrial style kitchen a more welcoming and pleasant touch. The brick is in contrast with all the metal elements – a contrast of hot and cold elements really original.

The exposed concrete ceiling is reflected in the resin floor

industrial kitchen -floor-resin-suspensions-bulbs-chairs-design-worktop-wood-spain

Play with contemporary furniture and vintage metal and wood elements. In the photo above, for example, the owners of this ultra-modern industrial kitchen, have chosen to mix a set of white design chairs, an elegant dining table made of wood and metal and a few bar stools made of wood and metal. The effect is really original. The industrial luminaire in metal and glass brings a touch that is both cold and welcoming.

Industrial kitchen open to the living room, furnished with a large format gray sofa

industrial kitchen -wall-brick-exposed-ceiling-concrete-open-plan-spain

Concrete ceiling, red brick walls and anthracite grey furniture


Beautiful cool and warm color game! If you take a look at this industrial kitchen, you will see a pleasant contrast, brought by the wall covered with red bricks and the anthracite colored furniture. A few red accents bring a modern and eye-catching touch.

Contrast of red and eye-catching anthracite


The kitchen island with storage, cool extractor hood and both closets are all anthracite. Such a dark kitchen requires a pleasant accent that, in this case, represents the walls dressed in red bricks.

Brick and wood create a pleasant atmosphere in the dark kitchen

industrial kitchen -wall-brick-plans-work-wood-suspension-metal-blinds-spain

White metro tile credence – a retro element in the industrial kitchen

industrial kitchen -credence-tiles-metro-white-shelves-open-amsterdam

Wooden dining table and chairs made of aged wood

industrial kitchen -table-wood-chairs-effect-aged-suspension-metal-cabinets-black-white-amsterdam

Central island with storage and practical console table

industrial kitchen -credence-tiles-white-island-wood-solid-stools-bar-metal-wood-suspensions-metal

Support à casseroles suspendu au-dessus de la table en bois massif 

cuisine industrielle-vintage-peinture-grise-étagères-ouvertes-support-casseroles-suspendu-table-bois-massif

Cuisine industrielle contemporaine en bois et béton aménagée avec des chaises en bois et un grand îlot fonctionnel 

cuisine industrielle-plafond-béton-banché-plancher-bois-support-casseroles-suspendu

La brique rouge comme accent dans la cuisine industrielle contemporaine 

cuisine industrielle-mur-brique-étagère-ouverte-armoires-bois-inox

Carrelage mural gris foncé dans la cuisine blanche au charme industriel 

industrial kitchen tile-wall-imitation-concrete-cabinets-white-wall-wall-applied-articulated-arm

Steel appliances and furniture, blown glass suspensions and a wooden floor in the industrial kitchen

industrial kitchen -table-dining-metal-suspensions-glass-parquet

Contemporary grey kitchen with wooden furnishings and red accents

industrial kitchen -painting-floor-concrete-furniture-wood-bar-breakfast-lighting-industrial

Welcoming retro industrial kitchen – mint green cabinets, wooden table and island and concrete and brick walls

industrial kitchen -walls-brick-white-cabinets-retro-green-island-wood-metal

Industrial kitchen decorated with wood and concrete

industrial kitchen -wall-concrete-exposed-cabinets-wood-wall-sconces-black

Walls clad in concrete and metal island with storage

industrial kitchen -island-stainless steel-storage-suspensions-glass-windows-frames-black

White kitchen in contemporary industrial style with orange accents

industrial kitchen -white-credence-tiles-metro-white-island-storage-suspensions-metal-modern

Vintage-style industrial kitchen with brick wall cladding


Small industrial kitchen with white metro tiles and wooden and metal dining table


Contemporary kitchen with white cabinets, countertops and industrial benches


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