Cave-like art installation at the Tippet Rise Art Center


THE’art installation that we are going to show you today will upset all your aesthetic concepts in contemporary art. Under the smiling skies of Montana in the United States, we saw the birth of a strange apparition lost in the hilly landscapes. Named “Structures of Landscape”, this magnificent installation was created for the Venice Architecture Biennale 2016. More than a modern sculpture, the “Structures of Landscape” consist of several complementary modules that take on the air of a huge ancient cave inspired by the geological metamorphoses of the surrounding landscape. The artistic installation recalls the vestiges of a bygone era that advocates the philosophy of the eternal, affirming an old adage that “nature sublimates the spirit of man and man magnifies nature.” It is precisely this complex relationship between man and nature that was the point of reference for the creation of this artistic installation by Ensamble Studio. To better understand the nature of this innovative construction, Deavita decided to embark on a long journey in the footsteps of our ancestors. The proof in pictures.

The art installation “Structures of Landscape” was created for the inauguration of the Tippet Rise Art Center!


It was at the request of the Tippet Rise Art Center that the Ensamble studio produced the artistic installation “Structures of Landscape”. Indeed, it is about several constructions in reinforced concrete which, once grouped together, give what is called “primary habitats”.

The art installation spans 11,500 acres in the far north of Yellowstone Natural Park in Montana, USA



This enormous artistic installation is made up of three monumental structures inspired by the geological transformations of the surroundings such as sedimentation, erosion, weathering, crystallization, metamorphism, compaction and etc.

“Structures of Landscape” revisit the relationship between man and nature!

The artistic installation pushes the boundaries of contemporary art by mixing modern architecture and pure natural landscapes


The artistic installation “Structures of Landscape” presents a dozen giant modules assembled to form a series of rocks and caves with varying shapes. These imposing rocks take on complex shapes that find an echo in the rugged beauty of the surrounding landscape.

This reinforced concrete portico is in the form of a shelter with an organic design



With many streaks and folds, the artistic installation in reinforced concrete quickly turns into an ancestral cave in order to establish a harmonious link between contemporary art and Mother Nature. To create a spectacular structure with an authentic appearance, the designers of the Ensamble studio have chosen to bet on a mixture of natural materials.

The artistic installation “Beartooth” features a giant rock of ancestral origin


The natural materials that make up the artistic installation “Structures of Landscape” help cultivate this famous link between man and nature. To complete the majestic appearance of these amazing creations, the architects of the Spanish studio drew their inspiration from the organic forms present in nature.

For the design of the artistic installation, the Spanish designers were inspired by organic shapes found in nature!



Thus, the Ensamble studio team has succeeded in giving life to an artistic installation with an organic design, which expresses the grandeur of the subtle exchanges between the human spirit and the wisdom of nature. The complexity of this binary relationship is also expressed through the strata of old-fashioned charm that crisscross the shell of the modules.

“Beartooth” is located in the heart of the ranch which also acts as a large cattle yard.


The strangeness of this artistic installation lies not only in its organic design, but also in its nature which sends a poetic message to the surrounding landscape, which immediately comes back to it like a frenzied boomerang.

The art installation is made up of several distinct modules that form ancient caves



The artistic installation of studio Ensamble is characterized by extreme expressiveness in every sense of the word. These organic constructions are the fruit of the overflowing imagination of a handful of ingenious designers who wanted to build a structure that embraces the specificities of the surrounding landscape.

The construction of the art installation in detail

The artistic installation can sometimes sketch the shell of a seashell placed in a vertical position.


Like a painter who creates the outlines of a silhouette or a sculptor who works with metal, the Spanish studio team has laid the foundations for an artistic installation worthy of finding its place in the best contemporary art museums in the world.

For the construction of the “Inverted portal”, the engineers used high quality organic materials capable of withstanding bad weather.


The result is more than spectacular: a fairyland of asymmetrical shapes dressed in reinforced concrete, all enhanced by the splendor of the virgin fields of Montana. This surprising artistic creation is the result of the collaboration of talented designers and qualified engineers, without whose help it would never have seen the light of day.

Artistic structures are a unique blend of contemporary art, modern architecture and natural landscapes


The construction process is no less complicated than that of its design, given the number of modules and their diverse design. If we take a closer look at the modules of the artistic installation, we immediately notice that behind each structure this hides a personalized message.

The artistic installation of studio Ensamble blends wonderfully into the surrounding decor


This is the case with the concrete module you see above. This structure with the appearance of a giant portal seems to be deposited by an ancient glacier which would have been discreetly erased to make way for a huge ancestral rock.

Concrete constructions harmonize with the pristine beauty of the natural landscape


Born from the all-powerful nature, this artistic installation contains the genetic code of the wild landscapes which reflect the magic of the site and which blend perfectly into the serene surroundings. In addition, the imposing structures interact with the landscape to reaffirm their cosmic beauty as well as their impact on natural phenomena.

Art installation honors the preeminence of almighty Mother Nature


The artistic installation designed by Ensable Studio revisits the role of contemporary art by giving it a special function: that of a balancing act who juggles with ease between nature, architecture and art. Sometimes these three concepts merge into a coherent whole, sometimes they disintegrate to reconfigure the place of man in this universal symphony which celebrates the most sacred union in the world.

Strata, streaks and folds come to rest on the outer envelope of artistic installation


With the conception of the artistic installation “Structures of Landscape”, the Spanish designers convey the idea of ​​reorganizing the structure of modern cities. They aspire to a new order based on the building of what is called “the city within the city”.

The artistic installation carries the genetic code of organic materials

artistic installation art-center-montana-ensamble-studio

This is a completely innovative concept which should lead to the creation of a new model of urban life, inspired by the close alliance between the human creature and natural phenomena. This eternal alliance finds its counterpart in the existence of this artistic installation which puts on a pedestal the supremacy of immaculate nature, as it was millennia ago before being disfigured by the urbanization of large cities.

Fall under the spell of the artistic installation “Domo”


“Domo” inside view


The process of building the “Domo” structure


The artistic installation celebrates the sacred union between man and nature


“Domo” seduces us with its impetuous allure which mixes authentic texture and organic design


The cosmic strength of the site is almost palpable


Come on, let’s go for a bike ride on the “Ponte”


The open-air art installation “Reticula” features several square oculi


The “Taboula” is embellished, for its part, with an organic appearance with the charm of yesteryear.

artistic installation concrete-cave-harmony-allure-erosion

“Baldacchino” refers to a four-poster bed


“Tempietto” – a technical feat signed by Antón García-Abril & Débora Mesa


Concrete blocks make up the “Lapis auspicatum”

artistic installation reinforced concrete-original-ideas

The artistic instillation “Midnight rostra” proudly points to the top of a hill to reveal a breathtaking view.


The “Fontana” was erected near a water basin


“Structures of Ladnscape” – site map nestled in the rolling fields of Fishtail, Montana


The monumental modules in all their splendor!


Design by Ensamble Studio


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