What are the benefits of pineapple juice?


With a very sweet taste, the juice of a very ripe pineapple is nothing special (except the taste) at first glance. And yet, pineapple contains one of the most powerful enzymes.

Let me tell you about bromelain which is an enzyme contained in pineapple both in its leaves, stems, and pulp. It is the number 1 nutrient in pineapple. And you know what? the medical world is crazy addicted to this enzyme.

Discover with me what are the benefits of pineapple juice.

What are the benefits of pineapple juice for your body?

Pineapple juice for bone injuries and torn ligaments

Ligaments are connective tissues used to support tendons. They allow good articulation between tissues and bones. During physical exercises, sports, the ligament can suffer a tear. It can be either a sprain (less serious) or larger tears causing for example difficulty in walking, bruises, swelling.

As for bone damage, it is fractured, broken bones.

Bromelain is an enzyme used medically since the 19th century to reduce pain, bruising in case of fracture or rupture of ligaments. Not only does it help relieve pain but in addition, it acts in the process of total healing, restoration of the ligaments or bones concerned.

By consuming pineapple juice, you are consuming a good amount of bromelain allowing you to heal faster.

As such, the medical research center of the University of Maryland in the United States shows the importance of bromelain in post-surgical healing and case of fracture (1).

A study carried out in 2002 also made it possible to show the important role of bromelain in the treatment of joint pain. Whether at the level of the knee, the arm. It doesn’t matter which area is affected.

Protect your bones

In addition to allowing complete healing in case of fractures and the like, pineapple juice is a juice to strengthen your bones. For the youngest, pineapple juice will allow the bones to develop better. For people of the 3rd age, it helps to preserve the bones, and prevent bone diseases from developing.

A little pineapple juice?

Pineapple against cardiovascular disease

20 g of pineapple carries around 40 mg of potassium, which is quite important for the daily requirement. But potassium is a mineral that prevents and effectively combats cardiovascular disease.

It is a juice that you can drink in case of hypertension. Thanks to its high concentration of potassium and vitamin C, prevention of hypertension is possible.

Pineapple juice is good for the health of your heart.

Against sinusitis

By consuming pineapple juice regularly, you are consuming good amounts of bromelain. In fact, pineapple juice thins the mucus and alleviates the pain caused during crises. It also helps in the reduction of terrible headaches and all kinds of sinusitis side effects.

A study published in the medical journal “Cellular and molecular life sciences” in the USA shows that bromelain is very effective in the treatment of sinusitis. It also substantially reduces the effects of pain and others related to it (2).

Protection of teeth and gums

Its high concentration of vitamin C strengthens your teeth as well as your gums.

Pineapple juice for sore throat

It will please you to know that such a tasty juice can quickly treat a sore throat.

Against digestive problems

Are you wondering how pineapple can aid your digestion? Thanks (3) to its enzyme bromelain, pineapple juice breaks down proteins facilitating faster digestion of food.

Faced with bloating, belching and others, pineapple juice is your perfect ally to overcome your digestive problems.

Pineapple juice is also an anthelmintic. It effectively fights intestinal worms, If you have worms, do not hesitate to consume them every morning. It is also advisable to give it regularly to young children to deworm them regularly.

Bromelain in the treatment of cancer

Several studies have confirmed the positive impact of bromelain in the treatment of cancer. This translates into both chemo and pain. Indeed, bromelain acts on:

  • Pain caused by chemotherapy treatment
  • It supports the immune system and stimulates your immune defense system
  • It allows better post-surgical healing
  • It fights effectively against inflammation
  • It fights against edema

In the case of cancer cells, bromelain inhibits the affected cells, preventing them from growing. However, healthy cells remain intact (4).

Does Bromelain also work against tumors?

Pineapple juice recipes

Pineapple juice with celery

You will need:

  • 4 pineapple slices
  • 1 stalk of celery
  • ½ cucumber
  • 3 tablespoons of honey

Clean your pineapple, cut it into slices, and set aside. Cut your celery stalk into pieces, as well as the cucumber. You can remove the seeds from the cucumber if you are sensitive enough to bloat. Indeed the seeds of the cucumber can cause bloating. For the skin of the cucumber, it is better to keep it if your cucumber is organic.

Put them in your machine. Add half a glass of water and crush it.

Add your tablespoons of honey and mix.

Honey is more caloric, but it allows you to sweeten the taste of this drink. You can buy pure honey or, failing that, refined sugar honey (5).

This recipe is especially suitable for detox periods.

Exotic pineapple juice

You will need:

  • 1 whole pineapple
  • ½ kilo of passion fruit
  • 2 grenadines
  • The juice of 1 whole lemon

Clean and cut the pineapples. The same goes for passion fruit and pomegranate

Put them in your juicer.

When the juice is ready, add the juice of your lemon


Pineapple juice with ginger

You will need:

  • 1 whole pineapple
  • 2 medium gingers
  • 1 lemon juice
  • Sugar
  • Two sprigs of mint

Clean and slice your pineapple

Clean and slice your gingers

Pass them through your juicer and add the fresh mint leaves

Add the juice of a squeezed lemon. You can use a manual or electric juicer for this. It’s up to you to see what suits you 🙂

Sweeten according to your convenience.

Consume in moderation

Some people have vomiting, diarrhea when consuming large amounts of pineapple juice. So you can start with small amounts of pineapple juice. It also happens that other people notice the appearance of a canker sore in the mouth.

Pineapple juice can also cause some discomfort in the teeth, just like lemon.

But if you combine it with other fruits and vegetables for your juicing, it will be perfect. In any case, it is more beneficial for the body to consume cocktails than to consume a fruit or a vegetable taken in isolation. The action of some boosting the properties of other fruits and vegetables.


Pineapple juice is good for your daily health. Buy mostly ripe (yellow) pineapples to make your juices. In fact, the greens are not yet ripe and their tastes are rather sour.

Vermifuge, digestive, anti-inflammatory… Pineapple juice contains real benefits for your health.

Do you know of other pineapple juice recipes or other virtues of pineapple that you have experienced? Our team will be delighted to hear from you.

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