What are the benefits of baking soda and lemon cure?


Did you know that the combination of baking soda and lemon was an effective remedy to treat multiple problems? Who would have thought that these two ingredients, which at first glance seem classic, could form a magical and healing combination!

And yet, since it was first revealed, its benefits have continued to multiply. If you particularly enjoy taking care of yourself by adopting natural methods, I invite you today to discover the many benefits provided by baking soda and lemon mixture.

A foolproof blend to cure acidosis

Combining baking soda and lemon makes it possible to obtain an alkalizing solution, able to fight acidosis. If you don’t know it yet, acidosis is a disease caused by the overproduction of acid in the body or by the dysfunction of the kidneys. The kidneys can no longer remove the acid from the body.

By ingesting this miracle mixture, your kidneys will resume their normal functioning and at the same time help the body to properly eliminate acids. This drink also helps in the elimination of fat.

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Soothe the headache

On the other hand, the lemon baking soda combination can help alleviate a relentless migraine. And for good reason, lemon-like baking soda has soothing effects. By drinking a glass of this mixture on an empty stomach, you can say goodbye to your headaches.

Thanks to its vitamin C contribution, lemon will also help you keep fit all day long. Worried about the acid in lemon? You should have no fear because the bicarbonate will reduce the inconveniences of lemon to keep only the beneficial actions.


To purify the liver

As a general rule, lemon water is ingested after consuming foods containing a lot of fat or fish. This facilitates their digestion. This time, I offer lemon water combined with baking soda as a purifying cure for the body. The solution makes it possible to rid the liver of all toxins that can hamper its proper functioning.

In addition, with this mixture, you offer your body a better supply of vitamin C, potassium but also antioxidants, whose action is favorable to the body and health in general.

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The ideal solution to eliminate bad cholesterol

Here is another natural remedy to fight bad cholesterol. The combination of baking soda and lemon actually helps regulate bad cholesterol in the body. Which at the same time promotes cardiovascular health.

For an excellent digestive process

If you have frequent bloating or gas, know that a glass of lemon juice mixed with a small amount of baking soda taken daily will help you get rid of it quite quickly.

The baking soda will take care of stopping the accumulation of acids and gases that can irritate the walls of the stomach, while the lemon juice will promote intestinal transit for you to benefit from good digestion.


Anti-cancer actions?

Many people attribute baking soda and lemon to anti-cancer properties. However, nothing has actually been shown.

All I can tell you is that lemon is an alkalizing food that contains high amounts of antioxidants. This allows you to keep the figure but also to maintain your health. For its part, baking soda is a kind of pH regulator.

So I cannot tell you that this solution really has virtues that can fight against cancer. However, some studies have already been carried out to determine the anticancer power of lemon.

But so far, I have yet to get any concrete information regarding the lemon and baking soda mixture, on the subject. So I prefer to leave it there.

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Method for preparing the baking soda and lemon remedy

For the preparation of the lemon and baking soda combination, a good dosage is required, to optimize the effects of the solution. So here is how you should proceed.

  • Take a quarter of a liter of lukewarm spring water, and preferably mineral water.
  • Add a teaspoon of baking soda to it.
  • Pour in the juice of half a lemon.
  • Mix everything and drink in the morning, on an empty stomach.

Note that you should under no circumstances swallow this solution when you have a full stomach, as this can affect the proper course of digestion.

Always take it when you wake up in the morning and between meals for two weeks in a row. Then stop the cure for the next two weeks. And for good reason, abusing this mixture can cause alkalosis.

Another recommendation: do not drink this remedy especially if you suffer from gastritis. Also, given its large soda intake, the solution is not recommended for people with heart problems and high blood pressure.

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I have just presented to you some of the benefits of the combination of baking soda and lemon. These foods are sold at affordable prices and yet can prevent certain disorders such as acidosis. In addition, the solution can give a boost to the liver for the elimination of acids.

I would like to remind you that lemon, like baking soda, has alkalizing and antioxidant properties, and is rich in minerals, enzymes, and vitamins, providing many positive effects to the body. Thus, by combining them, their actions are increased tenfold. If you have any questions regarding this miracle cure, send all your comments.

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