Adult bedroom – 125 ideas for modern bedroom decoration


Modern design is very important in the adult bedroom. The style of its interior is characterized by clean lines and few accessories. If you want to rest after the working day, the ideal place to relax is the adult bedroom. Its interior is modern, elegant and uncluttered – three properties that are easy to achieve. In this article we are going to introduce you to our 127 beautiful modern bedroom design ideas. Check out our gallery of inspiring photos that will enchant you.

The contrasts in the modern bedroom are original and thanks to them you will give your room a personal, modern and elegant touch. The color palette is light and warm to bring warmth into the interior.

In the contemporary bedroom there are accents of colors. Red is very popular because this color creates a dramatic effect. It blends perfectly with white, gray and light wood color. To get a refreshed look, add decorative cushions in colors – this idea is very original and suitable for every interior.

Natural stone wall cladding and original false ceiling in the elegant bedroom

The contemporary bedroom furniture is very elegant and the designs – original. This is true, but in the modern interior there are no unnecessary accessories and furniture. Everything you need in the bedroom is a comfortable bed, two bedside tables, a wardrobe and a dressing table. A few stylish accessories are enough to give your adult bedroom a modern look. Clean lines are the perfect choice.

A style lamp is ideal for your adult bedroom. Contemporary designs are masterpieces. In order for your bedroom to be in harmony, do not leave empty corners. Opt for accents or accessories that reflect your personality. The geometric patterns that adorn the walls are a beautiful idea. Combine them with metallic accents and that’s it – the result is perfect.

Warm colors take over the modern room

The layout of the modern room includes a wide range of choices to suit all tastes. Minimalist, industrial, sober or cozy, it knows how to combine design trends to meet the aesthetic research of its inhabitants. Here is an idea of modern layout that combines functionality, aesthetics and conviviality. These three elements are exceptionally translated by the color of the walls, the furniture and the decorative accessories. The solid wood combines wonderfully with the chocolate brown and the dark gray of the walls which give pride of place to a series of space-saving storage.

The black-white duo is always very fashionable!


The black-white duo is more than ever in mode. Used in total look or in small doses, it invests the adult bedroom to bring modernity and glamour. Use all the same in moderation to avoid setting up a too impersonal genre décor. Since this is not the interior design of a company but a place conducive to relaxation, you must be careful not to abuse cold colors. The best is to counterbalance this sterile side through a warm solid wood coating and decorative objects in pep colors.

Taupe gray walls and matching curtains for this beautiful adult bedroom!

bedroom-adult-bedding-grey-white-mirror-round-armchair-white bedroom adult


Ah, how can one not fall under the spell of the gray color? Used as a mural with beaded reflections or in small touches on certain decorative objects, this shade is introduced into the contemporary room and gives a trendy look to everything it touches. Grey animates designers and decorators, aesthetes and artists. Its ability to adapt to a wide variety of colors and styles makes it one of the star colors of the year.

Neutral colors and sober furniture for a sophisticated interior!

bedroom-adult-bedding-white-grey-lamps-grey bedroom adult

Here, dark gray is accompanied by a mixture of pristine white and silver gray. This combination of contrasting colors is ideal to give a resolutely minimalist air to any contemporary room. Some might consider it too cold and impersonal, certainly, but the minimalist style does not favor the creation of boho or rustic type staging.

Adult bedroom with red accents in a minimalist spirit



However, the use of flash colors is still required, provided that they are well dosed. Apart from the white-black and grey-white duets, you can play the tomato red card paired with a combination of glossy finishes. Silver grey, copper gold, satin white, lacquered surfaces, decorative accessories referring to the deconstructivist current.. here it is the magic potion to arrange a contemporary room full of style!

Design chandelier, tree patterned wallpapers and sky blue curtains

bedroom-adult-bedding-grey-headboard-white-wallpaper bedroom adult

After revealing the secrets of a successful minimalist room, it’s time to change the register with this beautiful room arranged according to the canons of modern design. The basic elements of the contemporary style are presented here from a different angle of light. Modernist forms are attenuated while the sobriety of colors acquires a new, more human dimension.

Bright décor highlighted by the snow-white mural

bedroom-adult-carpet-green-wardrobe-white-table-white adult bedroom


This adult bedroom represents a beautiful tribute to the elegance of minimalist style. What we like in particular is its high ceilings exploited in the best possible way. The floor-to-ceiling windows are an inexhaustible source of light. The green landscape outside is transported inside through a rectangular carpet that takes on the appearance of a green lawn. This idyll is reinforced by the cozy aspect of the solid parquet that successfully transcribes the natural atmosphere that reigns all around this architect’s house lost in the forest.

Light brown shaggy carpet and bedding in white and grey

bedroom-adult-headboard-wood-cushions-grey-brown adult bedroom

Cozy and friendly, this wooded room juggles between wood, gray and white. Clever combination to bring a note of modernity in a cocooning room. No room for an accumulation of decorative accessories. Only a cozy carpet that communicates intelligently with the paneled wall and solid parquet floor.

Wooden dressing cabinet in the elegant bedroom

bedroom-adult-carpet-black-white-bedding-white-gray adult bedroom


Marble-looking flooring and two black lamps in the adult bedroom

bedroom-adult-carpet-white-bedding-brown adult bedroom

White patterned bedding and glass pendants in the adult bedroom

bedroom-adult-suspensions-glass-bedding-grey-white adult bedroom

Black walls and turquoise curtains in the adult bedroom


Nice bedroom with beige accents

bedroom-adult-curtains-brown-light-cushions-beige-blue bedroom adult

Modern bedroom with large windows

bedroom-adult-curtains-beige-bedding-black-white adult bedroom

Whiteboard and pale blue above the elegant bed with blue cover

bedroom-adult-ceiling-wood-cushions-white-grey adult bedroom

Black and white striped bedding and metal clock

bedroom-adult-wallpaper-stripes-accents-yellow adult bedroom

Beige headboard and two small light wooden tables in the adult bedroom

bedroom-adult-wallpaper-3d-library bedroom adult

Wooden shelves next to the white bed in the bedroom


Bedroom with black and white walls and brown carpet

bedroom-adult-walls-black-white-carpet-gray adult bedroom

Spacious bedroom with brown accents

bedroom-adult-walls-grey-white-carpet-grey-armchair adult bedroom

Two paintings hanging on the walls in the elegant bedroom

bedroom-adult-wall-purple-bedding-black-white adult bedroom

White bedroom with black accents

bedroom-adult-wall-black-curtains-whites-floor-aspact-marble adult bedroom

Bed and two white armchairs and bench upholstered in light grey


Wood-looking blinds and brown painting in the bedroom in black and white


Beige and elegant bedroom

bedroom-adult-wall-beige-bedding-white-beige-suspensions-black adult bedroom

Blue board hanging on the wall in the adult bedroom

bedroom-adult-murphy-bed-cushions-grey-board-blue bedroom adult

Elegant and white bedroom

bedroom-adult-bedding-black-white-deco-mural-flower adult bedroom

Two elegant bedside lamps on the white bedside tables


Elegant and spacious bedroom


Black and white photo hanging on the brown wall in the bedroom

bedroom-adult-bedding-white-wall-brown adult bedroom

Patterned brown carpet and brown leather stool in the bedroom


White and elegant wardrobe and light gray carpet in the adult bedroom

bedroom-adult-bedding-white-grey-accents-yellow bedroom adult

Large mirror and marble-looking flooring in the bedroom

bedroom-adult-bedding-beige-curtains-black-white adult bedroom

Two white armchairs and glass table in the spacious and modern bedroom

bedroom-adult-bed-canopy-wall-aspect-wood-furniture-white adult bedroom

Stylish bed with decorative cushions in the adult bedroom


Industrial-style bedroom


Small white bedroom with light grey carpet and white vases

bedroom-adult-deco-mural-yellow-black cushions

Two small wall bookcases in the adult bedroom

bedroom-adult-blanket-fur-fireplace bedroom adult

Spacious, white bedroom with wood-looking flooring


Original paintings hanging on white walls in the adult bedroom

bedroom-adult-white-flooring-wood-lacquered adult bedroom

Modern and white wardrobe in the white bedroom

bedroom-adult-white-bedding-purple adult bedroom

Dark wood flooring in the white bedroom

bedroom-adult-white-armchairs-red-canopy bed

Stylish storage cabinet and grey patterned headboard

bedroom-adult-white-cushions-headboard-gray adult bedroom

White bedroom furniture and cushions in grey and white

bedroom-adult-wardrobe-white-table-bedside-bedding-grey bedroom adult

White and elegant wardrobe in the adult bedroom


Brown leather armchair and wardrobe dressing room in the bedroom


Original and black suspensions and cushions in black, white and grey


A white wooden wall and cushions in white and gray in the bedroom


Spacious and white bedroom

bedroom-adult-carpet-shaggy-white-fireplace bedroom adult

Ultra modern and elegant bedroom


Stylish fireplace and wooden TV stand in the adult bedroom

bedroom-adult-carpet-grey-bedding-blue-fireplace bedroom adult

White and spacious bedroom

bedroom-adult-carpet-white-shaggy-vases-decorative adult bedroom

Carpet in orange and white and small wooden bedside table

bedroom-adult-carpet-white-orange-cushions-colorful adult bedroom

Yellow accents in the bedroom


Elegant painting and cushions in white and orange in the adult bedroom

bedroom-adult-painting-tables-bedside-bed-wood bedroom adult










































bedroom-adult-wall-black-white-double-bed-suspensions adult bedroom



bedroom-adult-wall-turquoise-table-bedside-yellow adult bedroom


bedroom-adult-curtains-light-brown-double-bed-tv-screen-plasma adult bedroom



bedroom-adult-headboard-wood-curtains-beige-black-bedroom adult

bedroom-adult-bedding-black-white-lamps-white adult bedroom

bedroom-adult-bedding-grey-cushions-multi-coloured-fan bedroom adult






bedroom-adult-shelves-wood-light-lamps-bedside-curtains-white adult bedroom

bedroom-adult-blanket-fur-wall-cladding-wood adult bedroom

bedroom-adult-white-headboard-upholstered-brown adult bedroom

bedroom-adult-bedding-white-carpet-orange-warm adult bedroom

bedroom-adult-white-head-bed-upholstered adult bedroom

bedroom-adult-white-romantic-curtains-bed-round adult bedroom

chambre-coucher-adulte-blanche-lampes-chevet-élégantes-tapis-ornements-bleu chambre à coucher adulte

chambre-coucher-adulte-blanche-élégante-accents-noirs chambre à coucher adulte

chambre-coucher-adulte-blanche-déco-murale-blanche-tapis-motifs chambre à coucher adulte

chambre-coucher-adulte-armoires-blanches-tableaux-noir-blanc chambre à coucher adulte

chambre-coucher-adulte-accents-gris-literie-blanche-lampe-sol-grise chambre à coucher adulte


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