8 solutions to develop memory and concentration


Do you ever forget information or lack concentration? Does your brain tend to clean your head on its own, especially at the least opportune times?

If you answered positively to any of these questions, you are one of the many people with memory and concentration problems. The two are intimately linked, the work of one has a positive impact on the other.

We have chosen the 8 best tips for you to develop your memory and concentration, and we invite you to discover them below.

Use puzzles

Many puzzles are available on the market and many applications have been developed to make the mind work in a fun and playful way. Puzzles that are not intuitive, such as the Regular noVICE labyrinth are particularly recommended: since they cannot call upon solution memories, they form content creation in the brain.

It is by using his intellect that we sharpen it, it is thus advisable to regularly indulge in these activities of puzzles and other puzzles. The more it is called upon, the more it will strengthen. By working on problem-solving, and by putting it in front of new situations, concentration will be improved and memory will be improved along with it.

Choose certain foods

Breakfast is an especially important meal, especially if you are preparing for exams or a job interview. Oats, eggs, and almonds are recommended, but be sure to limit fat and carbohydrate intake during this first meal of the day.

For lunch, lentils and spinach are recommended, as is fish. Its supply of omega 3, these fatty acids responsible for communication between neurons, promotes concentration.

In case of craving, you can snack on a mixture of dried fruits, nuts, and dark chocolate, while waiting for dinner.

You can cook yourself a heavy dish occasionally, but if you want to improve your focus and memory, a hearty salad and protein are best for this last meal.

And ban others

Fast food is particularly harmful to the body because the food served is often too fatty and saturated with carbohydrates. These foods that are heavy to digest can make you feel sluggish and drowsy afterward.

Also, avoid overeating, but if hunger tortures you, favor nuts and dried fruits for the memory.

Oily or heavy foods, such as pasta, pizza, fried foods, and potatoes, should be avoided whenever possible. Indeed, their digestion may take over the rest of the mechanisms of your body and will damage your cognitive and cerebral activity.

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Try natural remedies

Some supplements are beneficial for memory and concentration. Royal jelly, grapes, spirulina, and ginkgo will help you concentrate better. The cafe is also a great intellectual stimulus.

The aromatherapy can also help you: rosemary essential oil facilitates concentration, like that of peppermint, which in addition will help you fight against sleep. Use a spray bottle or oil burner for gentle diffusion.

The acupressure can also give good results, and the points are working liver meridian stimulate gently point at the joint bones of the big toe and second toe of those, and think also to stimulate the third eye.

It is found between the eyebrows, where the forehead and the bridge of the nose meet. Apply gentle pressure two to three times a day for a few minutes.

Don’t neglect your sleep

The brain needs to rest to solidify long-term memories, shed short-term information, and improve concentration. For these reasons, good quality sleep is essential if you want to improve your memory and concentration.

If you lack sleep at night, make time during the day to give yourself a restorative nap, even if it only lasts 20 to 30 minutes. Naps are effective in improving thinking, creativity, and memory.

Practice visualization and association

Scientists have proven that we are not forgetting things right now. What we lack to remember are mental hooks or neural maps linked to these memories. Indeed, images and emotions are easier to remember than simple facts.

Thus, by coupling information to an image, a sensation, or an emotion, you will have an easier time remembering it. By creating these kinds of shortcuts in your mind, you will be able to create mental hooks and have an easier time remembering things.

Sharpen your concentration through observation

Memorization is done through concentration and attention to detail. To develop your skills, try to be more attentive when trying to memorize something.

By mentally noting all the details that come to mind, you train your mind to focus, and memorization occurs naturally.

The matrix of details associated with an event will be enriched with all this information, which your mind will “record” as a mental file. You can try this exercise at any time of the day and it is also a great way to ground yourself.



Meditation has everything to do with concentration. By choosing to focus on your breathing, and bringing your mind back to observing, you are conditioning it to pay attention to only one thing.

When your brain takes the fold, you will notice that concentration will come more and more easily to you.


Activity practiced with concentration is a form of meditation in itself. So whether you are tending to your plants or doing the dishes, try to pay full attention to what you are doing for active meditation.

Our diet and our lifestyle play a big role in memory and concentration. Making sure we have the right gestures daily thus ensures an intellect in the best possible conditions.

However, it is necessary to exercise it regularly to sharpen and strengthen it. Fortunately, many techniques and tips exist, and it is very easy to incorporate them into our everyday life.

Whether you choose to train with fun and playful games or work your mind through meditation or visualization, you will achieve the best results by training regularly.

However, be careful not to overwork yourself, be patient, and respect your pace.

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