5 exercises to train your mind to stay positive


There are days when you wake up with a hell of a potato. We see everything on the bright side, the problems go over our heads and we say to ourselves that all the same, it would be cool if it was more often like that!

Well, imagine that there is nothing rocket science about it. By applying a few tips daily, you will give your brain this good habit. Here are 5 exercises to train your mind to stay positive.

1- Practice positive communication

Acting on your language is the first and easiest thing to do, as long as you put a little of your own into it. To put it simply: no more daily complaints and groans, free reviews, and heightened negativity.

No more negative expressions linked to anxieties, fears, and doubts. Why? Because our brain does not correctly assimilate the negation. When I tell you “don’t think of a purple giraffe”… you obviously do!

Well for the rest, it’s the same. When you proudly exclaim “I must not miss this interview” or even “I will not procrastinate today …” your brain understands just the opposite!

So practice using affirmations and positive syntax and limiting negative expressions as much as possible.

2 – Develop positive thinking

It is the basic technique, the most widespread, that of seeing life on the bright side. It is based on the powerful concept of self-creating prophecies, which your brain craves. There you say to yourself, what is she still telling me …

It’s quite silly: if you tell yourself that something is going to happen, your brain will have a natural tendency to do everything to make it happen, and this is because it will have perceived your thought as an order, an objective.

It is therefore in your best interest to motivate yourself to create a virtuous circle of success and positivism.

Small silly phrases like “of course it will do it”, “Hey, I’m not bad today!” “Or” we are going to have fun tonight! Can have a big impact on how your day unfolds.

Going from a destructive perspective (seeing harm, potential failure everywhere) to a constructive perspective, you will do yourself a lot of good. Obviously, this work involves identifying your negative inner monologues, which can be overwhelming.

Each time, make the effort to view the situation from a more optimistic angle, and you will build a more enviable destiny.

3 – test positive visualization

The previous technique was based on words, this one goes hand in hand with but is based on deeds. Before an important event, we tend to go through the scene over and over again in our heads a good hundred times.

We visualize everything that could happen, from the most absurd to the most chaotic events. But do you often visualize success, success? Who can claim to be triumphant before tackling a perilous situation?

Very few of us. Yet this is what we need to do! By visualizing the event the way you would like it to ideally unfold, you maximize your chances of it happening.

positive visualization

4 – After a failure, let yourself be distracted

It is often difficult to move forward after a major failure. Instead of indulging in our favorite hobbies, we languish, unable to turn the page.

On a small scale, the observation is the same: a small inconvenience in the morning can bother you all day long, take on disproportionate proportions and, so to speak, undermine your morale.

When it is at a standstill, it’s not easy to get it going again logically and rationally. It is towards the hedonic side, the pleasure, the distraction that you must then turn and this as quickly as possible.

Play your favorite music, do half an hour of sport, discuss the last film seen in the cinema, tell a colleague about your vacation plans… the choices are endless.

Your annoyance will be nipped in the bud because you will not even give it a little of your available brain time!

5 – play writers

Writing has many virtues. It is often said that in difficult times, writing down what is in your heart allows you to externalize your feelings and relieve yourself of a burden.

But other less common writing exercises exist, especially to learn to be positive! Each evening, try to take stock of the good sides of your day, a positive inventory.

Whether a pigeon dropped dung on your shoulder or your car broke down in a dismal parking lot, who cares! What we want is only the positive: what good happened to you today?

it can be absolutely banal things: your favorite dessert at the cafeteria this afternoon, the 2 € coins you found when you got out of the metro… it doesn’t matter, if it’s light and pleasant, the count is good.

Use this formula in every way: what tasks or what goals have you accomplished today? Who would you like to thank for their help or advice? What made you laugh?

These exercises will allow you to see your daily life from a whole new perspective. By racking your brain a little, you will find that a seemingly dreary day actually contains many small moments of joy!


In conclusion, it’s all a matter of approach. If you leave home in the morning dreading a rotten day, this is exactly what life will offer you. Conversely, approach your life with optimism and it will reward you.

If some of these exercises may seem a little childish or even absurd to you, know that they are from very serious studies in psychology/sophrology… and it really works, try it for yourself!

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