Where to go on a trip: top 25 best destinations to visit in 2022


Now is the right time to reflect and decide where to go on a trip in 2022. As holidays are a serious matter, choosing the place to visit next year is a decision that is not taken lightly. And the tourism sector does not make it easy! The novelties that emerge every year are so many and varied that it is almost impossible not to feel lost. But the one who feels lost must be helped. Travel experts have already put together the list of the 25 best destinations to visit absolutely in 2022. And there is something for everyone.

A panorama of the best destinations to visit absolutely in 2022

Best Tourist Destinations 2018 Bhutan Village Laya

Our top 25 best tourist destinations start with Bhutan. It is its reputation as the theatre of a multitude of festivals and religious ceremonies that makes it a very popular tourist destination. Located in the north-west of Bhutan, at an altitude of 3700m, the village of Laya will make you feel at the end of the world. To access this area, you have no option but to walk on a fabulous trekking – the Laya-Gasa Trek. After a trekking of 3 days of walking, you will have the opportunity to meet the Layap and be totally charmed by their habits and customs and by the spectacular peaks that surround you. Don’t miss the Royal Highlander Festival in October at any price.

best tourist destinations visit 2018 Vinales Cuba


Our collection of tourist destinations continues with Cuba. In the west of Cuba, the Viñales Valley is a must-see place not to be missed during your visit. This valley offers sumptuous views. Located about 2 hours from Havana, the area abounds in lush vegetation. Its tobacco plantations and cigar factories are of great tourist interest. The famous “mogotes”, ancient limestone mountain mounds are also not to be neglected. Visit the colorful streets of the city and you will be seized by the American cars of the fifties. Another popular tourist attraction, the Mural de la Prehistori (Mural of Prehistory) is located on the Dos Hermanas hill 4 km west of Viñales.

Catch the wave in Portugal!

best destinations 2018 Portugal Alentejo village Porto Covo

We continue with the region of Alentejo, Portugal. Its spectacular beaches attract a lot of surfers. If you plan to take the road to the South, do not forget to visit Porto Covo. A true Portuguese haven of peace, located on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean, this small fishing village with discreet beaches promises to charm you. Uncrowded and on an intimate and natural side, samoqueira beach deserves its place in your list of tourist destinations not to be missed.

best destinations to visit 2018 Malta city Valletta


The capital of Malta, Valletta is a true medieval architectural gem to add to your list of destinations for 2022. Valletta will charm you with its narrow, steep streets and gardens of Upper Barraca and Hastings offering spectacular views of the Sliema waterfront and the fort of Manoel Island. Do not miss the visit of St. John’s Cathedral and its exceptional interiors that will amaze you.

best destinations Caribbean Dominica

Who has never heard of the Caribbean basin? One of the best tourist destinations is ideal for travelers looking for tropical exoticism. In addition, given recent events in the Caribbean, there is already talk of socially responsible tourism. After Hurricanes Maria and Irma hit last September, the region needs help to repair the damage of the natural disaster. So why not think about a tropical trip at reasonable prices?

Descend into the depths of the Antelope Canyon

best destinations to visit 2018 Antelope Canyon USA


If you are passing through the Southwest of the United States, Antelope Canyon, the Canyon of the Antelope, is a must see. Narrow and spectacular, this gorge is the most beautiful jewel in Arizona. Dug by the water, the canyon will charm you with the intense orange color of its walls. When the rays enter his “heart”, the place takes on a fairytale look. The canyon is located on the Navajo Indian Reservation. It is composed of two parts. Upper Antelope Canyon is the busiest of the two and easier to access. The Lower Antelope Canyon is longer and narrower and therefore, here the challenge is greater.

Best Tourist Attractions 2018 Tokyo Japan

It’s always a good time to visit the Japanese capital Tokyo. In the megacity, everyone will find something for themselves. Ancient temples, walks under the cherry trees bordering the Sumida River, the beautiful gardens of the Imperial Palace etc. In 2022, the Olympic Games will be held in Tokyo. So, this explains the excitement around Tokyo as a favorite tourist destination for the following year.

top tourist destinations visit 2018 Nusa Lembongan Island Indonesia


Our top 25 best destinations for 2022 continues with the island of Nusa Lembongan in Indonesia. If you’re planning to visit Bali, Nusa Lembongan, just thirty minutes away by boat, is a great choice for a quick getaway. The small island has something to charm you! Beautiful landscapes, white sand beaches and breathtaking seabed – imagine for a moment the idyll of this paradise corner!

Heading North: hunting for the Northern Lights in Iceland!

top best tourist destinations 2018 Iceland boreal aurora

What do you think of a trip to the North? Iceland is one of the best destinations to visit in 2022, and with good reason. The island is among the most accessible and cheapest places at the same time to go and admire the Northern Lights. A magical light show not to be missed, at no price. The idea of going hunting for the Northern Lights tempts you? So Iceland is your destination!

top destinations 2018 Chile archipelago Tierra del Fuego island Isla de los Lobos

Chile, which is nicknamed “the country at the end of the world”, is full of unusual places. It deserves its reputation as one of the best tourist destinations of all time. It invites tourists to visit places such as the Santiago Metropolis, the Acatama Desert, the Patagonian Fjords and the Tierra del Fuego archipelago.

best destinations 2018 Slovenia Lake Bled

Let’s leave now to discover Slovenia’s flagship destination! Bled is a town known for its lake of the same name and its islet. To cross the lake and visit the islet that actually hosts a church, you can take a gondola. You will descend where there is a monumental staircase built in 1655. Bled is a glacial lake whose emerald color attracts many tourists in summer who come here to swim. Another place of great tourist interest, the Blejski grad castle overlooks the lake by more than 100 m and offers a superb view of the entire basin.

Best Tourist Destinations Historic Site Plantation Whitney New Orleans United States

For those interested in history, the next destination hits the mark. The Whitney Plantation 50km north of New Orleans, Louisiana (United States) is a unique place in memory of American slaves. Today, the site is converted into a museum to honor the memory of all slaves on the plantation and in the rest of Louisiana.

The architectural jewels of Seville

top destinations 2018 Andalusia Spain Seville Cathedral of Seville

Being the heart of Andalusia, Seville is one of the largest cities in Spain. One of the best tourist destinations, Seville is prized for its many architectural gems. The Alcázar Palace, the Girada and the Cathedral of Seville (Catedral de Santa María de la Sede) are among the most impressive monuments.

best tourist destinations Portugal archipelago Acores island Sao Miguel thermal spring

Back in Portugal! The Azores archipelago groups several Portuguese islands and is a rather unknown tourist destination. The islands conquer with their authentic charm, diversity and landscapes ranging from plains to mountains. If you dream of an azure blue and unspoilt nature, this is your destination. In addition, the lush flora and amazing fauna promise you an unforgettable experience.

best destinations Norway fjords

Norway, the land of the fjords, is definitely one of the best destinations to include in your travel list. Its mountains often exceed 1000m in altitude. Many spectacular fjords, cascading waterfalls on the mountainside and eternal glaciers: Norway will amaze you.

best destinations 2018 amphitheatre El Jem Tunisia

Steeped in history and offering a mix of ancient and modern cultures: this is Tunisia. Tunisia is definitely one of the best destinations thanks to its many tourist attractions and its Mediterranean climate all year round. Do not forget to visit the Tunisian capital which is prized for its charming mosques and souks where you can haggle all kinds of trinkets. Hammamet will seduce you with its superb beaches. The large island of Djerba, in the south-east of Tunisia, is famous for its picturesque villages, characterized by the typical square, whitewashed houses.

The Enigma of Scotland – the Callanish Stones

top 25 best tourist destinations 2018 Pierres Callanish Scotland

In 2022, don’t forget to visit Scotland’s most famous megalithic site. These are the Stones of Callanish. These are several standing stones that form concentric circles as well as lines. Perched on a hill, these menhirs are visible from afar. Dating back to prehistoric times, they are so numerous that it is impossible to count them accurately.

best destinations visit 2018 Iceland waterfalls Gullfoss

Iceland really deserves the title of green destination. National parks, mountains and lakes are among its breathtaking natural treasures. If Iceland is in your list of favorite destinations, we advise you to visit the Gullfoss. It is a succession of two waterfalls about 30m high on the White River in southern Iceland. The “Golden Falls” are a tourist attraction not to be missed.

top tourist destinations visit 2018 Tallinn Estonia
The capital of Estonia is not the best known in Europe. Still, Tallinn is a city that has a lot to offer its tourists. Its medieval heritage and its Baltic city air make it a particularly popular cultural and historical destination.

best destinations 2018 Netherlands Amsterdam

Landscapes that mix land with sea, charming cities and a developed culture, the Netherlands attracts tourists from all over the world. Amsterdam, the city of a thousand bridges, is the unbeatable tourist capital while The Hague takes the place of administrative capital. If you want to stop in Amsterdam, you will find a lot of extravagances. Some of the most beautiful museums in the world are waiting for you!

best destinations 2018 beaches Dakar Senegal

Senegal is the most popular destination in West Africa. Beyond its lush and generous nature, Senegal also has an incomparable culture. Certainly, it is the beautiful beaches that attract tourists but you will also like to get lost in the hustle and bustle of its streets.

The transparent waters of Lake Baikal

best destinations 2018 Russia Lake Baikal

If there is one place to discover among the immense Russian territory, it should imperatively be Lake Baikal. Located in southern Siberia, in eastern Russia, Lake Baikal is the oldest lake in the world. Nicknamed “Pearl of Siberia”, it benefits from a unique transparency which explains the perfect visibility up to 40 meters deep.

best destinations visit 2018 Spain Teide National Park Tenerife

The Teide National Park, in Tenerife, is the most visited park in Spain and Europe. A destination that anyone visiting the Canary Islands should not miss. It is curious to know that the park is a refuge of plant and animal species unique in the world.

best destinations Switzerland Lauterbrunnen train cremaillere

A meeting point for mountaineers and hikers, Lauterbrunnen is a village nestled in one of the most impressive alpine valleys. The valley has 72 waterfalls offering grandiose natural spectacles. No surprise that you will find the highest cogwheel train on the Old Continent. It will take you to 3454m to offer you one of the most beautiful views in Switzerland.

top destinations 2018 Bosnia Herzegovina Stari Bridge Most

Mostar is the largest tourist destination in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The city is characterized by its ancient Turkish houses and by … an old bridge. It is he, the Stari Most Bridge that earned him his name and his tourist reputation.

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