15 signs of a lifelong friendship (not to be missed)


Did you know that we can see that a friendship is real based on signs? In life, true friendships are most of the time the ones you least expect.

You’ve probably already been told that true friends have a lot in common, and that’s not wrong. But there is more to identifying “best friends for life” than that. Who are they?

The next few lines will tell you a lot about this subject, but of course, we couldn’t get into this without a little explanation of the word “friendship”.

What is friendship?

Etymologically speaking, the word friendship comes from what is called vulgar Latin “amicitatem” and classical Latin “amicitia”. By definition, friendship is a particular and reciprocal fondness between 2 or more people who are not part of the same family.

It is, so to speak, a feeling of affection and sympathetic harmony which is based neither on a family bond nor on sexual attraction, but by the birth of indefinable bonds between two or more people.

Ignace Lepp, however, affirms that a true friendship may be born between brothers and sisters, however, it seems quite normal to say that it does not come from the blood that they have in common, but rather from it. exists despite this blood.

best friendship

15 signs that your friendship is flawless

When you meet someone, it will never occur to you that you want to be their best friend right away.

No, it comes naturally. Rather, you look for qualities in her, for similarities between you and her.
Never force a friendship, there are clear signs when you are bonded as strong as blood.

1- she is the first person to think about when something goes wrong

We’ve all gone through a time in our life where we wanted to complain about everything and everyone. Or end up totally depressed for some reason not really knowing what to do next.

And there, by instinct, it is she, the best friend that we contact because we know that she would be ready to resign just to listen to us depressed, or even better, depress with us.

2- She always manages to make you laugh even in the most gloomy situations

Personally, I have known days when I couldn’t take it anymore, and crying was my only reason for being. Yes, it’s crazy, but you too have already known this.

But luckily, you have your best friend. Just seeing her from afar makes you laugh. It reassures you and gives you back a smile.

3- Accomplice in everything and anything

You’ll know she’s the right one when you consult her before making such an important decision.

best friend


4- Even if you don’t talk to each other for days, you have nothing to fear from your friendship

Like everyone else, you also have your life to live, even with your friend. And you know very well that being without contact for a few days will do nothing to your friendship.

She understands as well as you that even if you have been without news of each other for days when you see each other, or you will speak again, the bond between you will not have changed.

5- She is always on your side and always stands up for you

There are FRIENDS out there who don’t really care how people treat you or talk about you. That’s why they’re just FRIENDS, not the best.

She, the whole world could be against you, she will always be on your side. You might even be wrong, she will stand up for you at all costs.

6- you hate the same people

“I hate…” This phrase is arguably one of the most repeated phrases in a best friend chat.

And usually, even if the person has only wronged one of you, the other will hate them out of habit and as a sign of solidarity. And usually, these discussions end with a big laugh.

7- She remains your greatest support

She is always at your disposal and is there when you need her. She doesn’t care what you’re calling on her for.

It could be an important event in your life or just a piece of advice, your best friend is here.
Isn’t it lovely knowing that there is someone you can turn to anytime knowing that they will never give up on you?

friend for life
friend for life

8- Your “I love you” are true

All the girls hanging up their phones say “I love you” to each other. These words are not just words that need to be said or that come out of the mouth out of habit, no, you both know very well what they mean, that they come from your hearts.

9- She alone can make you laugh as much and as long as possible

Anyone can indeed tell jokes that will make you laugh, but no one equals your sweetheart. She’s the only one who can make you laugh so much that tears come to you, and that for a long time.

10- bizarre, even disgusting photos

You are not best friends if you have never in your acquaintance sent each other horrible photos that could be used to blackmail the other.

11- You are comfortable in his presence

Most of the time, when you are with someone, and even if you know her, there is this feeling of unease that persists. With your “best”, this embarrassment disappears. You can be crazy, nothing can get in your way while she is there.

12- You do everything together

Sometimes you are so used to her presence that when she is not there, something seems to be missing. You take your lunch breaks together, you go shopping together… you even go to the bathroom together.


13- She understands your mood swings

There are days when nothing turns out the way you want in your life. And that brings about explosions in your life, sudden changes in your mood. And during these times, she understands you and helps you cope.

14- She loves you as you are

Don’t you feel special knowing that someone else, besides your parents, of course, loves you with all their heart? This is the case with a best friend.

15- She is a full member of your family

Indeed, we do not choose our brothers and sisters, but we can, all the same, choose our friends who can become it.

You are so attached that your parents like hers consider you as one of their children since you spend almost all of your time either at home or at her place.

You are never really alone, there is always a friend somewhere, even if she is not necessarily by your side often. There is a person who will do anything for you and risk their life if it is for you. This person is called a best friend.

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