10 parenting trends 2021 are definitely on the rise on Pinterest!


There is probably no one in the world who has never heard of the super popular image sharing site Pinterest. Dedicated primarily to do-it-yourself projects of all genres and the latest lifestyle trends for young people around the world, it is an endless bank of ideas and a subjective point of reference for the socio-cultural interests of representatives of at least 2 generations. And as millennials are now in their reproductive years, the questions that occupy them are logically linked to the process of having and raising a child. So, we’ll share with you what Pinterest revealed in terms of trends in parenthood 2021 on the rise.

Pinterest Parenting Trends - Strong Stash Tent Kids Teepee

Yes, new parents have new parenting practices and rituals and it makes perfect sense. Of course, there are always those who prefer to take a traditional approach, but many are ready to embrace certain “innovations”. And it is in particular their original suggestions that we will examine under the magnifying glass in the paragraphs and the gallery to follow.

Pinterest parenting trends - teething necklace in muted colors


Whether it’s environmentally friendly parenting or the decorating style of the baby’s room, young people or future moms and dads are full of creative ideas and they don’t stop sharing them on the platform. form in the form of photos and small information. Subsequently, other parents can pin these on their own interest tables and thus spread them further.

Pinterest parenting trends - checklists for everything

And if you’re expecting your own baby during 2021 (or planning to have one in the near future), but at the same time you’re not among the most active people on social media, you’re probably wondering if you’re missing out. not something important related to parenthood. So, take advantage of the “take-down” of essentials below, get ahead and decide for yourself which of these trends are worth trying.

Preparation for parenthood and setting up the baby room

Pinterest parenting trends - bohemian baby room decor


The days of sky blue or pastel pink respectively and cute baby furniture are over. More and more couples who have just become parents are pinning “mature” and “modern” baby rooms on their Pinterest boards, thus creating a pronounced and lasting rise.


Instead of bedding printed with characters from the animated films and boxes full of multicolored toys, parents are increasingly choosing a more understated decor for their children, including contemporary monochromatic furniture, decorations in particular styles and decorations. “adult” color palettes.

Pinterest parenting trends - decor in sober pastel tones


Even some celebrities have stepped into this stylish trend and proudly share their sophisticated nurseries on Instagram and Pinterest. Of course, you can always choose a theme suitable for a baby, but its realization does not have to be purely childish. For example, the 3 bedrooms pictured above look super refined and do not yield in comfort of use to the classics.

Pinterest parenting trends - vision board visualization board

But frankly, today’s expectant parents don’t just settle for the baby room layout, the list of names for girls and boys and the hospital bag when talking about parenthood preparations. They make long lists of things to do before birth, write a detailed birth plan, and even craft inspiring vision boards!

Pinterest parenting trends - advance food preparations


Plus, expectant mothers and fathers make careful checklists for each trimester of pregnancy. When the time to leave for the hospital approaches, they also take care of the food preparations which they can start in advance, refrigerate for a few days or freeze for up to 3 weeks and finally finalize in the slow cooker to facilitate themselves. a bit of life once the baby arrives.

Trendy accessories and decoration for the baby room 2021

Pinterest parenting trends - indian teepee throw pillows in the bedroom

We will briefly return to the baby room to explore its trendy decoration for 2021 according to the top Pinterest pins. We already know that this room must not only be conducive to rest but must also encourage adventures. This explains why the interest of Pinterest users in children’s forts doubled over the past year.

parenting practices and Pinterest parenting ideas - fort sur piles design

While forts were once improvised temporary structures put in place during play time and for special occasions, parents now erect forts as part of full-time furnishings. And so much the better because the results are quite magical!

Pinterest parenting trends - hideout under IKEA loft bed

The notable forts on the networks are not always furniture systems, ladders and slides ordered to measure for hundreds of euros. They include marvelous hiding places created below the loft beds and the perched beds themselves, as well as stunning Indian tipis crowned with fairy-tale fairy lights.

Pinterest parenting trends - birch and animals wall sticker

Another decisively growing decor trend on Pinterest is bedroom wall decoration with removable stickers. Of course, this is not a brand new idea, but what differs in 2021 is the style of the stickers. In short, they are in the 2 extremes: either totally minimalist black silhouettes, or richly adorned with elaborate details.

creative parenthood - girl room decor idea paper pom poms

Creative parenting has another original manifestation which is not new either but which is however gradually on the rise with a growth of 444% of saves on Pinterest! This is the decoration of the baby / child room with pom poms that gives absolutely fabulous results! Big crush for the ballerina dolls made of clothespins, natural wood beads and fluffy wool pompoms!

Pinterest parenting trends - pearl and pom pom ballet flats

“Green” parenting – new parents are ecologists at heart!

Pinterest parenting trends - light wood cameras in pastel tones

Then, colorful plastic toys aren’t so popular among young parents on Pinterest either. “New generation” moms and dads preferring their wooden alternatives which are just as fun but also ecological.

parenting trends on Pinterest 2018 - natural wood toys

In fact, interest in wooden toys on Pinterest has increased 173% over the past 12 months! These eloquent statistics relate not only to cars and wagons but also to puzzles, dollhouses etc. Okay, they are more expensive, however they are also much more durable than any import from China!


The same trend of “green” parenting continued in the choice of clothing, textiles and various accessories for babies. Washable diapers, reusable water bottles and recycled fabric items are eco-friendly and therefore more popular than ever among contemporary mothers and fathers!

green parenting trends Pinterest - reusing clothes

It should be noted that this is not the craze for cute organic cotton outfits which was the case until recently, but we are talking about clothes, baby carriers, play mats and so on. suite which are made from reused textiles and therefore have a very small ecological footprint.

Pinterest parenting trends - toys in reused clothes

In order to give you an idea of ​​the impact of this trend, we are going to inform you that the backups on Pinterest of photos containing the tag “ecological clothing” have increased by 750% (top progress!) Over the last 12 months! It’s hard to believe, but it’s true – parenthood and ecology now go hand in hand!

green parenting and environmentally friendly baby products

As logic goes, new parents are also looking for organic fiber slings, reclaimed fabric diaper bags, natural baby care, eco-friendly pacifiers and bottles, and BPA-free bottles.

Parenthood and style – jewelry for moms and babies is on the rise!

Pinterest parenting trends - jewelry for moms silicone beads

Teething necklaces are all the rage among moms around the world and it’s not without reason! These large silicone jewelry pieces are completely like the real deal, but are 100% safe for the little ones. Halfway between the chew ring and the trendy big statement necklace, they are a must!

Pinterest Parenting Trends - Rainbow Beaded Mom Necklace

Whether you like it or not, curious babies place anything they can reach into their mouths. So it would be better if they put a food grade silicone object in it that is free of BPA, Phthalates, PVC, Cadmium and Lead free, right?

Pinterest parenting trends - pastel color pearl teething necklace

Therapeutic Weighted Blankets as an Anxiety Relief Tool

Pinterest parenting trends - weighted blanket against anxiety

The latest parenting trend on the rise on Pinterest is also related to ways to calm a worried child. It is among the most useful, but it is not intended for babies. This is the use of a weighted blanket which is believed to soothe feelings of anxiety and combat sleep disturbances in children and teens.

Pinterest Parenting Trends - Weighted Child Anxiety Blanket

According to some experts, the explanation behind the calming and sleep-inducing “superpowers” of weighted blankets is that the pressure of their weight on muscles, joints, tendons and ligaments allows the central nervous system to better interpret the position. lying down and getting ready for the night’s rest. In fact, weighted blankets are widely used in specialized institutions that assist children with sensory impairments.

Boxes, green accessories or mom jewelry – which of these parenting trends will you adopt?

Pinterest parenting trends - kids room as a playground

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